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New yamaha r3 or a year old kawa er6n ?

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  • New yamaha r3 or a year old kawa er6n ?

    Hello guys. A quick question.
    A friend of mine is selling his kawa 650 er6n for about 3.ishh
    I was finalised on duke but this offer is tempting. It has 10k on the odo and a year old. It has no issues since the bike is known in friends circle.
    Shall i go for it or the new duke 390. Also for that price i can get a new yzf r3. What say?

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    Re: New yamaha r3 or a year old kawa er6n ?


    Please make up your mind over a naked or a faired bike. You said you wanted a d390. 3 lacs for an er6n makes more sense, only if you plan to use it. if city riding and purring around the streets is the agenda, go for a smaller bike - the duke. 200 if I may!

    All R3s have been recalled across the country for various issues, so I would give it a pass, for the time being!
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      Re: New yamaha r3 or a year old kawa er6n ?


      When you say 3-ish then you mean tending to 4 lacs ?
      I'm asking because then you are overshooting your original budget by 1.5 lacs which i would not suggest.

      In my opinion the maintenance and fuel costs are the major expenses on bigger capacity bikes, so that is something you have to take into consideration before handing down your hard earned money.

      Do you absolutely love the way Er6n looks ?
      If not then do you think it will grow on you overtime or you plan to carry out mods for the same ?

      If answer to both the Q's is Negative then i would say you give it a pass and go ahead with the D390 or wait for the 2017 version.

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        Re: New yamaha r3 or a year old kawa er6n ?

        I was kind of a similar spot last month wherein I was confused between a new R3 or a used Ninja 650 (with 2k kms on odo).
        Both were costing about the same, the Ninja cheaper by 6 grands.
        Already have a R15 v2 and reason for upgrade was the need for more power and touring.
        Had ridden the R3 for approx 900kms (rented one for touring), its a great bike and has enough power.
        The only negative (atleast for me) is that the pillion seat is not very comfortable.
        Hence got the Ninja 650 and my better half just likes the pillion seat on this one.

        Do note that in city riding, do not expect good FE from the bike. In Bangalore stop and go traffic, I am getting 18-20 kmpl.
        Once you are used to the bike you can cut through traffic, however its not as nimble as the R3.

        Since this is your friend's bike, try and see if he can lend it to you for a couple of hours. Try doing your daily chores and see if it suits you.
        Also list down what you are expecting form your would be bike and see if the ER6N matches the bill.
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          Re: New yamaha r3 or a year old kawa er6n ?

          Er6n, no doubt. You will outgrow the Duke pretty quickly, and the er6n is more comfortable for commutes and the f.e is similar to 390(from mumbikers videos where he says the 390 and a ninja 650 consumed the same fuel on spirited riding)

          Better comfort, pillion comfort, performance. .maintenance cost is a little higher for the kawi but definitely worth it in my book

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