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Summer Ride - #14th-18th April 2018 - #Thekkady, Vagamon, Idukki, Munnar- #REHimalayan

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  • Summer Ride - #14th-18th April 2018 - #Thekkady, Vagamon, Idukki, Munnar- #REHimalayan

    Hello Everyone,

    This was an exciting bike ride we did to Thekkady-Vagamon-Idukki-Munnar. It was a 5 days and 4 nights trip from Bangalore.

    Rider: Myself
    Pillion: My better Half
    Bike: RE Himalayan BS4
    Accessories: ThiEye T5e Action Cam and Mobile cams

    Day 1: (14th April 2018)

    After the Hogenakal bike ride in Feb with my team, we haven’t got time for any long rides. There comes April, summer vacation for our kid and no more early morning commitments. For Iniyaa (Our daughter), staying away from us and staying at native village is called vacation. She got all the freedom to play with pets which is not limited to dogs and cats, it extends to calf, Doeling and Buckling and Chicks…

    Plan was ready and bookings done during 1st week of April. on 13th Tank was filled, packed our things on our saddlebags and crashed on to bed with a hope of leaving by 4 AM at least, Seldom we follow the schedule (at least on our trips), so started from home by 5 AM. Fixing the saddle bags was easy this time, thanks to the saddle stay which I installed a week ago.
    About to start:

    Sunrise Just before 1st Break:

    It was a non-stop ride for 120 KMs, stopped for an early breakfast after Krishnagiri by 7.15 AM. Resumed riding immediately after breakfast, only to stop at a tea shop after Thoppur toll gate. I couldn’t control my eyes from closing, decided to have a power nap and laid on a bench in the shop. What was supposed to be a power nap has become a deep sleep for an hour in open air, right beside the road. Thanks to my wife, she didn’t mind waiting for so long patiently, but this break has given me complete energy for the whole day. Resumed riding and a small break near Salem, from here it was a non-stop ride for more than 170 KMs, started feeling the heat and wanted to hydrate ourselves. Stopped at the toll gate after Karur and had tender coconut. From here we rode non-stop on Dindugal – Theni road until before the diversion for kodaikanal, stopped for Lunch and resumed riding. We rode non-stop till Thekkady from here and reached there by 3.30 PM.

    Bangalore – Dindugal is a 4 lane, the roads after Namakkal till Dindugal is almost deserted with less traffic and near zero hotels for taking a break.

    Being the Tamil new Year(April 14), went to a temple at Thekkady and roamed around the Thekkady-Kumily town. Had an early dinner, we were tired like hell and crashed on to the bed early and decided to visit Periar lake next morning.

    Day 2:

    Woke up by 7 AM and reached Periyar Check post by 7.30 and hired a bicycle to reach Periyar lake which is 2KMs away from the gate, instead of getting into a crowded bus. With bird’s surrounding music and Morning chillness made the ride so pleasant. We haven’t opted for boating and decide to ride back, have breakfast and resume our ride.

    Periyar Tiger Reserve:

    Bicycle Ride Inside Periyar Tiger Reserve:

    Periyar Lake:

    Started again from hotel by 9 AM, tanked up the fuel and started riding towards Anchuruli tunnel which is near Vagamon.

    Anchuruli Tunnel is a 5.5KM circular tunnel (Some say 4 KMs), which carries water from Erratayar Dam to Idukki reservoir. It is a marvel and its huge too, If you could see a small white dot that’s the other end of the tunnel.
    Anchuruli Tunnel

    After this we went to Vagamon Medows, which is a treat to your eyes. I suggest to spend at least an hour here, because of time constraint we spent little lesser time here and head to Thangal Para. There is nothing special at Thangal para but, you can view the para-gliders from here clearly.

    From here we started proceeded towards “Ulupooni Top” which will be an complete off road, one should watch carefully the map or end up missing the road like we did. Wasted 30 minutes of time and decided to ask the local people who were busy playing a volleyball tournament, these guys gave us the clear route.

    It was bit scary as we were the only souls on those grass lands with no proper roads. When we reached near the top, we could see some more bikers trying off road on their NS 200s and Dominors. While they were struggling to reach the top without pillion, we could climb without any hassle that too with a pillion, those bikers were laughing at each other by seeing the no flaw show of our beast.

    I strongly suggest people to visit this place, every struggle you face on the way will be answered by the views you get at the top. More than explaining I will let the pictures do the talking…

    Ulupooni Views: (No mobile range here for most of the Service providers)

    After coming back, we wanted to visit “Illikal Kallu” but decided to skip this place after the locals said it will be closed before we reach there and dangerous because of lightning after 5 PM. Another long journey towards Kalvary Mount started and we wanted to reach before it closes. Our beast was performing like a king on the hilly roads and reached Kalvary mount well before the closing time.

    Kalvary Mount is a viewpoint with an extremely beautiful view of Idukki Dam. Every picture you take here is worth to be a wallpaper and DPs. Here you go the view of Idukki dam from Kalvary mount,

    Kalvary Mount:

    We spent more than 1 hour here at peace and until the mist engulfed the views completely. We could hardly see anything beyond 10 feet distance.

    Decided to reach our hotel which was 5 KMs away from this place and Just opposite to the Idukki Arch dam. Had dinner and at the hotel’s restraint and crashed on to the bed with Munnar in mind on the next 2 days.

    Day 3:

    Woke up little late in the morning, got ready and had our breakfast. Before fixing the luggage, cleaned and lubed the chains as it has already crossed 1K KMs since last cleaning. Started from Idukki by 10 AM and headed towards Pothamedu view point and Attukad waterfalls.

    Attukad falls:

    For here we went to Munnar town and then to Eravikulam National park. Since the breeding season is not over for Nigiri Thars, entry is restricted for visitors and an ever-smiling employee was busy explaining the oncoming tourists and direct them towards Lakkam water falls where people can take bath. We have decided to skip the lakkam falls and came back to Munnar town for Lunch.

    After Lunch, we went to Madupatty dam which was nothing special with less water, went ahead on the same road to Kundala dam. Every minute we sept here was awesome and romantic, the dam was full of water and the views of the mountains from here are Lovely. Spent good amount of time here and went ahead towards ‘Top Station’.
    Maadupatty Dam:

    Kundala Dam:

    After reaching the viewpoint, we came to know that a village seen below is Kurangani where more than 2 dozen trekkers died due to a wild fire which happened couple of months ago. Felt bit sad and decided to ride back to Munnar town and then to ‘Joys Hotels and Resorts’ at Chinnakanal. One the way to Munnar it started raining heavily, with no place to escape we both got drenched in rain, when we reached Munnar town it was pitch dark. Adding to the story my mobile got switched off and the charger cable on my bike was also not working ☹ more to the story, the road towards chinnakanal thru LockHeart Gap is under expansion and there were no proper roads and with no vehicles visible, not ending here, it was lightning quite frequently and dense fog has made the visibility near zero. It was the scariest moment in any of our bike trips.

    After a crossing all the struggle we reached our hotel, to our surprise our room was huge and cozy with 2 balconies to dry up our shoes and dresses. Had our dinner and crashed on to our bed, with the scary moments flashing in front of us sleep was nowhere near. Killed time by googling and updating the Instagram stories and went to sleep little late in the night.

    Day 4:

    Got up by 8.30 AM and got ready by 9.15. Since Kolukkumalai Jeep safari was stopped due to the forest Fire in Kurangani, we have nowhere to go other than roaming around the Chinnakanal area. Had our breakfast and decided to visit upper Suryanallai Team estate which is the foot of Kolukkumalai. One the way a Jeep Driver (Pradeep), stopped us and asked if we are interested in Kolukkmalai Jeep safari. Wat the heck... seriously bro… he informed that they have un-officially started the safari since Morning of that day. Without hesitating and without much bargaining (1800 INR per Jeep is the fixed price by their union) we parked our bike and boarded into the Jeep.

    We were officially towards World’s highest organic tea estate at 7900 ft MSL. You would think less of me if I say the views are just beautiful, I will let the pics do the talking,


    Kurangani Village view:

    After Coming back from Kolukkumalai, finished our lunch and went down to Poopara to buy some spices. Spent some leisure time at the resorts, packed all our things and went to bed early.

    At Resorts: (Very friendly employees)

    Evening views:
    Anai Irangal dam view:

    Day 5: Woke up at 6.30 AM, got ready and loaded our luggage by 7.30. Had breakfast and ready for our de-tour towards our native village by 8 AM. After facing harsh weather, we reached home by 3.30 PM.
    Morning view from our Balcony:

    With our temple consecration in native on 20th and lots of friends gathering, the de-tour was not that boring this time.

    With this our summer ride of 2018 is over. Will meet you again in my next travelogue.

    Keep Traveling!!! Ride Hard and Ride safe!!!

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    Re: Summer Ride - #14th-18th April 2018 - #Thekkady, Vagamon, Idukki, Munnar- #REHimalayan

    Thread approved.
    Great photos there.
    Ride safe and keep going.


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      Re: Summer Ride - #14th-18th April 2018 - #Thekkady, Vagamon, Idukki, Munnar- #REHimalayan

      Nice ride there! Awesome clicks too!
      A bike on the road is worth two in the shed.

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        Re: Summer Ride - #14th-18th April 2018 - #Thekkady, Vagamon, Idukki, Munnar- #REHimalayan

        Nice clicks , the dams look so calm compared to what they have unleashad now after the monsoon rains.
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          Re: Summer Ride - #14th-18th April 2018 - #Thekkady, Vagamon, Idukki, Munnar- #REHimalayan

          Awesome Pics

          Ride safe.
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