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Which used bike: 2015 Gixxer or 2017 Pulsar 135LS

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  • Which used bike: 2015 Gixxer or 2017 Pulsar 135LS

    I am looking for a bike for basic travelling to shops and restaurants, visiting friends (all of which will be in 5-30km radius) and the ocassional long ride (approx 50-100km max). I work from home, so no daily commute. Most important things to me are low maintenence, access to spare parts (I live in a semi-rural area), good looks, fun engine feel, mileage - in that order.

    I have narrowed down the options available to two contenders:

    1. Suzuki Gixxer - 2015 model, approx 30k km done, body has a few scratches, back tyre is fully worn out and needs replacement, battery also has to be replaced. I test rode the bike and it had very good engine feel and sitting position felt very comfortable. Owner let slip that he is a stunter - which has me slightly worried. But I didnt see any obvious accidental damage apart from the scratches. Price: 34000. But adding the cost of new rear tyre (~3k) and battery (~1k), total comes up to 38000.

    2. Pulsar 135 LS - 2017 model, just 5k km done. Haven't seen the bike yet. It is listed on Droom. Have placed request, waiting for them to get in touch. Wondering if Droom itself is a plus point because they are claiming they test the bike and certify it. Pictures suggest that it is in perfect condition. And obviously very low usage is a major plus point. Lower kerb weight is also a plus point for me. Slightly worried about the power of the 135cc engine on my ocassional highway trips. Price: 36000.

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