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Trip to a place listed India's most haunted place list

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    its nothing like that no one ever returned...see me...n i have a list of friends who add next to me in the list....
    He meant to say those who tried to spend night in the fort.


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      Originally posted by d@rk nemesis View Post
      He meant to say those who tried to spend night in the fort.
      if you have seen the very first picture of my log and have read the instructions properly then you will find that it is clearly stated that it is prohibited to stay inside the fort by any means.....
      The tourer...
      tours done:
      bhanghar trip(tops the haunted place list)
      sultanpur trip(skipping city life)
      trip to kota,rajasthan(solo- 1193.7kms)

      destination Spiti(1835kms) [trip log sponsored]
      leans in Mussoorie(763kms) [logging soon]
      got leh'ed june,2012 [looging soon]
      waiting for next tour....
      dream destination: Leh (cold desert above the skies...)


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        Originally posted by Old Fox View Post
        Nice place for a visit scilent killer. Did you guys visit Kankwari Fort by any chance?

        Satyen, the old Aravali range holds a lot of promise for a visitor though even in peak winter, the place can give you hot afternoons. Alwar region has a lot to offer. Alwar Fort, Siliserh lake, Sariska National Park, Kali Ghati and Kankwari Fort where Aurangzed imprisoned his brother Dara Shikoh, Pandupol Temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman, the temple town of Neelkanth apart from the City Palace and Museum at Alwar that holds such intriguing items as a dining table made of solid silver and a 73 mtr long scroll depicting the Mahabharata in all its splendour.

        Don't be surprised if I say I didn't need wiki for knowing all this. Did a well researched feature for a couple of travel magazines long back when I used to do such articles. This is what I wrote for Bhangarh then:

        "Some 55km from Alwar and on the outskirts of the sanctuary lies the ghost town of Bhangarh. Established in 1631 by Madho Singh, the brother of Man Singh, then a General in Akbar's army, it was a city of some 10,000 dwellings in its heyday. Some 300 years ago, supposedly after it was cursed by a magician, it was abandoned. The gloom of emptiness seeps within as I hear only the faint rustling of dry leaves flitting across what appears to be a bustling market street once, carried on their wild whirling journey by a little dust-devil. The stillness of abandonment and that of death appears the same. Silent."

        I would recommend the area for a thorough look-see any day....but make sure you make that day in winters .
        nice!!! Satyen when are we riding to Rajasthan...i will block dates and apply for my leaves too..

        Ken: We will call you man...Rajasthan 2 will cover on the eastern parts of Rajasthan...

        i am waiting to recover from a terrible back injury once i am good i will ride peacefully again
        Anup Abraham