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Chennai - Horsley Hills - Bang - Nandi hills - Chennai

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  • Chennai - Horsley Hills - Bang - Nandi hills - Chennai

    hey friends, me and my friend did a 1000 kms ride recently on my CBZ...

    Day 1 : Chennai - Horsley Hills - Banglore
    Day 2 : Banglore - Nandi Hills - Banglore
    Day 3 : Banglore - Chennai ( GQ )

    uploading 1 pic till thread is approved..

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    Topic Approved.


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      thanks aryan..


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        started from chennai late night at 3..took old madras bang road..chennai to horsley is 280 kms from chennai..route is good..reached horsley in morning around 9..

        on nh4 ( AP ) makin ourselfs warm

        fire every where

        bed of sunflowers ( madanpalle - horsley )

        my co-rider

        top view frm horsley hills

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          punnami resort at horsley..

          a bike parked at the resort

          havin some energy boosting beers at the bar at horsley at 9 in morning..
          gota head towards banglore after this


          bad roads till chintamani..
          chintamani to banglore was ok..
          reached bang in afternun..pack up for the day..din sleep last nite..fuly tired..


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            Nice Post

            Hey Friend,

            Nice post man , what are the places to visit there ? only hill or anything special there ?


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              Originally posted by SmartRace View Post
              Hey Friend,

              Nice post man , what are the places to visit there ? only hill or anything special there ?
              hey there are not much places to see there except the sunrise/sunset view there..its amazing...evenings are cool..there is a punnami resort with affordable prices with few cottages having beautiful view..
              there is a small bar is there..

              but now afternun's are hot


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                reached nandi hills early morning..what do i see...there is a long que.ohh! sunday morning it is.

                from the parking of nandi hills you need to climb a bit too reach the top of the hill..havin some energy shots again there in mid..

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                  Day 3 : banglore - chennai (GQ)
                  started early morning


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                    few more


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                      kuch to bolo