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A choice between a plethora of bikes = Not good

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  • A choice between a plethora of bikes = Not good

    Now this is getting kinda repetitive, so if the moderators want, they can merge it with another.

    Now essentially put, I am looking for a new bike. While I would like to have it yesterday, reality plays a ***** and tells me that it'll be at least 1-3 months. However, this gives me ample time to actually decide which bike to get.

    2 things high on criteria:
    1. I will be taking it on finance, so it has to be really worth the effort.
    2. I am tall (6'1" is tall right?) and towards the heavy side. The bike has to be comfy for many tours and all that. City commuting included.

    Cutting to the chase, I have sort of decided on the following bikes:

    350 Classic
    and by a long far way shot, Ninja.

    Well yea, the breeds are varied. However, to my knowledge gained from reading across the entire forum I could conclude this:

    ZMR (that is karizma) is the ideal bike for what I want. BUT, no dealer in this awesome little small big city is taking orders for an indefinite amount of time. In fact, I felt like making all the people in all the dealerships to stand in a line and slap them for the lack of information and in general unhelpful behaviour.
    I really did like the ZMR, at least looks wise. No idea how her ride is.

    R15 is stunning. Feels and sounds spectacular. But for my hight, I keep wondering whether the long distance will have a negative effect. Can anyone give me an insight into this?

    TBTS/Classic 350 are my fall back options. If nothing suits me, its the good old Bullet.

    So I was wondering, which one?

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    Topic Approved.


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      Get ready for a Roller-Coaster ride (I see monsoon clouds all over)

      My pic would be ZMR or R15, now your turn

      The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.
      ~ Spiderweb


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        Get a Bullet considering you re a big built guy.
        "I set out running but I take my time, a friend of the devil is a friend of mine. If I get home before day light, just might get some sleep tonight" - The Grateful Dead.

        The Stable - 2009 Yamaha FZS (Baby Beast) & 2010 YAMAHA YZF R15 (Anjuna Sunset).

        Wishlist - Kawasaki Ninja 250r, YAMAHA R6 and Bullet standard 500 with the CI engine and a handpainted Goa Chic helmet.


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          Karizma R for you mate.

          Else, hit the panic button... take the fall back option and roll out on a TBTS.


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            i vote T-bird!!

            My offerings to the gods of speed -

            - KTM Duke 200
            - Yamaha RXZ 5 speed


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              Can anyone tell me how the R15 is for big guys?

              This is really complicated since all 3 fall within a similar range.


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                Go for a white ZMR. I say this as you clearly mentioned u will end up doing a lot of commuting as well. This bike will fare well in as well as outside the city.

                My little big blog


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                  @ Bunny That was my initial plan. The ZMR is ideal for what I wanted:
                  Good performance
                  Decent cruising capabilities
                  Good handling
                  Good feel

                  Now I know P220 (and R15) beats at top end, but I don't really rip anymore... A constant speed with comfort matter. Hence the inclusion of the bullets. But the major F-up is that no dealer knows when the bookings start. Now in a way that is good, since for some mundane reasons, I like exclusivity, but the eye raising fact is the reason as to why the bookings are halted.

                  The reasons given to me:
                  1. There was a strike in HH factories, so they stopped the ZMR. (I did read about some strikes, but why only ZMR? Apparently, according to this guy, that is because there is one whole factory for ZMR =,= )
                  2. They stopped producing the bike. (This guy got the GTFO look)
                  3. Naya engine dal ke aa rahi hai bike. (I'm not quite sure how I did not beat this guy up for stupidity.. wish it were real though)
                  4. -No reason- (waited 1 hour before a guy did come out from wherever and ask me what I wanted)

                  The point is although I am liking the bike, I am being put off by the before-sales service. No answers, nothing.