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Thread: K2K | Because i love to ride.

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    Default Re: K2K | Because i love to ride.

    Mumbai - Udaipur (~950kms)

    It was about 3 50am when I woke up to a loud thunderstorm and the sound of raindrops falling on the window pane. Google predicted rain all throughout the day, which was a bad sign to start the day with. Nevertheless, not wasting any time, I quickly got ready for the journey. Unsurprisingly, both my uncle and aunt were up, and very excited about my journey ahead. After a light breakfast and tea, I waited impatiently for the sound of the rain drops to decreases so I could make a move on soon. Eventually around 5 30am, the inclement weather gave way to a light drizzle and it was time to move on.
    My uncle asked me to follow him till the Mumbai - Surat highway. After reaching the main highway and getting a thumbs up from him, I was off !!!

    I was really excited for this leg of the journey because in my whole life, i have visited each and every state of India except Gujarat and Rajasthan. Never have I , ever set foot in these two states. Also, I wasn't really sure of the destination. Since the journey was going to be really long, I had decided to try aiming for Ahmedabad, and if I reach easily, to try for Himmatnagar, and if I have some Godly amount of strength left, to aim for Udaipur.

    Anyways back to the log. So while on the outskirts of Mumbai, again the rain started with all its fury. It was the time of twilight, so I had to keep the visor open just a bit and try to navigate trough the limited vision that I had. Just as I was worrying about being drenched, I went through this enormous water puddle, and trust me, It was similar to taking a dive into a swimming pool. I laughed. I laughed so hard and all my tension and worries were over. I realised there is no point in worrying, and to let myself enjoy. I actually love the rain and riding in the rain. Suddenly i started enjoying it so much more.

    I gotta say, the highway was so beautiful and well designed. Well laid metal roads, butter smooth tarmac, 4-6 lanes, just a bit of truck traffic, it was amazing. Even while the rain was pouring, I was doing about 110kmph comfortably and safely. All this really made me so happy, that I didn't even get tired and just felt like going on and on.

    Being totally drenched and the cold air made me stop for the first time, to answer the call of nature. You can judge by the picture what kind of a weather it was, and I have fallen in love with such a kind of weather.

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    Eventually, I entered Gujarat and it stopped raining. Around 10am I stopped to have some breakfast. I kept making a few stops for ass breaks and the temperatures were only rising.

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    Now comes the part where i went terribly wrong. After a lot of research online, I got to know that the Vadodra-Ahemdabad expressway doesn't allow bikes and that the other highway is in a disastrous condition. Its better to take a detour and go through Godhra Halol and reach Himmatnagar. After crossing Vadodra, i kept on searching for that particular detour, and once I did see it but there was no place to take a right turn, so I thought ill take a U turn and come. I kept going on and on but that turn never came. On asking a bystander, he assured me that another route will come If i go bit more further. Biggest mistake. No such route came and I fell on the old highway to Ahemdabad.

    Oh God, saying that Highway is in a despicable condition is an understatement. It wasn't even made completely, with so many patches of broken roads, potholes, small detours here and there, along with high temperatures of about 40 degree celsius, it was a nightmare to ride on it. The whole part was so hot and dusty ,and no good restaurants or dhabas on the way. I just tried to keep myself calm and finally I reached Ahemdabad, and stopped at the first Dominos I saw. Ordered a pizza and washed my face with cold water.
    After a good refreshment at Dominos, I thought I can still easily make it to Himmatnagar, but this time I was going to follow Google Maps. Well, God had other plans for me. After 15 mins of riding, I found out that my phones google maps was acting weird, and I reached Gandhinagar. Wow. So I'm already exhausted, feeling so hot, and again wrong way. Anyways, after asking a few locals, going through some shit roads I finally reached the highway to Himmatnagar.

    Stopped at the place where a picture is mandatory

    Name:  IMG_4720.jpg
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    While riding, I was still deliberating over my destination. Though all circumstances were pointing at stopping at Himmatnagar, I was reasoning with myself that Udaipur would be a better option, in such a way that I could maybe go around and see a bit of the city, and it would reduce the distance of my next ride to Jaipur. So when Himmatnagar came, I just didn't let go of the throttle and kept on going.

    Name:  IMG_4722.jpg
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    This was where i was stretching myself, both physically and mentally.

    Finally about 5 45pm I reached the border of Guj-Rajasthan. Again the roads, the scenery became very nice. Though very low in energy, this change of landscape brought back the enthusiasm kept me going.

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    After I reached Udaipur, i got lost in the narrow city streets. I didn't even have a place to stay and kept looking at few
    hotels. All the hotels were so expensive, and no one was agreeing below 2000 bucks ! Finally loosing all hope, I called my uncle who stays in Jaipur, and through his contacts I got a VIP suit in an awesome Hotel for just 1k. I checked in around 8pm, and as you can imagine, i was completely destroyed with exhaustion. Had food and slept off.

    Longest distance I have ever covered. About 950kms. Got a very good sleep.

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    Default Re: K2K | Because i love to ride.

    Nice update man
    and 950kms in a day.. woww!!

    keep it coming

    Ride safe and have fun.

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    Default Re: K2K | Because i love to ride.

    Awesome . And 950km in 1 day is just fabulous.

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    Default Re: K2K | Because i love to ride.

    Nice T-log there Varun. Waiting for the rest to come up soon.
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