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Thread: Mid day summer ride to Matheran

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    Default Mid day summer ride to Matheran

    Story is simple. Night before, I was thinking to take out my bike and just wander. Location wasn't fixed but was planning to have some hilly ride.

    Finally selected Matheran a hill station 100 KM from Mumbai.

    Woke up at 6 AM took camera, bike papers and a bottle of glucose. Since fuel was in reserve I was worrying whether pumps would be open in the morning luckily it was.

    Since the ride was 100 KM one way I was not worried about the routes. I just noted some intermediate places.

    First one hour was nice, cool and fast. I had crossed Thane via Ghodbunder and reached Mumbra. After Mumbra the state highway passes through locality and roads are bad on top of that big big bumpy speed breakers are placed to annoy you.

    Drove for half and hour and was greeted with shining road with a new layer of tar. Roads were empty and wide and little or no vehicles.
    Blank stretch of road tempted me and I started gaining speed.

    Name:  1.jpg
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    Near vangani

    Name:  2.jpg
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    Name:  3.jpg
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    Name:  4.jpg
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    Attempted HDR

    Name:  5.jpg
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    Ride become more enjoyable with this kind of view in your RVM

    But this was a nice mistake.

    Spotted a small river bridge in the road ahead, I was at 95 kmph and thought no need to lower the speed thinking I would cross it easily,
    Just when I came closer to the bridge the scene changed dramatically.
    Tar road suddenly ended and dusty patch with stones emerged.
    It was not possible to cross it at 95 kmph so braked hard really hard.

    My rear tyres floated in the air from left to right and right to left continuously. I was losing control. Tens of images and after events rushed in my mind.
    But those images were restricted in the imagination and luckily crossed the patch without accident.

    Next 15 seconds was spend in addressing the trauma and ended with a resolution 'DON'T OVERSPEED WHEN YOU HAVE NO IDEA OF THE ROAD AHEAD' and ride to enjoy.

    Soon reached the hill station and started riding up the winding roads, which takes 15-20 minutes to take you to the top. But the photo breaks stretched the time.

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    Near Jummapatti mini station

    Name:  8.jpg
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    Small forest

    Name:  21.jpg
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    Although I don't like the word but still a Selfie

    Name:  9.jpg
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    It meant literally

    Name:  10.jpg
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    View of Matheran valley

    Name:  11.jpg
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    View of Matheran valley

    Parked my bike outside the tourism office since you are not allowed to enter the hill station with your vehicles. You can use Haath Rickshaw or horses to travel inside. Horses are costly they can charge you Rs.250 from the main gate to market, this is 10 mins ride.

    Name:  12.jpg
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    Donkey used for payloads inside the station

    Name:  14.jpg
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    Name:  18.jpg
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    Valley view

    Name:  15.jpg
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    Parking of horses

    Name:  16.jpg
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    Another parking

    Name:  17.jpg
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    Spotted the Toy Train

    Name:  19.jpg
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    Name:  20.jpg
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    Busy market scene

    I had visited with my friends 4 years before so I had little interest in viewing points. Also you don't have many such good points there unlike Mahableshwar.

    Returning is always quick but it was very hot and dry. It was feeling like someone is blowing an extra large hair dryer at you and the newly built tar road was compounding the problem.

    I was drenched in sweat and took multiple breaks for 8 glass of Ganna juice and 6 glass of Nira nearly 3.5 litre.
    Tour ended with a soul satisfying bath.

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    Default Re: Mid day summer ride to Matheran

    Travelogue Approved
    Biking is not about what you have between your legs, its all about how well you use it!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Mid day summer ride to Matheran

    Nice pictures and a really brave thing to do in such a hot weather.

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    Default Re: Mid day summer ride to Matheran

    Thank You Krishna

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