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Buying a pre-owned Ninja 300

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  • Buying a pre-owned Ninja 300

    Lemuel Dias
    A true rider is one who follows the law.

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    Re: Buying a pre-owned Ninja 300

    topic approved and moved!
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      Re: Buying a pre-owned Ninja 300

      Test ride and see all the bikes. Go through the ownership thread. You will find a lot of info and what you need to check on the bike. The prices of the other two bikes are not far off. So additional 20k should not really push you off from a good bike.
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        Re: Buying a pre-owned Ninja 300

        1)Go for latest model
        2) check service records
        3) look out for chain and sprocket sets, brake pads, normal scratches should be fine
        4) check for rust at chain, exhaust etc
        5) 2.7 ,2.8 is great price for n300
        bike is worth every penny and you will thoroughly enjoy the ownership.


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          Re: Buying a pre-owned Ninja 300

          +1 for the above post. Go for the latest model.
          A bike like Ninja would be well maintained by anyone.
          To be sure, check service records, match them with the printed bills to make sure that every cost and part is covered.
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            Re: Buying a pre-owned Ninja 300

            Now i have come to the conclusion and have finalised a bike the whole dilemma is the Zero dep Insurance. I am definately going for it but HDFC ERGO is giving an option for 1 year,2 year or 3 years.

            1 year is 10k
            2 years is 12.5k
            3 years is 16.5K

            Now should i go with HDFC or any other insurance company (but with Zero Dep Insurance)
            Lemuel Dias
            A true rider is one who follows the law.


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              Re: Buying a pre-owned Ninja 300

              Go for a 5,000 km bike man obviously. Or 10,000 one if it's a 20-30k price difference.
              I also sometimes think of getting a second-hand Ninja 300 (Can't buy 1st-hand). Will take Hyundai Eon or Renault Kwid for that much amount. I currently own a Duke 390 though. I miss the stability & comfort on the highways that faired bikes provide combined with the smoothness of the twin-cylinder engine. But, then again I think I'm short (5'6) and Duke suits me perfectly. It's the best in the city. Fortunately, my bike has no issues. Though I take care of it like a baby with upmarket stuff. Even the heat is very less.
              & I again think that I'll keep the Duke for another 10 years. Only thing I miss is the comfort on Highways (120+ speeds). But, it's not that bad with the Metzelers (shod on 500-600cc bikes abroad).

              If you have to take a loan, why don't you consider a Duke 390 instead OR the RC 390? Just saying. It's an excellent bike. The RC is perfect for highways. You can raise her handle and it will be awesome. But, everyone has his/her priorities and their own choices though. Do whatever your heart says. Don't listen to your mind. You'll be happy with your decision. Though it could be otherwise as all of these are premium, award-winning, proven bikes.[emoji4] [emoji16]
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                Re: Buying a pre-owned Ninja 300

                See there are few things that are important
                • Year of the bike : better prefer as latest as possible depending on your budget.

                • Maintenance of the bike: we don't how people use this bike/ maintain the bike in earlier you said you have friend who is selling so you can at-least trust him regarding whatever he says about maintenance. But better to check the maintenance record.

                • KM's on bike: many people may disagree with me but an old bike with less KM's doesn't mean it better because a bike which is used well will be maintained well but it need not to be true all the time, but I have seen bikes with lesser KMs than mine and newer than mine which doesn't feel smooth as mine (of course depends on maintenance).

                Apart from that check major damages like frame damages etc and take somebody who is aware of these bikes and finally most important test ride.


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                  Re: Buying a pre-owned Ninja 300

                  More the mileage put on a bike it will call for replacement of parts the earlier...

                  consider cost of changing Tyres, Clutch Plates, Brake Pads, Chain Sprocket, Clutch/Accelerator cable and all other running parts which fall due for change after certain KMs.

                  Now think of the Spares pricing of a quarter litre premium bike like Ninja.

                  work out the costing and then consider which one is easy on pocket.. a lesser run bike would come with almost all parts with good life left and you wont have to spend anything upfront for spares.
                  ***Correct me if I am wrong :)


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                    Re: Buying a pre-owned Ninja 300

                    Consider the maintenance cost (service and spares) and fuel cost (65kms with traffic may take 2.5 litres) as you say you are going for loan as well.

                    I was in the same state as you are. Then thought for few days and for my budget, I bought the Duke 390. But still I have a crush on Ninja. May be in future, after saving some bucks, I'll get a 650. I have to ride 40kms per day but my Daily Commuter isn't the 390, it's a Karizma.

                    Go for the Ninja if you have the money. Plan the budget and get the less clocked bike.
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                      Re: Buying a pre-owned Ninja 300

                      Pardon my rudeness, but if 1500 a month for toll hurts you, then you must reconsider buying a second hand bike on loan. To commute in traffic, a humble unicorn or a Hornet can do the job. They are built for handling traffic.


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                        ***Correct me if I am wrong :)


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                          Re: Buying a pre-owned Ninja 300

                          Originally posted by diaslemuel View Post
                          .......................decided that the quarter litre class was the one to go with as due to decent mileage and performance ending with the KTM 390 with ABS, Yamaha R3 and the Ninja 300 being considered........


                          See if you can get some pre-owned Z250.

                          Twin cylinder.
                          Better mileage.
                          Guaranteed performance.

                          Benelli 300 is hard on pocket to maintain so i won't suggest that.
                          Any love for Hyosungs? Because they got parallel twin sport and cruizers both pretty cheap in secondhand market.

                          Let us know what you decided.

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                            Re: Buying a pre-owned Ninja 300

                            I think most Toll have the option of having a monthly card wherein the charges are a lot less than what it costs for single or both way trips.
                            Check that out and see if that suits you.

                            As far as getting a second hand bike is concerned, try and get one which is has clocked less kms on the ODO and is the best maintained.
                            You can keep a tab on Olx/Quikr as they have some really good deals. Even I got my Ninja 650 from a seller on Olx.
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                              Re: Buying a pre-owned Ninja 300

                              Have finally got a year old Baby Ninja in Lime green done just 1400kms. Also have insured it with HDFC with a zero dep insurance.

                              Thanks Guys!!!
                              BTW any links to any thread for Ninja Owners??
                              Lemuel Dias
                              A true rider is one who follows the law.