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Greetings from North East India - Through Arunachal and Assam

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  • [Photo Feature]: Greetings from North East India - Through Arunachal and Assam

    Finally a thread from my side after ages

    Day 0: Ready to roll

    Day 1: Sunset over mighty Brahmaputra at Guwahati

    Day 2: Welcome to Guwahati Singham
    For people who don't know the guy wants to be the next Singham and hence from hereon I will call him as Singham

    Day 3: A perfect sunset at Bomdila, West Kameng District, Arunachal

    Day 4: Hours after fresh snowfall at Sela Lake

    Day 4: At one of the corners on way to Tawang.One of the very few patches where there is tar on road

    Day 5: A sunrise which we have seen only in dreams

    Day 6: Snow of lifetime, a drive through heavy snowfall for close to 40kms

    Day 7: At one of the many corners
    Near Nachifu Pass, Arunachal Pradesh

    Day 8: Another day another town
    Sunset over mighty Brahmaputra at Tezpur

    Day 9: Yes finally she is back on road. I haven't seen her so clean and shiny in the last couple of years. Thanks to Bajaj service, Tezpur for everything

    Day 10: Standing tall over Ahom kingdom ruins, Shibsagar, Assam

    Day 11: Sunset at Majuli, the largest river island of the world

    Day 11: Bamboo huts, our stay at Majuli

    Day 12: King of Kaziranga

    Day 13: An early morning safari to get the real feel of jungle
    Kaziranga, Assam

    Day 14: Finally I could take my bike on the banks of Brahmaputra

    Day 15: On the banks of Teesta after spending the whole day at Siliguri Probiking

    Day 19: The 106(12*8+2*4+2) wheeler mammoth truck spotted in NH6 on way to Kolkata. Never seen such huge truck till date.

    And finally the route taken for this ride
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      you could have atleast put this pic



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        Finally something worth seeing\reading!

        Chingam! Lay bhaari! Isnt there a Vishnuavatar pic of him like that!
        Waiting for the trip log

        Edit: ZMA in first pic and 220 in rest. Yeh kya jhol hain :P
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          Brilliant mind blowing pics; Places are looking beautiful through the lens
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            Amazing pictures MG, You make DK look the best he has ever looked!

            Truly brilliant photography and breath taking views!
            Subscribed and waiting for more drooling pictures.
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              Wow !! Some breathtaking pictures there MG. Really looks like one amazing ride !!

              Take Care & Ride Safe


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                Amazing pictures! What a breathtaking ride you guys must have had!
                Ride To Live


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                  Glued/fevi kwicked/araldited to the thread Killer pics MG
                  Stories of the open road...........


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                    Aaah the Log is up finally.This is not Fair MG how you manage to click such photos Awesomeness in the Last Pic.

                    Singham Haha
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                      @MG ur pics are always delight to see...
                      all of them best
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                        Most of these deserve a place in the Nat Geo magazine.
                        Brilliance is just not the word.
                        Kudos, Sir. *inspired*
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                          Ahom - the great melting pot of cultures and a land really blessed by the Almighty.

                          Your pictures make me nostalgic and kindle the desire to visit this beatiful place once more.


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                            I'm a follower of u on fb. Grt to c ur collection over here. Mind blowing. Glued here for the rest...
                            Those who like me, raise your hands. Those who don't, plz raise your standards :)

                            बुरी नजर वाले तेरा मुह काला !!!


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                              Originally posted by InsaneRider007 View Post
                              I'm a follower of u on fb. Grt to c ur collection over here. Mind blowing. Glued here for the rest...
                              me too.first time when i saw the amazing sunrise pic i was take a bow for the capture of the sunrise.
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