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done a trip to coorg (log included)

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  • done a trip to coorg (log included)

    hi guys,
    i am presently in B'lore and this weekend me and one of my friend decided to head off somewhere. so we thought to head off to mysore and coorg...heard that they were gr8 places with amazing sceneries and was in all a 36 hr trip...730kms....set off at 6:15 am from b'lore on sat and came back at 6:30 pm on night driving involved...
    went to mysore and visited the summer palace, mysore palace and sangam.....but coorg was what caught our breath....i never thought that south india will have such lovely hill station....
    all u guys who luv mother nature....dont forget to visit coorg...

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    congrats man! heard that Coorg is a real nice place.
    some details about the route, accomodation, driving time will be appreciated.
    any pics of the trip?


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      thnx buddy ...
      the route is like
      b'lore-mysore - 140 km - 2.5 hrs (traffic....good roads)
      mysore-kushalnagar - 80 km - 1.5 hrs (less traffic ...ok roads)
      kushalnagar - madikeri 30 km - 45 min (less traffic....bumpy roads)
      madikeri - talkaveri 45 km - 1 hr (tourist traffic ... bumpy bad roads)

      kushalnagar, madikeri and talkaveri are in the coorg dist. only....
      madikeri is the capital of dist coorg.
      take a lodge in kushalnagar its very cheap ....(200 for a room for 2)
      the roads though are not very good but if u r travel in coorg in early mornings u will be spell bound with the beauty......
      we had taken some snaps will post some whenever they come out (it was my friend's camera)


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        looks like its a gr8 place to visit.
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          why dont you post the trip log.
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            here it is

            last week me and rane(my friend) though that we would make a weekend we decided to goto mysore and someplace called coorg (its a amazing hill station)

            so we started off at 6:15 in the morning of sat was chilly like anything......thankfully we wore two layers of clothing and i had driving gloves on......reached mysore by 8:45 saw some famous spots there are to see ...mysore palace...summer palace...sangam....etc.....had our lunch in mysore itself....inquired about the places that are worth seening in and around coorg.....
            the route info was ...mysore - golden temple - kushalnagar - madikeri - talkaveri

            reahed golden temple at around 5 pm....this was a huge monastry.....and thousands of monks....
            chinkas......tibetian immigrants........a whole tibetian town in karnataka.....and they spoke kannada also!!!!! they were preparing for some visit of dalai all lodges there were full....and every one was busy in doing something or the other...painting houses.... roads ....yes roads!!!...and cleaning up and all....

            there's one place kushalnagar near by(10 km) went there to search for one pretty easily for 200 bucks for 2 ppl.....had tv also.....rane slept pretty was coming live....stuttgard vs bayern munich 2-2......

            woke up at around 6:45 and set off at arnd 7:15 for was even more chilly then the previous morning.......the two layers were not enuff for the job......but still carried on cause we had a long day in front of us ........realized that such bumpy roads will require the air pressure to be lowered......rane did the needful...... the roads were not so good but the view was ....simply undescriptable in words.....took some snaps....will post it later.......

            reached madikeri at around 8:30 and found out that there are some good falls nearby....abby falls
            went there and they were really beautiful....took some snaps....had a light snack ...and moved on to talkaveri...

            talkaveri is at 4000 feet above sea level.....this is where the cauveri originates was not so interesting as we had expected but then we climbed to the top of that hill and the view was breathtaking....
            strong winds blowing..... and it was so cool to be there......

            set off from talkaveri at 11:30 around 300 kms from B'lore.....
            had our bfast cum lunch at the first hotel we saw and then cruised thru' madikeri...kushalnagar......
            took us 2 hrs for the first 80 kms.....(1 stop) it was taking us time and still b'lore was still 215 km away....
            started revving up the bike...did 105+ kmph on this stretch....covered 72 km in one hour ....

            reached mysore at around a bit lost....asked our way out......and just as we were leaving mysore a thulla comse out of nowhere and asks for papers and pissed off because i didnt wanted the dark to set in before we reach B'lore....luckily had the papers.....put the papers back but now the side panel would not go in.....saw that the rubber had come out.....tried to find a mechanic nearby....drove back into mysore.....saw a shop but he told me that everything would be closed because its a sunday....then tried to fix it by ourselves and after 5-10 minutes succeeded ....had lost half an hour in all this.....left mysore at around 3:45....and still 150 kms to go.....

            the mysore to B'lore road was relatively very good which i realised after the coorg roads didnt stopped anywhere(just one stop at the petrol pump) the bike did constant 85-100 kmph....the traffic occasionaly slowed us down.....around midway a traffic jam stopped to know that somebody was involved in an accident and got was like a shock to see a dead body lying in front of realise that 10 min before he was just like one of us....happy healthy going again but the mood was no longer good...... reached the skirts of B'lore at around 6 got dark but was happy that atleast we were inside the city....reached home at all we were out for 36 hours and did 730 km........and never did once did she complained.....i am totally in luv with her

            cheers all


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              Awesome trip man. Now, show me the pics too
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                it'll take a day or two man...
                will do it surely


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                  Very nice writeup.... any pics taken?
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                    Nicely Done..
                    pics would be appreciated.
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                      pica will take a couple of days guys....
                      will post them asap


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                        Hi , i hav always wanted to do a trip to coorg on my f2. Reading your log has set my spirits high. will have to coax my friends to join me to coorg,.
                        waiting for the snaps.