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Ladakh aug/sep 2020 - Planning/looking for riding partners

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  • Ladakh aug/sep 2020 - Planning/looking for riding partners

    Assuming COVID pandemic hysteria has settled and local authorities permitting Inner line permits in Ladakh region by aug/sep’20, am looking for riding partners from NCR/other places for trip to Ladakh in aug/sep’20. My 4th trip to ladakh, twice in Scorpio and did half solo last year on a himalayan (return leg was solo as my riding mate met with an accident on the way back from leh).

    Tentative plan day wise -
    1. Del - Dalhousie/bairagarh near abouts
    2. Sach pass - killar
    3. cliffhanger road- keylong/jispa
    4. Jispa - Darcha - shinkula-Padum (zanskar)
    5. Zanskar local
    6. Padum-pensi la-drang drung glacier-Kargil/lamayuru
    7. Kargil/lamayuru - Leh
    8. Leh local/permits
    9. Leh - Khardungla-turtuk
    10. Turtuk-hunder-agham/shyok-pangong/Spangmik/man/Merak
    11. Merak-chushul-kakasangla/tsaga la-hanle
    12. Hanle - nyoma - korzok/tso moriri
    13. Tso Moriri - tso kar- pokolongla- debring-pang-sarchu
    14. Sarchu - baralachala - turn towards kaza-kunzum pass - kaza
    15. Kaza and near abouts
    16. Pin valley/tabo/nako
    17. Chitkul
    18. Narkanda/hatu peak - shimla
    19. Shimla - Delhi

    2 days spare...give or take 3 weeks for the trip.

    Spiti circuit is subject to being able to physically and mentally do it or else return via rohtang/Manali/bilaspur/mandi

    Dread climbing up from Rohtang..have done zozila 4 times over each time driving down from delhi to leh via Srinagar..and I have enjoyed the drive past Ganderbal (past Srinagar and about 40 kms to sonamarg) everytime. So, prefer to skip Srinagar/Sonamarg/zozila this time and include sach pass, zanskar, new road to shinkula/Padum in the, is open to discussion.

    I had a not so great riding experience riding last year in jun’20 and prefer to home in with like minded riders this time. 2-3, max 4 riders in the group with intercom connectivity. Sane riding speeds at all times. Prior Ladakh experience is an added bonus.

    About me, 43 year old, fun loving and cheerful at heart rider with a stock Himalayan sleet (with travel related minor modifications done) picked up last year specially for Ladakh/spiti rides. Only 6k done and waiting for climb the Ladakh region again. Can do long rides with ease. Did solo leh to Gurgaon in two days on my return leg last year. Leh - Srinagar day one and Srinagar -Gurgaon day two..

    Have a business of my own and thus can excuse myself for a longish period.

    Rest, let’s connect if this interests you. Of course, i expect COVID pandemic to be over/no more a threat before taking off for this one before Ladakh season closes this year..

    Chime in with your thoughts, interests.

    Cheers, Sid

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    Re: Ladakh aug/sep 2020 - Planning/looking for riding partners

    Thread approved.


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      Re: Ladakh aug/sep 2020 - Planning/looking for riding partners

      Thanks moderator. Appreciate it.

      Made some edits to the tentative itinerary after reading Sajal Seth’s epic solo travelogue. Hats off to sir. Read it all in one go.

      Tentative plan day wise -
      1. Del - Ambala-Dalhousie via Jot pass
      2. Dalhousie - Kishtwar via padri pass
      3. Kishtwar - Sinthan pass & return to Killar via Cliffhanger road
      4. Killar - sach pass and back
      5. Killar - Udaipur - Keylong - Jispa
      6. Jispa - Darcha - shinkula-Padum (zanskar)
      7. Zanskar local
      8. Padum -pensi la-drang drung glacier-Kargil/lamayuru
      9. Kargil/lamayuru - Leh
      10. Leh local/permits
      11. Leh - Khardungla-turtuk
      12. Turtuk -hunder-agham/shyok-pangong/Spangmik/man/Merak
      13. Merak -chushul-kakasangla/tsaga la-hanle
      14. Hanle - nyoma - korzok/tso moriri
      15. Tso Moriri - tso kar- pokolongla- debring-pang-sarchu
      16. Sarchu - baralachala - Gramphoo turn towards kaza-kunzum pass - kaza
      17. Kaza and near abouts (Hikkim/Komic)
      18. Pin valley/tabo/nako
      19. Chitkul
      20. Narkanda /hatu peak - shimla
      21. Shimla - Delhi

      Give or take a couple of days.
      Chime in with your thoughts Xbhpians.

      Cheers, Sid


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        Hi all,

        Reviving this old thread. With covid threat receding, I am back to planning my ladakh trip atop the Himalayan. Refer to earlier posts for a generic plan that I had put together last year. Looking for like minded ride partners in first week of Aug for a 15 odd days leisurely ride trip to ladakh and back. Flexible on dates and overall plan.

        More on it in my earlier posts. Chime in if you are interested.

        I am based out of gurgaon and can do a meet and greet ahead of time to familiarize and talk through the plan.

        Moderators - a humble request to change the thread title to read 2021 instead of 2020.