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Pulsar 135ls or Pulsar 150

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  • Pulsar 135ls or Pulsar 150

    Hello XBHPians!

    I am looking for a bike. This would be my first bike, before that I used Hero Honda Splendor. When I started looking for bikes only one name came to mind - pulsar. I started looking for buying a cheapest pulsar available in the market. (In fact I was looking for a used one too. But not now. I want a new one!) After a bit of searching I came to know about pulsar 135ls which looks quite different than it's bigger siblings. Don't know why after sometime I started liking it's sporty looks. I have been reading it's reviews, I have talked to people who own it and most, except one, suggested to buy it. I needed a bike with performance plus looks plus mileage. That's too much I guess.
    However, I as I went on digging more some reviews suggested to get a bigger bike like 150 cc. Some suggested that, "after sometime you'd wish for a real powerful bike so better get a big one now." I don't like it's looks, (Someone called it and 'uncle bike' ) mileage isn't that good as I've heard from others. But my heart says that I need 150cc too!
    I took test ride of both bikes. Both bikes looked good. Pulsar 150 was a bit sluggish as it wasn't responding to throttle but it was a very smooth ride. On the other hand Pulsar 135 gave me a weird gear problem. Gear shifting was smooth but engine stopped in middle and then put it in neutral and started the engine. When I pressed the gear it wasn't getting into the 1st gear! I have not heard of this issue from any other pulsar 135 owners.
    I am now all confused between these two. I like some of the things of both bikes. I need a bike with good power and mileage (and looks ). I expect mileage of 55kmpl at least in city. And should have some reliability as I am thinking of using this bike for atleast 5-6 years. Help me make a good decision. Thanks.
    (I will be commuting around 40-45kms everyday. I might go on long drive (400kms - 200 in one stretch) like once in 2 months. I am 5'10", less than 70 kilos and I don't do rough riding now. )

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    Re: Pulsar 135ls or Pulsar 150

    You're too much demanding. There is no such bike in this world which is good at every aspect. If 48-50 kmpl satisfies you, go for Pulsar 150. I think you won't regret. If go for 135ls you may love the agility, but after few months you'll be looking for the smoothness of rides, esp on long ways, which the LS won't be able to provide. So 150 is of course a better option.
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      Re: Pulsar 135ls or Pulsar 150

      If you are OK with the looks of the 150 then go for it.
      Or even better an 180 .
      Sane riding will make this machines give 50kmpl easily .
      And for the occasional highway run 180 will offer more fun.
      Buy 135 only for city runs .

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        Re: Pulsar 135ls or Pulsar 150

        Go for 150. Or better else, wait for the upcoming faired version of 150.
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          Re: Pulsar 135ls or Pulsar 150

          Thank you all for your inputs. I think I'll go with Pulsar 150. .