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Monsoon ride to coorg-mysore

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  • [Photo Feature]: Monsoon ride to coorg-mysore

    6 bikers ....

    2 zMa , 1 p200 and 1 r15.

    Date - 2nd - 4th Oct

    Distance covered - 590 km

    Bangalore was pouring cats n dogs. Sleepy eyes. Lot of ifs n buts. Decision was so tough to leave or stay back.

    Finally we did what a biker should do.

    "Leave Home".
    I do blog.

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      Whoa man. more. we need more. Teasers are not doing us any good. Post the trip log and some photos also please
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        Wow super teasers...awaiting rest of the wonderful Pix


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          Bring em on...It seems to be a wonderful trip
          B o D a C i O u S

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            Here is me and my friend's experiences...

            Day -1

            Just 1 week back we all returned from Balmuri, drenched in Rain, driving in the dark, battling high beams from the opposite lane & with our confidence shattered; but as the day unfolded a new plan started. A Plan for a trip to cover more distance, to stretch our limbs, to test our limits & to enjoy the 3 days away from office. Mails got exchanged,different places were scrutinized keeping rain,roads & varsity as the main concern. After lot of discussion we settled down for Coorg. 1 week before we booked a home stay called Prakruth (An eco friendly Resort and Homestay in coorg- Prakruth).

            However the rain was at its best from 30th. The plan was to:

            > Pick up Amitav(Sootti) from Majestic at 3.00 AM[This guy comes from Chennai for smaller to smaller trips

            > get ready by 5.

            > and on our wheels by 5:30 AM at Domlur bridge.

            So far the plan looked good but that morning when me(Sam) and Abinash(Ooo-B)headed to pick Sootti,we got soaked despite having the rain jackets. Somehow we managed 2 reach home & Balmuri night was right in front of us doing "Nanga Naach". Quickly we hit the bed and covered ourselves with thick blankets; assuming its over. Phone calls kept on coming inquiring when 2 start.Around 7 AM,we waked abhishek[(Kumar) he came frm hyd the previous day] up,then called Abhisek(Bagha Chua - means kid tiger) and Chakra(Chocky). Had a chat. And decided to cover as much as we can.

            We left Bangalore around 9 AM. Surprisingly there was no rain after R.V engg College! Though we were hungry we just continued to ride till we reached Mc D on Mysore road. We grabbed burger and again we started. Ride was wonderful but had the worst of traffic on Bang-Mysore high way. We reached Mysore at 12.30 P.M. The home stay Owner(Manu) was in constant touch with us. As our earlier plan, he was ready with lunch. We did not want 2 disturb him anymore. So decided that we will take lunch at the resort. So after taking a 5-10 mini water breaks, we restarted. Guess wat, its gem of a road. Swifts, accent were speeding around 130+. We took snaps and more snaps. The Roads had everything sexy curves,No Humps,no traffic and as icing on the cake beautiful landscapes,breathtaking views & our bikes racing at 100kmph .While 2 ZMAs were busy with their cams, the 2 solo bikers me with Bagha chua kept running our R15 and P200 respectively. We reached Kushal Nagar around 3.45 PM (4-5hrs behind scheduled time) After passing Kushal nagar, Prakruth is 5 km away. The roads are pathetic. And slight drizzle made it even more worse. waited 4 others 2 join. Finally we reached there at 4.30 P.M.

            We caught a small narrow Kacha mud road,drove thru the dense forest & headed 4 the resort.....Suddenly a water-body popped up from nowhere and the scene was a definite show-stopper. Seems like a fairy-tale, its Jannat.... Small beatuful cottages are around....lush green background....& a big lake at the front. ly its the catcmnet area 4 Harangi dam. We could not hold ourself anymore and yelled as if we discovered something big!!! Quickly we got refreshed with food and small baths. Rest of night followed with bike pics, bar-be-queued chicken (made by us ) and lot of chats with Manu and his dear friend Venky till 12. Then we hit the bed.

            Here are the pics. Enjoy...

            Kumar, me and Bagha chua at back on mysore road

            On the way to Kushal Nagar

            Bagha chua, soottie, kumar, me and Chocky



            R15..ready to rock

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              Some more from day 1....

              Zma on its way to Kushal Nagar

              In front of dine room at Prakruth

              Bikes drenching in rain

              Our honeymoon style bed rooms/huts

              My babe at its best


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                Beautiful photos there!


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                  good wrk Sam......


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                    Day 2
                    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _________

                    We woke up around 9.30 PM on next day. It was a perfect example of a lazy morning. Nice hut suit...drizzles you can see from glass window and just beyond a lake. Its just amazing....
                    Our intial plan was to go Madikere, abbey falls and Hirangi dam. But no one wanted to leave the place!! I mean its so good !!

                    The drizzle was not constant. So we got an excuse and again we started taking pics. New plan was to go Nisrgadham, golden temple then back to Mysore by evening. Though all of us wanted to stay back for

                    another day on Manu's resort, we stick to this new plan. We started around 1 PM. Went to Golden temple. Had some momoz and chowmin lunch in front. Finally started for Mysore at 5.20 PM. Again I was

                    fast and camera reluctant :-D. Other took some more snaps. Abhinash took a nice pic there. Finally we met at 7.30 PM just before Mysore and reached our hotel around 9 PM. Had nice dinner at Green

                    resturant. While coming back we were taking snaps at Mysore palace. Chocky showed me chamundi hills from there. It was beautiful at night with those light in the temple. Initial plan is to Chamundi hills at

                    monring. But some of us very lazy to wake up early. So after another round of discussion we started for chamundi hills at 12 !! It was hell of ride with Chocky. I was pillion this time on Karizma. Tell you,

                    Chocky successfully scared me with his biking skills . The hill top was full of cloud. Our photographer OOO-B got sad as pics might not come well. Still we thought of something and tried some samples. In

                    process one cam became useless as it was out of charge. But the idea worked. When we saw them everybody was smiling east to west. We came back to hotel at 2.30 PM and went for a deep sleep.

                    Home stay


                    Mighty pulsar

                    Love 4 xbhp...

                    Golden temple

                    Snap taken on way back to Mysore from Kushal Nagar

                    Chamundi hills..clouds @ late night and us

                    Journey never ends when machine is with u..

                    Day 3
                    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________

                    Not much plan for the day. Only to ride back to Bangalore. We started around 12 PM. At 3 we reaced a dhaba. Kumar got a call from red bus that he need to reach by 6.30 PM as his bus was rescheduled. So me and Abinash left with him to Bangalore. While Chocky, Sootty and Bagha chua came later.

                    We made many plans for this trip. Most of we could not accomplish due to rain. However the place, the home stay and joy of riding with best buddies made it one of best my trip and ride.
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                      This is my 1st write up of my trips. Abinash aka ooo-B helped me in this too...Will post some more pics from Kumar's cam which is in Hyd now. Guess what, some stunning pics are coming on this thread soon!
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                      I do blog.


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                        If you think you don't need a helmet, you probably don't have anything in your head to save...
                        A weekend in God's own country
                        Monsoon ride to coorg-mysore
                        Horsley Hills


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                          Cheers to you guys! That was a nice relaxed&refreshing trip you had!
                          Congos on your new ZMA&ride long&safe all of you!
                          Quench my thirst with gasoline!


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                            Fabulous pics...
                            B o D a C i O u S

                            Wander logue

                            Grand Southern Raid | Munnar | Yercaud | Ootacamund

                            The increase in performance is directly proportional to the size of the hole in your pocket :D


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                              70-80 km... sooty u kidding, rite?

                              Anyway riding as pillion in your own bike is nvr satisfactory...and wen u ride its scary

                              Ok, I got some more good pics..

                              This was taken at dark..

                              Making tandoori chicken

                              We made it...yippie...

                              Another lightening shot

                              Me making all the arrangements

                              Ready to go...
                              I do blog.