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Thread: TVS AOG Ride 2018 Starts - 30 Apache Owners Ride To Nubra Valley.

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    Default TVS AOG Ride 2018 Starts - 30 Apache Owners Ride To Nubra Valley.

    TVS starts Apache Owner Group ride to Nubra Valley. 30 TVS Apache owners will be riding to Nubra valley from Delhi in a time span of 13 days. We from xBhp would be riding along with them on our New TVS Apache RR 310 and will be covering the entire ride commencing from New Delhi to Nubra Valley and back.

    Day 1.

    Delhi to Chandigarh
    The day begins with a warm welcome and a brief introduction of all the passionate riders who would be accompanying us. A wonderful breifing and flag off ceremony the entire group rides towards Nubra Valley with the day ending at Chandigarh. Group includes of 35 bikes along with 4 backup cars.

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    Stay Tuned

    Day 2 of the TVS AOG Ride to Nubra Valley.

    Chandigarh To Manali

    Day starts with intense rain with all 40 riders embarking their Second Leg of journey towards Nubra Valley. It was one of the longest day at work with a ride timing of more than 13 hours. The entire grouo reached the destination (Manali) Safe and unscratched with lots of memories for the day and praying for another good day tomorrow.

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    Briefing for the day before we start

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    Day 3 of the TVS AOG Ride to Nubra Valley.

    Manali To Jispa

    Today we start the real ride. We started off after a steaming breakfast and started off at 9am. Nevertheless to mention that riding through Rohtang pass is pretty scenic. As a rider, we have nothing but to be amazed by lush green hills, several waterfalls, grazing horses, yaks and picturesque of snow capped mountains. Every bit of it is awe-inspiring and breathless. We made a halt Rohtang Pass to grab some photographs. Although there was a lot of traffic, yet the ride was seamlessly smooth. We then crossed Gramphoo and made our way to Kokshar and started for the final halt for the day at Jispa. To my surprise, the terrain took a massive transformation as we were surrounded by patchy hills with decent coverage of greenery, tiny streams of water which we had to cross and not to forget the weather and it’s calmness. But as it was continuously raining for past couple of days, it was slushy all around. It was a very difficult job to ride throgh the slushy downstream off roads.

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    The Men behind the entire TVS AOG Nubra Valley Ride. TVS officials left to right Ritesh Bansal(marketing team), Abhishek Kumar(marketing team) and Vinod Babu(Corporate team).

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    We reach Lahul Spiti Border

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    When other's were busy having food at Rothang Pass me and the red beast went for a treacherous offroading section.

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    This one's for xBhp Community

    Finally on reaching Jispa, we comforted ourselves into our respected camps and called the day off. People close to me know how much I love camping. So this was the happy me. A camp fire at the night made it a relaxed end of Day 3.

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    Relaxed discussion about the day's ride.

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    Finally a million star room for the night.

    Day 4

    Jispa to Sarchu

    The ride from Jispa to Sarchu is approximately 86 kms and will take 5-6 hours depending on the number of breaks you take and how often you halt to capture the terrain which varies from being rusty to patchy green at places. Started at early hours from Jispa because we were excited to view the lakes that we would be coming across as we ride.

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    Finally getting ample amount of time to shoot with some of the riders.

    It wasn’t long before we reached Deepak Tal. Deepak Taal is a very small lake and you can walk around it in full circle in 15-20 minutes but this doesn’t make it any lesser in beauty. There is some open space right on the banks of the lake and if you are carrying your own camping gear, it is a perfect place to pitch your tent. As the weather keeps on getting extremely dry, it is higly suggested to keep yourself well hydrated. Soon we were at Baralacha Pass, our second highest altitude pass. I was expecting snow but it was barely covered.

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    The Team which made it happen.

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    The red beast looked so stunning.

    We crossed Baralacha La and next stop was at Chamba Dhaba, soon after the strong pass. Street so far in the adventure was half awful, 25% OK and 25% great yet as we moved towards Sarchu, conditions decayed, restricting our speed to just 15-20 kms/hour. The main help was in the way that streets were a blend of the great, the awful, and the appalling and the revolting part didn't proceed for long. As it started to dusk, the sight was pretty much spectacular with the golden hue. We stopped for some much needed lunch as were hungry by that time. After a scrumptious meal of, we headed to roll for the final halt of the day, Sarachu. Tired body and mind until we reached there. But as soon as we reached Sarchu we were greeted with wonderful barren landscapes. Since our childhood, we have been taught that every painting with greenery is peaceful and metaphorically beautiful. well, my notion for the same broke and I wasn't disappointed with the view I was into. You very less often come across such spectacular barren mountains, with evil landscapes and well pitched road which comprises the beauty of the view I was into. I find it very difficult to paraphrase it as few picturesque are just meant to go straight into your heart.

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    On reaching Sarachu, the temperatures dropped to as low as -6degrees during the night time. You essentially do not feel the drop because of the star trail blanketing the entire sky. So I headed straight out to a pitch dark place and tried my bit of star trail.

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    My first night click by Samsung S7edge

    As soon as I reached back to my tent after having dinner I started feeling very uncomfortable. I ignored it thinking it would have been the spicy meal we had however within sometime I started getting chest pain. It was terrible as if someone had punched me hard on my chest. The doctors came and found my Oxygen level had drastically dropped to 44(Normal is 75 and below 40 a human would be dead). This alamred the TS officials. Then suddenly almost everyone had same issues. The oxygen level went down to 60's for everyone. Mine was only at 44. Later we found out because I went out to get the nightshits AMS kiccked on me very badly. So giving me some medecines they asked me to sleep. But little did I knew it would be a sleepless night. Day ends on a very bad note.
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