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Bombastic Biking to Bikaner

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  • Bombastic Biking to Bikaner

    Tormenting the brain to finalize a destination
    As soon as I was back from a not so exciting Shimla ride, the itch to ride more became prominent leaving me craving for one more ride. The time was fixed that I would be riding during the extended weekend around Holi. Being a travel content writer, I come across thousands of beautiful places, both international and domestic. There were a few options in my mind including Amritsar and Orchha. However, I left out Amritsar and decided to ride solo to Orchha. It was only when Dhruv said he would be riding along, things began to change.
    Now there were two of us and the opinions of both had to be taken care off! Eventually, Orchha was mutually rejected and we started planning Mahendranagar, India-Nepal border only 300km away from Delhi. Since there was nothing special to be there, Mahendranagar again was dropped and finally Bikaner was finalized.

    Yes, no, will tell you tomorrow!The Big Day

    Soon after some time, he called in to curse all of us with the news that he is still at his house with a flat tyre! We all decided that we all would ride, so decided to wait. After a long session of receiving and making calls, it was decided that we should commence the ride, only to stop at Manesar McDonalds and wait for Kunal to join in.
    Gliding through the awesome NH8 in no time we reached our first halt for the ride. Quaint and a tranquil environs were bugging me big time. After waiting there for about a couple of hours, it was decided that we should waste no more time and should actually carry on with the ride. So it was Me, Vaibhav, Dhruv and Protim.

    Meet The Riders
    Me (Karan Sharma) on my silver 220

    Dhruv on his Silver 220

    Vaibhav on his Black 220 DTSI

    Protim on his Red 220

    Soon after a not so filling breakfast of a couple of Pizza McPuffs, we were found ripping some rubber on the sexy NH8. Since it was around 10.00 am, the roads were bustling with traffic and the extension of the Delhi-Jaipur stretch from 4-lane to 8-lane added to the woes. Surely a bad start. Exotic bikes, out of the ordinary helmets, jazzy riding gears and heavy loads on the back made us look like an alien on the earth and every person on the road looked at us out of curiosity. Warmly accepting every glance and smile, we reached Behror where we had to take a right to reach Jhunjhunu.

    Leaving the crowded highway and entering into the even more crowded narrow streets of Behror seemed like a nightmare. Anyhow, it was all a part of a ride and a different experience in itself. Making our way through the maddening crowd and confirming our way from scores of sources, we reached Naurnaul, a popular (or is it?) city. Now it was hardcore city riding gemmed with pathetic roads, pot holes, maniac riders. The worst of them all, you would never know when a person would jump on to the road from the middle of nowhere and will take you by surprise.
    With every climbing kilometer in those unpleasant conditions, I was getting frustrated and I am sure the rest of the riders were feeling the same. It left me craving for those sexy roads amidst lush fields with a mountain or a hill in the backdrop. However, the day was ours, we (not so) soon left the city traffic behind and entered the appealing SH26 which connected to SH13 in no time. The roads were single lane, however pristine beauty of the surroundings and charming mustard fields took our breath away.

    The Jaw Droppers
    As soon as we started approaching Fatehpur, the nature pinched us with teasers of the majestic desert landscapes. In no time we were in Fatehpur and there I know, what does a culture shock mean! I mean, I was leading the pack till then and Fatehpur made me forget everything else! The architecture was simply stunning. Centuries old houses with domes and an awesome illustration of intelligence of the past. However, it was sad to find that the heritage has fallen prey to the evil of modernization and no one, there, cares about anything that they inherited. With a heavy heart and a determination of coming back on our way back to Delhi we continued riding till we came across the SH11. Left would go to Jaipur and right woule lead to Bikaner. It was, there and decided, that we would be returning Via Jaipur as this would save much of the time and would take us through breathtaking views.
    Once we were out of Fatehpur, the landscape changed considerably.No sign of life was to be seen anywhere, only the furious desert and the beautiful, yet merciless, road. We could see the horizon and there was perfectly no movement. But this did not discourage four determined riders and their even more determined beasts. Moving ahead we came across some small villages and it seemed that the vroom of the bikes has forced them to stay inside. We stopped nearby a herd of camels and spend time clicking some good photographs and soaking up the awe inspiring desert scene. Words fall short in describing the striking contrast between the landscape that we left around 125km behind and what we are witnessing now!

    At this point in time we realized that we were actually running behind schedule. So we decided to quickly and spend some time ripping our bikes so as to cover up maximum distance before it gets dark. Once again the vroom was heard loud and clear and we continued the journey forward.

    After riding for a while, it was Vaibhav who wanted a tea break for himself. So we all decided to stop at the next dhaba and have something to refresh ourselves. While the Vaibhav and Protim ordered tea for themselves, Dhruv and I settled for a Fanta. And to be honest, that Fanta was really a relief to our thirsty throats. The other three got busy with their worldly talks and I ventured out into the scenery to capture some of the pics.

    After a quick tea, Fanta and a photography session, it was time for some ripping again. 5 minutes into the ride, there was a not so lovely corner and Dhruv wanted every rider to get a picture clicked while cornering.

    It was decided that we would not take such frequent breaks as we were losing time are a rapid pace. So with all the valor and determination we moved forward.

    Again passing through same kind of landscapes, villages and roads, we were awestruck by the splendid beauty of nature when the setting sun caught our attention. It was the time that we should stop and capture some of thebest pics of the ride. All the bikes were lined up by the street and Dhruv captured some of the most memorable moments of the entire ride.

    With the onset of darkness, we all accepted that we would not be able to make it to Bikaner before it gets dark. Riding strategies were planned and we decided that I would lead the pack and Dhruv would trail. The formation was followed for a couple of minutes and Vaibhav zoomed passed on his DTSI. However, the rest of us continued the formation. While we were close to reaching the target, Protim suddenly opened the throttle and overtook me whih was a a sight of amusement as he rarely showcases such a behavior. As soon as he over took me, there came a calf in the middle of the road. But his wit and 220's efficient breaking made him top at the right time with his bike's front tyre only kissing the calf. All the rebuking and chiding the little fellow took place as he told about the culprit, the mercury visor!!

    From this place, Bikaner was around 60 km which were covered in no time. We "safely" reached our night halt , the Camel Man Guest house at around 7.00 pm and celebrated the achievement with a Celebratory Vroom.

    Got two nice rooms with attached bath and a spacious veranda. Meanwhile, the owners wife stepped in and started chatting. Oooo, this lady loves to talk, talk and talk more!! We started unpacking our stuffs and were hungry as well. As Vaibhav and I had already planned, we would celebrate the victory with a couple of beers which we were about to get from the wine shop. I was asked to get the dinner packed for four of us along with the beers. Went to Chappan Bhog restaurant and got noodles, dosa, paw bhaji and chole bhature packed along with the the restaurant, Vaibhav and I tasted some of the best Ras Malai and Sponge Rasgulla that we ever tasted!

    Anyhow, we returned and the celebrations started accompanied by BA****** of all sorts. We did not forget to capture the moments to be cherished for a lifetime.

    The Drunkards and The Non Drinkers

    Half an hour into the drinking, eating and BA***** session, Vaibhav and I started losing control over the senses and a long talk about the Cancerian qualities started. Protim, Vaibhav and I are cancerians and Dhruv "our of the cast", it was us who were dominating and bugging up Dhruv big time! The food that we brought was all wasted as no one even touched the same. Please, Please, Please...whenever you go to Bikaner, never ever eat at Chappan Bhog as everything is simply rubbish, however, the sweets are worth trying. Do taste the Shahi Samosa, its awesome.

    The night was at is best and the Moon was at its full vigor. At around 12ish, we decided to call it a day and sleep of to our own dream biking world. Drinking and sleeping immediately is not my thingy and therefore I had to vomit a couple of times to make myself completely comfortable. After those vomits, I was on cloud 9 and slept in a fraction of second.

    The Early Bird, The Not So Early Birds and The Hanged over

    The night passed beautifully and a cool morning and a refreshing breeze wished us good morning. Vaibhav woke up to get water to which I asked him to get some for me as well. The beer lovers would know as to how it feels when you gulp down cool water after some beers the last night! I woke up at around 7.30ish and started looking for something to do. went to the washroom to attend the nature's call only to find the washroom in a pathetic condition, courtesy: the drunkard! Yes, Vaibhav. Attended the nature's call with the nose closed as it was terrible to stand there even for a minute. Opened the windows to let some fresh air ooze in. No one woke up yet and I was getting bored, yet felt excited about the day ahead. Took out the camera to get capture the rising sun.

    Came back to the room and found Vaibhav in a bad state as he could not digest anything and would vomit after having even water! Hangover at its best. The rest of the guys also woke up and after sometime all were ready to hit the roads of Bikaner. Vaibhav wanted to take some rest and asked us to carry on the exploration. Thanks to my experience that he was able to come out of that hangover in no time. We ordered the regulars, paranthas and chai.This was the first time I had tea in around 10-12 years and hats off to that tempting aroma. That tea was really good.

    The highlights of the day were supposed to be Junagarh Fort and Museum, Camel Farm, Indira Gandhi Canal and the Desert. The bikes were parked at a safe place and were seen through the balcony. I took it as an advantage to click some pics from a different angle.

    Due to numerous punctures the rear tyre of my bike looked flat.Dhruv and I pumped some air in with the foor pump and started cleaning the bikes and were soon joined by the other two riders.The rides were ready, warm up was done and the photo session started.

    without wasting anymore time, we left the guest house and reached the Junagarh Fort. Although may other heritage building had fallen prey to the corrupt practices of the ASI, The Junagarh fort is an exception as it not under the control of any government agency and is controlled by a private firm. The entry of the fort was grand, the roads were neat and clean and we were left hand over mouth at the mighty castle that lay in front of us. The delicate wood work, beautifully carved stones, extravagant gold work scores of weapons were a treat to the eyes. Although one should be proud of such beautiful things in the country, I was a bit angry and was fuming inside! (a detailed reason coming up soon). Anyhow, it was lovely strolling through the narrow passages of the fort and exploring the extortionate.

    Leaving the history behind, we moved forward to the next attraction, the Deshnok Rat Temple.

    How about hundreds of rats and pigeons sharing the same floor and offering you with you? Yuck? Think again. This is what this temple is famous for! The Deshnok Temple is also listed in the Guinness Book Of World Records. Not much to describe, you can see yourself!

    Please note that the rats are very friendly and do not give you any bodily harm. Also, its said that if a rat gets killed under your feet, you will have to offer a rat of same size, made up of gold!

    Awesome roads passing through the mighty desert didn't allow us to continue the ride any further and we stopped in the middle of no where to get some memorable pics clicked in an awesome terrain.While everyone stopped by the road, I got carried away and took my bike into the desert where it got stuck to the extent that I was not able to bring it back to the road. Protim came to my rescue and Dhruv caught us both in the act.

    Trust me, if you are ever stuck in this situation, please do not try to drag your bike, the act becomes irreversible! Anyhow, we finally managed to bring my bike back to the roads and how could I forgive those virgin roads without a stunt or two!! Did some good stoppies and wheelies after a long time, and they were good!! After the stunting session, the jumping session started and we all clicked some pics of a lifetime.

    Had we listened to out heart and the gut feeling, we would have stayed there for hours, but we had to see the other attractions as well! So we moved further to the next attraction.

    The next point was the Camel Breeding Farm. Here the camels are bread, milked and taken care off. A small entree fee would take you through an experience of a lifetime. Camel, Camel Everywhere. You also have an option for a camel ride which we didn't go for. Separate sections were made for males, females, calves and the pregnant. I really want to see and She camel laid down under a He camel, but I never got a chance for the same.

    But Dhruv was hardly interested in Camel breeding and was fully prepared for some human breeding.

    I came to know that we can get dairy products including milk, cheese, flavored milk yogurt etc made up of camel mil. Then and there I decided that I would taste the camel milk. Asking about the fellow riders about the same, I came across wired faces that I had never seen. So it was only me who wanted to brave the conventional barriers and try something new. Anyhow, I purchased the pineapple flavored Camel milk for Rs 5.00 for 200ml and it tasted as good as cow's or buffalo's milk. I couldn't spot any difference!

    After the local delight, Dhruv and I decided to check out the in-house museum while the other two decided to rest. There was nothing special in the museum except the camel wheelie!!!

    Now there was nothing special left to see and since we had ample time for other things we decided to test our dirt biking skills on the muddy path that we had took while on our way to the camel farm. It was sheer fun and challenging at the same time.

    Satisfied to our heart's content, we came back to the city and reached the Suraj Restaurant for a late lunch. It was 5ish when Dhruv wanted to have lunch at this restaurant. Agreeing to his will, we all sat for a lunch there. I did not want to have much of it, therefor I settled for a plate of Cholle Bhature while other ordered something local and North Indian cuisine.

    The Cholle Bhature was awesome. Although it did not taste as it should, but still, the taste was unique and awesome, a must try whenever you visit Bikaner. After a finger licking food, we went shopping for some Bikaneri namkeens at Chotu Motu Joshi Sweet Shop. We have a saying in India "oonchi Dukaan, pheeka pakwan" (the jazzier the shop, the pathetic is its food) and that hold true in this case. Anyways it was getting dark now and we were all damn tired.

    We all returned to our guest house with a good 4-5 hours to spare. While the rest got busy with their worldly talks once again, I decided to click some pics of that beautiful moon and the star shining brightly along with it.

    No drinks tonight as we had to wake up early next morning to reach back home on time. The dinner was pre-ordered at the guest house with the menu comprising of Chicken curry, Kadii, aaloo mattar, rice and chapatis. The chicken curry was good but the other food items were not up to the mark. Protim came across a funny looking leg piece which needs no description, the pic says all!!

    post a tummyfull dinner, we decided to call it a day and finalized the scheduled for tomorrow. 7.00 was decided as the wake up time and we, once again, lost ourselves into our own dream biking world.

    The Tired Bikers

    Irrespective of the fact that the wake up time was 7.00 am, no one woke up! However by 9..00am we all were up and running, warming up the bikes and cleaning them up at the same time. It was exactly 9.20 when we said good bye to Bikaner and started our journey back to Delhi. Started my bike and there it cranked to life with just a push of a button. However, turning the handle right into a "click" sound which I ignored completely. We all stopped outside the guest house and I switched the ignition off and the bike failed to start afterwords! Hell, WTF, tried pushing start the bike and was successful in a single attempt! But noticed that the engine kill switched had gone kaput.

    It was previously decided that we would take the Bikaner-Sikar-Kotputli-Delhi route which was around 600 km. Again passing through the same terrain and taking the same road, we came across a funny looking sigh board.

    We all agreed to stop by the first restaurant or a dhabha that we come across to have our breakfast and interestingly, the same restaurant was the first pit stop for the day. It was a decent looking place with spacious seating and a bit over priced food, but the quality was good. There were a few foreigners there and we played the Emosional Atyachar X-rated there, yes, intentionally!!!

    I found out the fault behind the breakdown in the morning to be a detached coupler which I fixed in no time!

    Post a filling breakfast, we all were ready to hit the roads. Once again the ripping session started and we were soon testing the limits of our bikes. Many of the kids walking down the highway side waved us and that gesture was kindheartedly accepted and I waved them back. This was going to be the day with not much of activity other that some hardcore riding and a photography session.
    While the others were presenting a perfect blend of calm and aggressive riding, I was getting frustrated and wanted to reach back home as early as possible. So I was kind of ripping my bike irrespective of the the quality of road and the others were doing a good job, they kept the pace with me and were never left behind. It was a bright sunny afternoon and we did not stop for any photobreak as there was not much which caught our eye. However, it was when we came amidst barren mountains and other small elevations we could not control our emotions and headed straight to that off road scene. Dhruv, Vaibhav and I reached atop easily while Protim fell short of the ground and had a static fall! This was where our ride got completed as whenever Protim rides along, he has to fall and he did!
    Anyhow, the place was calm, peaceful and the tranquil surroundings were just amazing!

    The photography session was over and we continued our ride back home. This route was pathetic with bad roads, hours of city riding and crawling traffic. To add to it the Roadways buses and trucks plying the route were a pain in the a$$. But confident and determined as we always were, we never paid attention to such things and took them as a part of the ride.

    Crossing Sikar and Kotputli came as a treat thirsty bikers craving for some good roads to ride on. Finally we were riding on NH8 and stopped at the RTDC restaurant. However, there was nothing special about this place as it did not have a proper restaurant styled service and did not offer much to eat. We moved on and stopped at a decent looking eating place with buses carrying foreigners flocking the place. Had a nice lunch and a BA****** session post which we only stopped for a loo and a bum break and concluded the ride with a Celebratory Vroom after we entered Gurgaon.

    Quick Bites
    Itinerary: Delhi-Bahror- Narnaul-Jhunjhunu-Fatehpur-Bikaner-Sikar-Kotputli-Delhi
    Total distance (including a visit to local attractions) : 1085
    Road conditions as of Jan, 2010 :The road condition from Delhi to Behror is good. The construction work at the NH8 is going on to make it an 8 lane highway. Behror to Jhunjhunu via Narnaul, the road is pathetic with much pot holes. Being city roads, you can't expect much out of them. From Jhunjhunu the roads become much better as you enter the State Highways passing through lush fields. When you reach Fatehpur, again city rads are in a worrisome condition and are too narrow to allow only one fourwheeler at a time. Once you are out of Fatehpur, you hit the sexy NH11 with a desert landscape around you. In Bikaner, the roads are good, wide neat and clean.
    Where we ate : Sweets : Chappan Bhog and Chotumotu Joshi, Food : Suraj Restaurant
    Where we stayed : Vijay Guest house (Camel Man Guest House) with spacious room, safe parking space and efficient room service.
    The best things in life are realized on two wheels!

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    Best Travel Blogger Contest Thread Approved.


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      Shekhawati is lovely! On the way to Fatehpur, you might have encountered a place called Mandawa. Another beautiful place!
      Beautiful pics BTW, and congrats.

      And yes, could you format the log in a way that the reader does not have to scroll horizontally while reading. Thanks.
      " I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not" - Kurt Cobain


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        Nice log there Karan..informative too..

        Have been wanting to visit the sand dunes, desert since a very long time now... But not able to plan it properly and hence the delay..but none the less looks like a good ride you guys had...!!

        And btw nice to see the 4 220s together



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          good to see that you liked it!!!

          And ya, the 4 220s together was really a treat to the eyes...

          As per my knowledge, theres has been no trip consisting only of 220s!!!

          Moreover, the experience was simply awesome...would soon plan a ride to Jaisalmer, again a three dayer !!!

          keep your fingers crossed!
          The best things in life are realized on two wheels!


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            @ Kurty bhai

            sure bruv...m pretty new to touring and writing blogs. Any criticism will be taken care off and I would try my level best to improve my writing and presenting skills...

            And yes, Mandawa was a good place, but not so good roads, as we did any have any knowledge about the attractions there, it became just another dusty town with nothing much to offer, great disrespect...
            The best things in life are realized on two wheels!