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Like Duke 200, but how is it's build quality?

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    Re: Like Duke 200, but how is it's build quality?

    Originally posted by Zerocool1431 View Post
    You haven't bought the bike yet and you're worried about getting low sperm count?
    Seriously dude, you don't need to worry about such things. Always remember one thing, People are dumb in different ways.
    You'll be riding the bike and not just sitting on it all day long in one place and revving it for no reason.
    NO Doubt you'll have enough airflow to keep those eggs cool.
    Once again Seriously, do not listen to people who come up with such things.
    There are thousands of duke riders out there, You think all are getting affected?
    Well if they are, our population problem will be indirectly solved.
    Thanks to KTM.
    Thanks. It looks like I have made up my mind to buy Duke 200. Thanks for your clear explanation. Always creates doubts in the mind of prospective buyers when you read somebody commenting on such a sensitive matter I hope this thread of mine comes up in the Google first as well so those who visit that Quora link can get more information about how false that answer is from here.


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      Re: Like Duke 200, but how is it's build quality?

      Originally posted by tomk View Post
      Good morning s1d!

      I came up with an query:

      Does the underbelly exhaust cause heat like a machine and enter in our pants? As per this guy he says it can lead to infertility: Does it generate that enormous amount of heat that it can lead to infertility in men?
      LMAO, now that's a query you don't see often! Underbelly exhaust doesn't affect you at all, you don't even feel it unless you would purposely put your foot next to it. I think you're referring to the engine heat from radiator? Newer models are designed in such a way that the heat is directed away from your legs. I have an RC 390, and I barely feel the heat 95% of times, I would assume the newer dukes have the same setup.
      I wouldn't worry about this issue really!


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        Re: Like Duke 200, but how is it's build quality?

        Originally posted by tomk View Post
        Thanks sir so much! I agree this might be weird to ask but since most of the riders here are male it should be fine plus if I have to spend 1.65 lacs for this buy I better check all cross cutting concerns as well from all experienced riders here.

        Thank so much for your valuable opinion.
        Let us open up our mind and accept all weird questions from riders. We know level of information may not be same with all riders hence questions will be there in mind. However as a knowledgeable rider people are here to clear the doubts of any novice rider. Question looks off beat but riders are welcome to raise any doubts in their head. Hope no one minds this.
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