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Hyd -> Pune, Pune <-> Lonavala, Pune -> Hyd = 3 days,1322 kms of PuRe Fun

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  • Hyd -> Pune, Pune <-> Lonavala, Pune -> Hyd = 3 days,1322 kms of PuRe Fun

    ~~Disclaimer: If you are looking to see any Lonavala pic you can stop reading any further. You won't find any coz stupid me took the camera but forgot its battery ~~

    Prologue: Okay so here is how it all started. I have to do Leh(Ladakh) in the last week of July this year so wanted to be all geared up for the ride. One of my first priorities was to get a nice jacket. I looked into a number of options but finally thought I'd buy either a DSG Nero or Rjays Octane. Apart from that, I also had to purchase other stuffs like saddle bag, gloves, knee protector and back protector. I always wanted to try the jacket before buying it. After all it was a 5k+ investment so it should atleast fit well. Am currently working in Hyd and could not find any place where I could try these as there is neither a Cramster nor a DSG store here. Thus I had to go to either Bangalore or Pune to get the gears. Picked Pune because of the numerous places that we could go in and around Pune. And not to forget, I had hrd so much about the Pune 'crowd' and just wanted a look at what's it all about . Hence the Destination was fixed - Pune. I also got maps of Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala/khandala, lavasa and decided that I would do atleast one of these, if not more.

    My ride was always going to be my CBZ Xtreme . This was going to be my first solo and as a matter of fact my longest trip ! 1100 km !. I only had one concern. This being a solo ride, I'd have to manage everything alone and what if my bike get punctured at some place where there's no once around. I thought about this for a while but then said to myself..what the heck, lets just start and take it as it come. So thus began the BIG ride.

    Anyways, Some teaser pics

    More later
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    Topic Approved.

    @xtreme.rider: Please dial down the resolution of the photographs to a max res of 800x600 pixels.



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      Nice photographs..whats ur next plans and when are you planning?


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        WTF! Thats exactly my story the other way around.

        Was planning Leh, it didnt turn out thanks to a stupid 3 months notice period clause despite me be willing to pay for it.

        No finally as the three months end, was planning a trip to Hyderabad... then saw a small opportunity to go Leh again thanks to Ken and people around, but too many variables in that.... and now I get to see this! A brother from another mother!

        Damn! I am not going to Hyderabad now
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          @xtreme.rider by any chance is your name Keshav ?? :P and do you work for Deloitte :P
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            Originally posted by apacheboy View Post
            @xtreme.rider by any chance is your name Keshav ?? :P and do you work for Deloitte :P
            By any chance do you work for Deloitte??



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              Nice photographs xtreme.rider
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