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Shifting from Avenger Cruise 220

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  • Shifting from Avenger Cruise 220

    Hello Guys,

    Need some advice with selecting a new bike. I have been riding Avenger Cruise 220 (Model: 2016). Over a period of time I realized that I happen to love off roads, rural areas and stay away from highways as much as possible. My overall experience is limited (~15000 Kms) and I didn't gel well with Avenger on off roads. Low GC and overall structure with forward legs made life difficult. Another thing is that I ride slow don't prefer going above 80 Kmph even on highways. To counter off roads I got my stock wheels swapped with Ralco Speed Blasters and they did a phenomenal job but now I am switching to adv bikes. I prefer something which is light weight like in the range of 155 - 165 kgs of kerb weight.

    I need advise with selecting b/w two options xPulse 200 and KTM 390 Adventure (Yet to be launched). Himalayan is out of option as it doesn't have switchable ABS and it could turn out to be a disadvantage on off roads. I know KTM is not yet launched but given the fact that it has more power and weighs (speculated) around 160 kgs looks attractive. However, I am not told that considering my riding style (80 kmph on highways and around 30 - 40 kmph on off roads) it doesn't make sense to opt for KTM as I won't be optimally utilizing it. Just need some advise if sticking to xPulse 200 is a better option or should I wait for KTM. KTM is expensive but cost is not a major concern for me. I usually tour for 4 - 5 days and am carrying around 30 - 40 kgs of additional weight (luggage and all). Please note that I am an amateur to off-roading.

    Please share your thoughts.

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    Re: Shifting from Avenger Cruise 220

    Thread approved.