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Smaran NA from Bangalore

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  • Smaran NA from Bangalore

    Hello fellow bikers,

    I'm Smaran from Bangalore working as a software professional for the past 7 years and have been a biker for more than 10 years now

    List of bikes owned and currently own:
    • Bajaj Discover 125 - 2009 to 2011 - Blew the engine twice and never got to ride much on this bike
    • Yamaha R15 v1 - 2011 to 2019 - 85000kms in 8 years with mostly touring with friends and group rides
    • Yamaha R15 v3 - 2019 till present - 7500kms till date, picked up for my wife who also rides having got married in 2017. She used this bike in Kari Coimbatore for finishing her Level 1 certification. We rode v1 and the v3 couple of times together before selling my v1
    • Honda CBR 650F - 2021 till present - Picked up the bike having done only 350 kilometers in 2 and a half years. In mint condition, fell in love with the bike and bought it immediately. Looking forward to making a lot of memories with this one

    I like to ride with friends, group, or solo. Used to organize bike rides for some time with a friend's company, planning bike trips and organizing them. Not a speed devil but enjoy cruising speeds, mostly ride bikes on the highway, and use cars for my daily commute. I would be with full gears for every ride and encourage everyone to protect themselves always.

    Looking forward to some G2G rides and someday would love to join an odyssey. Generally, I'm away from social media (deleted Instagram, Facebook accounts more than a year ago) and not much into photography too. I believe in making memories and cherish riding every time I ride.

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    Hello and welcome to the family, Smaran.
    We all would love to know more about your trips and your thoughts about the motorcycles that you own/have owned. It might help someone planning something similar be it a ride or buying a new bike.
    Again, welcome aboard. Cheers.


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      Hi Smaran, welcome to xBhp!
      A bike on the road is worth two in the shed.

      Weekend Rides Around Kolkata
      My Ride To Sunderbans -
      Hemnagar & Samsernagar
      Saagar Kinare - Bakkhali Calling


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        Hi Smaran! From one newbie to another, welcome!