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    Hello everyone, myself Abhisek.

    I belong to Bhubaneswar, Odisha and I love to ride my new Suzuki Gixxer SF150. My dream is to travel to Ladakh on my bike with my biking group.
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    Hi, Abhisek. Welcome to the family.

    We wish your dream comes true and you get to visit Ladakh aboard your Gixxer. In the meantime, do let us know a little more about your motorcycle and your rides.

    Keep riding and ride safe.


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      Welcome to the Family!
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        Hi, welcome to xBhp.
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          Hi Abhisek,

          Prince this side
          When are you actually planning to ride to Leh- Ladakh ?


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            I'm not in any of the touring group yet but yes I'm looking for a bike touring group and to be a part of that.



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              I'm a person who loves to explore, so the car is my only vehicle.
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