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R15 as my first bike?

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  • R15 as my first bike?

    Hi all,

    Need your help for finalizing a bike. My budget is around 1.3 lakhs. My height is 5'10 and weight is 65 kgs. I will be using the bike for office commute in Mumbai. Fuel efficiency is not that important as the daily travelling distance will be around 5 kms. I will take the bike for long trips(mostly Mumbai-Pune), but those will be once in 4-5 months.

    This will be my first bike and unfortunately the last one. My folks wont allow me to get another bike, they were suggesting me to get a car instead, but somehow I convinced them this time. Long story short, I need a bike that will last long, I mean less maintenance problems over time.

    Right now I am inclined towards R15 v2 as it fits my budget requirements and according to the ownership reviews on the forum the bike is dependable in the long run. But my friends are suggesting me to get duke 200 or the CBR 250R(non-ABS). According to them the R15 is not comfortable(wrist pains etc).

    So should I stick with my choice i.e. R15 or go for some other bike.

    P.S. I love faired bikes

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    Re: R15 as my first bike?

    Welcome aboard.

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      Re: R15 as my first bike?

      R15 is a really good bike, super smooth engine and overall awesome performance in its class. You can use it for city rides with no problem. One just has to get used to the riding posture.
      But since your daily comute is 5km only, I would suggest you Duke 200 over R15. Reason being that to enjoy the juice of R15, it needs to be in high revs and a 5km commute won't allow that. While the Duke with its short gearing is ready to roar from the word go !

      Ride safe and have fun.


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        Shaaed~£~Azam Bhagat Singh Ji.


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          Re: R15 as my first bike?

          I got my R15 as my first bike, and here's what I can say about it. The R15 is a sports bike, so its riding position is not like tourers and street bikes where you ride upright. You need to know or find out the correct riding posture that gives maximum comfort to you. On a sport bike, the way you sit matters very much especially on long rides. Since I was just riding an activa before, I had wrist pains for even short rides of 5-10kms at first. But as days passed on, I got used to it and infact I now like the R15 for its sporty riding position.

          As a first bike, R15 is very good to start with. Its got enough power to cruise at 110-115 aaram se. Its handling is sharp and the brakes are nice as well. It has decent torque to pot around in the city in 4-6k rpm if you want to save fuel. Gives an average of 30-35 if ridden hard and 40-45 if ridden sanely(if you hypermile, you may even get 50!). Its also a track oriented bike, you will be very happy taking it there if you are interested in such stuff. The suspension gives excellent feedback to the rider(that sporty riding position helps too). The drawback of this is comfort in bad roads, you will feel every bump and dip on the road.
          Will it last long? Yes.
          As long as a CBR 250? Maybe.
          Can it be your last bike? No(Atleast for me it can't be the last one)

          As far as duke is concerned, its a nice bike in terms of price-performance ratio. Excellent for city riding, lightweight and very flickable. Its short geared, so you may have to change gears more often and its a hooliganistic bike, so you need to know what you are doing when riding it. CBR 250 is very good for sport touring. It can munch miles easily.Its much more comfortable compared to R15 and a more relaxed powerband than the duke 200. It can handle bad roads better than R15(Plush suspension) and the CBR will last for a long time compared to others.

          If you are very sure that you will not get another bike in your lifetime after this, I would suggest the CBR 250. If you will be upgrading in future, R15 will do for now.
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            Re: R15 as my first bike?

            I will sugest duke 200 for you as your daily commute will be too low and duke has somewhat straight seating position. It is also highly reliable and servicing in probiking store is another exclusivity. Has great power. Will last long too. But you will have to shell out another 18 k than your budget. Cbr 250 is way over your budget, it's 1.75 lakhs. I will not suggest R15 mainly because it is waaay toooooo overpriced. 1.3 lakh for a 150 cc 16.8 bhp engine....??? No need to spend 1.3 lakh for the looks......this is my personal opinion. But if you don't like naked, then for your budget R15 is the only option. I will not prefer Cbr 150.

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              Re: R15 as my first bike?

              If you can, wait for the Auto Expo to be over and see what options you have at hands. Else go for the usual stuffs (of which I would prefer CBR250).
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                Re: R15 as my first bike?

                Bro, with your eyes closed, go with pulsar 200NS. Actually, I was the one who was criticizing bjaj yesterday at pulsar400cs and 400ss thread but today after riding pulsar 200bs, that opinion realy changed. You can buy it for city commuting as the first gear itself is tall enough and the pickup is just mind boggling.! I would havr bought it if it was emegency but now I'll wait for the 400ss to come and I'll buy it eyes closed. So atleasr have a test ride of this bike before buying ANY other bike.

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                  Re: R15 as my first bike?

                  Thanks for the replies guys, really helpful. I will be booking the bike in March so can wait for any new arrivals. In the meanwhile i'll try to get test rides on the above suggested bikes to get a feel of them.


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                    Re: R15 as my first bike?

                    Hi guys, booked duke 200 yesterday after doing a bit of research and trying out the duke. Will get it by 31st March . Hope I have made a right decision(fingers crossed). Thanks again for your inputs.

                    Any advice as this will be my first bike? I've been reading stuff about engine breaking etc. and it's bit confusing


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                      Re: R15 as my first bike?

                      Congrats on your new purchase!!!
                      Don't bother about your decision after you've made it!!! Just love her the best you can... Follow the instructions regarding run in period not race her beyond what the manual stipulates, during the run in period. Your first oil change after run in is the most important event in your bike's life..
                      After that you can gradually go to full throttle if you wish. Don't worry about engine braking and counter steering and all the other Gyan, just get on her and ride safe, you will end up doing all of this in any case😊. Even I am on my first bike and loving every moment with it... Every time I mount my bike, it gives me a supreme sense of occasion!! Have fun.

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