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Used Royal Enfield Thunderbird 2004 - feedback needed.

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  • Used Royal Enfield Thunderbird 2004 - feedback needed.


    I am about to buy a used RE thunderbird 2004 model for about 55k.
    I need suggestion from you all especially RE owners about what all points to look for in the bike.
    Also I wanted to know whether the deal is good ?
    The bike has run 24k

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      its too much for a 2004 model...don't go for its mileage see model first..
      Ride Safe & Ride Long-->


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        What should be the cost for RE thunderbird 2004 model ?
        Help needed from RE owners...please give your opinion.
        Also please tell me what all things to throughly check in the bike to be sure of its condition.


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          2004 model T-bird should be between 28-35k. Depends on whether its a disc brake model or not.

          Things to look out for -

          1) excessive oil leaks around the gearbox/engine cover, clutch cover
          2) if you can open the clutch side, then to check the clutch housing for any notches cut on the clutch drum, and the condition of the primary drive.
          3) Check front and rear sprocket and chain
          4) Front forks for oil leak, and also for proper damping, and proper tracking on a level road ( the bike should track straight if hands are removed from the handlebars, no bends etc ).
          5) Carburettor should be in a good shape, and no screws should have a worn out look, indicating excessive opening and closing of the carb. Also the air-fuel mixture screw should be checked for damage, quite a pain to source and replace.

          6) Condition of electricals, switches, and battery for over flow/spillage on the chassis, which wouldve caused rusting.

          If you can post some good pics here, close ups of the above areas etc, it would be slightly easier to advise further.

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            I will be going tomorrow to get a feel of the bike..maybe then i will be taking some snaps and sharing it with you all.

            @jd666 - it is a disc brake in your opinion should the price be max 35k ?


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              ^^ tops yes 35k, unless its a fantastically maintained model. Also to get checked are the tappets, cam, and rockers etc, because if the AVL engine is run like a Cast Iron bullet engine ( read dhup dhup dhup, like a tractor , with gear shifts to higher gears at lower speeds, and not revving the engine freely ) the cams and rockers have a very high tendency to wear out.

              My offerings to the gods of speed -

              - KTM Duke 200
              - Yamaha RXZ 5 speed