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My first LONG drive !!!

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  • [Photo Feature]: My first LONG drive !!!

    hey all ,
    I began ma long drive to ooty in the 25th of dec.. 205 kms imay not be much but for a first timer it was worth every damn km !!!

    Dint face much trouble with ma bike .. FZ 16 though i m relatively a slow rider ma bike was jus too good to handle around the corners !!!!

    Ma company was a Pulser 180 ridden by ma friend Murail who is a pro as far as i am concerned !!! the ride was basically 200 kms one way where 50 kms were ghat section roads and 130 kms of really cool high ways ( salem to mettupalayam- ooty) n of course 20 kms of godforsaken roads !!!

    The chillness was biting the climate as cold as it can get there ... At times i could hear some choking noise rom ma engine... never figured out what it was.. does any one know what it could ve been ???
    The journey was immediately followed with a trip to yercad !!!

    i ve posted a few pics from ma journey !!! feeel free to comment n

    i ve always worn a helmet and removed them only for a few pics here n there !!!!


    Rakesh RL

    Ride Safe !!!
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    Topic Approved.


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      Congrats on your first long ride, next time please do not use slang / SMS English on xBhp!
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        Please tell us how did the FZ perform on this trip.


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          Congrats for your first long ride. Nice pics, but all show only your bike, not a bit of the locations. Next time shoot some pics of the location too.

          The Ooty seems to be caught in one of the coolest winters in years.
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            sure Mr.sunny ... point taken !!! i will make sure that i get the words right



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              dear Ravi ,
              I will upload the pics as soon as possible !!! being a resident of ooty I often keep missing the beauty it holds ... Thanks for bring it to notice


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                I am glad there wasn't much to read. With that english, I wouldn't have read anymore anyway.

                How did the FZ16 perform? Any pictures of the locations? Anny pictures apart from u and ur bike?



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                  Dear Aryan ,
                  I am just a novice rider but i ll try and describe my FZs performance to the best of my knowledge, sans technical terms....

                  The bike churned out close to 50 kmpl throughout the ride
                  The handling was just too good. If I, being a relatively novice biker, could do comfortable corners without flipping over , i guess all you guys can make wouders with this monster.
                  There was a little bit of choking the next day after i parked my bike out in the open !!!
                  i did a little bit of Off road ride or rather should i say semi road ride !!!the riders position is really comfortable when alone but with a pillion rider its quite uncomfortable .I had to keep shifting backwards everynow and then !!!

                  I have clocked 99 kmph alone. But a good friend of mine touched 103 with me in the pillion.

                  If any of you are planning to go to ooty i g suggest that you wear something really warm especially around your neck and your knees because i it gets really really cold out there !!

                  I am sure i have missed out on a lot of things please feel to post your questions. I will reply ASAP




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                    Congrats on your first long ride! BTW that bindi on the bike headlight is looking quite bad, any particular reasons for it to be there?


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                      Congrats on your first long ride fella.

                      The thread title should read Ride not Drive.
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                        250kms is just the starting ,now u will see that u are going to do muh more in years to come. I think FZ was a lot comfortable as a touring bike
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                          congrats for your maiden ride bro...welcome to the wonderful world of touring(on bikes)...wish you a happybiking
                          ...Back to HIBERNATE mode...

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                          To the end of land!!!

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                            Good going there...the bike is definitely standing up to the expectations.
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                              Congrats on ur first ride Rakesh... Thats a great start... FZ seems to be one of the better ones for touring... My take would be better than any of the Pulsars and Apaches..