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A warm-up ride converted into a nelliyampathy tour

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  • [Photo Feature]: A warm-up ride converted into a nelliyampathy tour

    Please read first quarter of the story which is more a warm-up ride HERE

    Now continue reading...

    After Breakfast from Thrissur, we decided to extend our trip to Nelliyampathy in Palakkad district of Kerala, a hill station. So we had lots of corners in mind from trissur itself.

    Trissur - Nelliyampathy is around 90 Kms.

    We built pace slowly and steadily. Traffic was heavy till we reach the base of the hills.

    We have gone through lovely traffic tackling sessions inbetween.

    Monsoon / rain god was too impressed with us that their was no hint of rain any more.

    Roads where good, well maintained and dry.

    We reached the bank of "Pothundy dam" spent some time there.

    The greenery was divine and too inviting so we stopped every now and then to enjoy the green earth.

    At this point ,local police inquired us about our destination, job, etc.

    One of our scooters(black classic) had given up at higher altitudes. He totally refused to climb any more. So we pushed him to the side and kept him there and continued our ride(the classic rider managed to get a rear seat on a thunderbird. )

    Nelliyampathy is a cornering heaven. Twists, twists and twists....
    One will surely enjoy the flexible muscles of their torquey machines here.

    Make sure your horn is working properly, or you will end up in an accident.
    vehicles are moving fast in both directions all the time.

    We stopped for lunch and continued without any rest.

    W reached the view point at a reasonable height after a lot of cornering...

    The view from there was amazing... Have a look..

    Spending some time there we planned the return.
    Every one was in good tune. corners were done faster this time.

    We spent some time in between to allow the scooter rider to give his machine a rebirth.

    So few guys joined him to help him.

    Others got time to do some photography:

    We reached back the base of the hills soon. Took some tea and snacks.
    spent some 20 minutes at the coffee shop.

    The return was a blast from then.

    Whenever we got open road we just pushed our rides to the limits..

    On the highway it was not easy to achieve great speeds due to heavy wind while riding back to Cochin.

    Swaroop opened the throttle to achive an impressive 111 kmph on his FZ, but Roshan managed to outgun the fz on his first generation Unicorn touching a 115.

    kochu on the other hand was fighting with wind on his 220 to register a 137. Praveen did a 120 on his ZMR which just completed running in.

    After a fast session we stacked our rides on a relatively empty highway side.

    Every one's face were like this:

    Complete satisfaction was visible in all eyes.We got a combo ride on all riding conditions. We expressed our happiness, exchanged comments.. and then continued back to Cochin.

    We reached Cochin in the evening.
    Our intention was to do a warm-up ride before upcoming tri-state G2G.

    But we managed to make more satisfying 300 kms trip.

    Now Every one is charged and is eagerly waiting for the jumbo run !

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    FZ doing 111Kmph! I was told by "people" that the FZ starts struggling after 85! This sounds good.
    The Wheel was a great invention; Two Wheels with a Motor in between was even better!

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      Originally posted by ken cool View Post

      FZ doing 111Kmph! I was told by "people" that the FZ starts struggling after 85! This sounds good.

      Thanks for fast approval Ken.

      I have done 115 on an Fzs (RanjithMN's). And he touched a 120 !!

      Ranjiths's FZ behaves a bit different compared to other fz's I have ridden.
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        The Green Vistas are so inviting highlighted ably by good photography,
        the ZMR does manage to look different and all the motorcycles together look nice,

        ^have done 119kmph max on FZ/Fazer with my ~85kg weight


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          damn my fever kept me away from this beautiful ride!

          its k we will have one more this weekend!
          great write up and pics Vivek!

          oh btw yes my personal best on my FZ is 123 !...did bet. 105 and 120 for around 100km's consistently.
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            Nice trip you guys had there! I loved the 1st pic landscape.
            Such rides are very fulfilling indeed!
            Quench my thirst with gasoline!


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              A 300km trip as warm-up ride! Super! I am sure this would have helped you in understanding each other's riding style and bonding well. Way to go!

              P.S.: It has been five long years since I've been to Nelliyampathy.
              All men dream, but not equally. Those that dream at night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act upon their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible. - T. E. Lawrence


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                Yes. It can indeed be a warming-up and bonding ride!
                The Wheel was a great invention; Two Wheels with a Motor in between was even better!

                BMW Motorrad Days 2011

                Xbhp's Indo-French Kashmir-Ladakh Tour


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                  As a bhpian, it was my debut trip.....even i was familiar with group riding and touring, its a real new experience.
                  And kochu has nicely written it..... I had to ride an additional 240 kms to join the trip......but i managed it and it was useful too..........

                  Nelliampathy became the destination as a result of a quick decision on the breakfast table.....but was a wise one.........

                  Salute to the scooter pair..........

                  I had got the lucky chance to complte my run in period.......and done a great throttle open with the great encourages frm kochu, swaroop and roshan............

                  The snaps are great as the greenery.....
                  started riding a motorized cycle on a chetak classic.
                  Learned to accelerate on Y RX100&135.
                  Learned not to fall down, the patience to heal wound on knee and to ride long on a classic Pulsar 150(still running)&180.....
                  Planning for more dream destinations on a new ZMR


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                    The greenery is so inviting.
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                      Wow nice trip...
                      Unexpected trips are always great

                      The greenery around is just amazing...!!!

                      Lucky you guys living in Kerala.. Lot of beautiful places around to visit
                      We hardly have these kind of places here in Hyderabad


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                        Oh the pictures are so amazing! very inviting! Want to pack my bags and come here!


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                          Nice trip there. Beautiful locations and pics.

                          I have done 122 on my colleague's Fazer when I took his Fazer for test ride. When I told him what I did, you have to see his expression on the face. (seems he never crossed 70 kmph).

                          Originally posted by kiran_borra View Post
                          Lucky you guys living in Kerala.. Lot of beautiful places around to visit
                          We hardly have these kind of places here in Hyderabad
                          Wait! How about a trip to kerala this year?

                          I will show you some nice places with lots of greenery around Hyderabad, provided there are good rains this monsoon.
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                            Nice Pics... Nelliyampathy is beautiful, yet to visit..
                            U.S on FZ6

                            Wayanad- LEH 09 - Coorg - Muthathi - Bye Bye 2008 - First G2G - 07



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                              the pics indicate that the roads and the journey would have been really really cool!! great going guys!

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