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UM Renegade Sports S 2017 Model - Is it worth buying?

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  • UM Renegade Sports S 2017 Model - Is it worth buying?

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    Hi All,

    I have a 5 year old Hero Impulse (70,000 KMs done), I have done extensive touring on it. While on tour I ride at least 700-750 KMs a day & she has never given any performance issues, no heating issues, no break downs ever. I am now looking for a similar trustworthy new companion, as Impulse is 13.5 BHP 150 CC motor & gives me average of 60-65 KMs per hour despite my best effort on National Highways (I take care of not to revv it beyond its limit). I want a bike which can cruise at 100-120 KMPH with ease so I can cover more distance in a day compared to Impulse.

    I really liked the UM Renegade Sports S model, but they do not have after sales service network like Bajaj, Hero or Honda; to be honest I do not care about it much because Hero has disappointed me enough, they never have parts required for my Impulse, I have been salvaging parts of another models for it. Recently I replaced 3rd & 4th Gear cog set & used Honda Unicorn's, front brake pads of Bajaj Pulsar, as service center never had it, nor do they expect it as it is a discontinued model. Despite, UM being a new company & having virtually no footprint in here, I am ready to spend money on it given the basic information is provided. Every reviewer generally just blabber about the looks & general information we read in brochures...I need details which matters, but they come by experience after spending sometime with your machine, by listening to it or feeling it. I dont want to run around in couple of years for spare parts of UM, hence this long post.

    Queries about UM Renegade Sports S Engine -

    1. Does it vibrate at normal or high speeds
    2. Can I use any other motorcycles' parts, if yes then which?

    Besides these 2 questions I do not have any concern & I can certainly take care of the bike with any other issues based on experience I have gained so far. I have also sent an email to UM but have not received any reply from them.

    My other options & things I dont like about them are as follows - Kindly correct me if am wrong/mis-informed I will certainly like to re-visit them.

    1. Yamaha FZ 25 - 20 BHP, 5 Gears (My foot search for 6th Gear when touring)
    2. Bajaj Dominar, Pulsar NS 200 - Unrefined engine - Vibrations, not practical for tours with simple solution of luggage (Attached image for ref.)
    3. UM Renegade Sports S - No proper information about Engine & spare parts available
    4. KTMs - Ergonomically challenging for Tours/long rides - personal opinion
    5. REs - Too Heavy, low BHP, not pocket friendly- personal opinion

    Looking forward to your valuable inputs/suggestions - Thank you!

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    Re: UM Renegade Sports S 2017 Model - Is it worth buying?

    Query Approved

    When touring solo, especially to remote places, then you want a motorcycle/ manufacturer which has some history (good preferably!). Else it is a constant worry, even if nothing actually goes wrong. As such i will suggest a bike which has more manufacturer backing. UM may be able to do that in the future, but as of now it is still quite the unknown quantity.

    I doubt if you could find replacement parts for the Renegade across manufacturers.
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      Re: UM Renegade Sports S 2017 Model - Is it worth buying?

      Okay. I absolutely agree with the post above. Reliability, service network and a proven track record are very important.

      As far as a service network goes, it doesn't necessarily need to be official, but even if the bike is familiar to mom and pop mechanics who can get it fixed and get you up and running after a breakdown, then that's good enough for a motorcycle for long distance touring.

      With UM renegade sport - though it looks good and all that, the quality is terribly sub standard. And while the company trumpets it's claims as an "American" company, the truth is - the US was only a market for them, for a short duration in the past - a market in which they tried to sell their rebadged Chinese-manufacturer-built bikes and failed miserably (as expected). They haven't been in operation in the US since 2010. During the last 3-4 years of their existence in the US, they sold re badged hyosungs. They weren't a manufacturer either at the time. They were a "power sports distributor".

      Their office here in the US seems to exist only for the purpose of calling themselves "American" (they currently have probably 2 or 3 employees here in the US, selling spare parts imported from China, for Chinese dirt bikes. A small market existed in the US between 2001 and 2009 - driven by the poorer people here who buy Chinese built bikes, who could not afford a top of the line dirt bike like say a KTM, Yamaha, Kawasaki or Husqvarna. A few people who still use these Chinese dirt bikes they bought in the mid 2000s may need spares - and that's what UM supplies. (UM used to buy bikes from China and re sell here before 2010, now they sell spares).

      Some information has emerged about their business practices while in the US, and I wasn't surprised why they went out of business. They treated the US just like a third world market where they came from, and failed.

      If I were you, I'd stay away from UM.
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        Re: UM Renegade Sports S 2017 Model - Is it worth buying?

        Originally posted by burnoutdee View Post
        I have a 5 year old Hero Impulse (70,000 KMs done)
        Kawasaki has the Versys 300 now. not too sure when the deliveries will start, but over 5 lacks on road its probably most refined as compared to singles.