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Solo Ride to the tip of the Country

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  • Solo Ride to the tip of the Country

    Teaser pics

    Riding a Fuel Injected 220!

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    Trip Log Photo Feature Approved

    Waiting for more details obviously!
    The Wheel was a great invention; Two Wheels with a Motor in between was even better!

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      Couldn't view the pics but I know they will be awesome...congrats for completing the ride da!


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        i really loved the first pic... great waiting for the log


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          nice snaps bro....loved the first one..
          btw how was touring on the RTR? i heard that roads from chennai till cape have been laid recently n are riders paradise? is that so?
          if u have some pics of that, plz do post..
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            Am i seeing correctly..Vignesh rode without Manoj..

            Congrats, for completing the trip buddy..!! Must have been a wonderful exp.



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              Awesome. Finally the thread is up. Good to see you covered the ride.

              This pic is brilliant....



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                Nice pictures there Vignesh! Wish i could have joined in

                Seems like you had fun, The first pic is wonderful!
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                  wat machi bot a new cramster huh ??
                  The first pic is awsme.. even ill try to do the same with my capz..


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                    Congrats for completing the ride solo...the pics r just wowwww.....
                    RIDE FAST, PLAY SAFE !!!


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                      nice pics bro... needless to say the first one is excellent and loved the last pic too Put up a log asap


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                        Nice pics there...
                        First one indeed is brilliant..
                        Ketan Nikharge.
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                          thank you so much guys.. i just want to inform you that all the pics are taken by myself with the automatic mode without a tripod!!
                          And here i go about the log!!
                          (All the pics are taken by me)
                          I woke up in the morning as usual. My mom wanted me to visit my grandparents at sivakasi and she also asked if i could ride till there?? guess what my reply could be??? I just said kanyakumari was hardly 180Kms from there. And to my surprise my mom agreed so there i started planning. My area of interest went on. The list was
                          1. Kovalam
                          2. Kanniyakumari
                          3. Trivandram
                          Kerala my most loved roads so there i planned. Asked steve and praful for suggestions and got prepared. manoj was in chennai that day giving us a treat that day with his first salary Riding alone was something i've never dreamed about. Though Manoj was riding to the next day his destination was Mysore which was something different from mine. So that night rigorous work was done my RTR was 17k on the odo. And my tyres were in the worst form. Still managed and got prepared. i and manoj filled Super petrol at shell vadapalani.. And with last minute advice and tips from steve and manoj i was all set for the day1. i slept by midnyt...
                          Riding a Fuel Injected 220!


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                            Originally posted by View Post
                            Am i seeing correctly..Vignesh rode without Manoj..

                            Congrats, for completing the trip buddy..!! Must have been a wonderful exp.
                            hey dude though i dint go on with manoj we both started a ride that day.. So we prepared together
                            Riding a Fuel Injected 220!


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                              It was early in the morning at around 2:45a.m i woke up and just got ready. I took a bath and got ready and locked my house doors silently and walked out just to see it was drizzling.

                              I wasnt happy about the climate. Riding alone with a wet start wasn't sounding encouraging. Yet i started strolling through my street and entered GQ hardly in 3mins i was pretty slow rolling in 20km/hr until i entered the tambram by-pass to catch NH-45. I was having loads in my mind when i was in the by-pass. First time i'm out so early in the mornin with all these strange clothes without a projector lamps of the 220. Missing Manoj and my fellow RCDians. i was dam slow in that 20Kms stretch. By then when i reached Tambram it was 4am Since it was raining i was slow as my tyres skid.. After an hour the sun started showing its light.

                              I was very slow till it was bright enough for me to wear my tinted visor. At 6 i stopped to call manoj to wish him good luck for his ride to mysore.

                              I slowly moved kms by kms until i reached the Ghar Dhaba [BP Bunk] at ulundurpet to take a break for 30 mins.

                              later i rode till i reached outskirts of trichy. i had a thought if i need to visit my aunt's house in trichy. Calculating my average time i decided to visit them. i had my breakfast there at around 9:45am. I started from there towards sivakasi. Suddenly when i was taking the Melur route to reach sivakasi i started feeling sleepy so found a bus stop and took some rest. Later reached a bunk in Madurai outskirts i checked my tyres. and as i was afraid it had a nail which i removed to know it was punctured.

                              Got it done and reached sivakasi by 3:30pm.

                              Since it was a ride to meet relatives i immediately refreshed and went to all my relatives place there and went to sleep that night by 10pm[] My Day1 had lots of breaks in between which i havent mentioned specifically...
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                              Riding a Fuel Injected 220!