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Road Safety - A Shared Responsibility

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    Nice initiative inflamable, i'm having this idea of spreading road safety in my company ONGC, where there is a lot of importance for SAFETY, not road safety though, being an Oil exploration company & exposure to lot of hazards, our company mainly concentrates on safety at work place (Rigs & Installations). we have a separate department as QHSE (Quality Health Safety Environment) which frequently arranges safety campaigns/Training and publicity through posters and very strict about employees wearing safety gear (at the work spot).

    But no initiatives are taken to educate employees regarding Road safety, Helmet awareness or wearing seat belts. i 'll talk to our head QHSE to spread this message. send me the PPT & Posters.

    BTW, You have a PM
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      Originally posted by inflammable View Post
      Why dont you initiate something like this. You are a Team Lead right.. so you have greater say. Talk to your manager.. Atleast do that in your monthly team meetings. Do not hesitate. There will be people who wil laugh.. who eventually turn out to be Loosers.
      I am a project manager & yeah will plan out something of this sort soon.


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        Posting the Video again.

        To avoid possible copyright issues.. I am posting the updated video.

        YouTube - Road Safety Campaign
        Why Road Safety campaigns are not impacting people?
        To find How I am dealing with it.. Check this - LINK
        Road Safety Video


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          very good effort alok...truly expressed in the right sense, just like education begins at home. Have posted in FB. Our college will conduct an auto show by the end of this year and i am planning something like this during that, so it ll be very much useful for that too... thanks and keep going...all the best
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            Re: Road Safety - A Shared Responsibility

            Originally posted by Akhil Kapoor
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            Well, there's no need to spam every thread with the info then. Updating just the riding gear thread would do. Please help maintain forum quality. If found you're linked to the seller in any way, you'll be permanently banned too.
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