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Need Help in selecting Bike

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  • Need Help in selecting Bike

    Hi, I am looking to upgrade my ride. Currently I own Apache 160R-2011 model.

    I am looking for an all rounder bike which helps in my office commute and as well as in long rides. Cruiser bikes attacks me a lot i think its due the reason that i have never own one. I am eagerly waiting for TVS Zeppelin to launch but it would take more time to decide on it after couple of reviews and on ground reality of that bike

    Also would you suggest to go for second hand bikes or new bikes. And if yes from where should we get one.Reference are highly appreciated

    1. Budget -2-3 Lakh
    2. Age -34
    3. Height - 6.2 feet
    4. Weight - 72 Kg
    5. Intended usage (eg. Office/College commute, Highway runs, Racetrack usage, Weekend recreation riding etc.) - Office, Weekend Riding.
    6. Fuel Efficiency requirement (approx., if any)- approx 30-40
    7. City & Highway percentage usage - City 70% Highway -30%
    8. Approximate Daily / Monthly running - Daily -25-30Km(Mon-Fri), Monthly - 1100-1300 approx Km
    9. City / Town /Village of residence (so we can evaluate road conditions / traffic / terrain / altitude / OTR pricing) - Pune (Maharashtra-India)
    10. Brand / Bike type preference (if any) - Bike Type - Cruiser, Brand - Any (Reliable)

    Thanks you in advance.. Happy Riding !!!
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    Re: Need Help in selecting Bike

    Thread approved.


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      Re: Need Help in selecting Bike

      You should be looking for a bike within 250-300 cc displacement. You will never get to utilize more power in the city.
      Going by your requirements, FZ25 would suit you the most due to the comfortable ride quality, smooth engine and great build quality. It has decent power to see you through long rides. Apache RR310 is another good option since you are already familiar with the Apache family. Take prolonged test rides preferably NOT from showrooms but from your friends, families or bike rentals.
      Do not get me wrong as I would not recommend a RE(vibration, reliability and quality issues) or KTM(vibration and low power to weight ratio). No offense to any owner please!
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        Re: Need Help in selecting Bike

        Since you have a budget of around 3lacs, you can easily get the following used bikes:
        1. Ninja 300
        2. R3
        3. Ninja 650 (2016 and before models) [non ABS]
        4. ER6N [non ABS]

        If you can increase your budget to 4lacs, then you can get:
        1. Ninja 650 (2017 and above) [ABS]
        2. Z650 [ABS]

        Always prefer buying high displacement bikes with ABS as they are life savers.
        In city traffic you mostly wont be able to enjoy the power of these bikes but on the highway you will simply love it.
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