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Things to look out for in a 2nd hand Kinetic Italiano Blaze

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  • Things to look out for in a 2nd hand Kinetic Italiano Blaze

    Hey guys my friend is looking out for a blaze as he wants a powerful non geared instead of something like a dio etc. So what should I look out for while checking the bike? Anything specific? And what about spares? Are they easily available?

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      Ok so I'm guessing there are no blaze owners on Xbhp? Anyways I was looking for a rectifier for the blaze, spares are not available at the official service place, so if anyone has a spare rectifier, it would be really handy. Or if anyone knows what other bike's rectifier would fit please let me know as it is very important as the bike cannot be ridden at night at all!No electricals are working cause of that one part.Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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        I advise your friend to stay away from Blaze. It is a discontinued model and spares are a real problem. If there are any issues with the second-hand bike, service is really a painful part. I have got lots of problems with the Blaze and sold it.

        There is nothing special to check, and just check for things as usual for a second-hand bike. Handles shakes a lot on bumps. Just check how good is the engine. Boot space is very limited.
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