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Hello from a Hyderabadi

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  • Hello from a Hyderabadi

    Hello Everybody,

    I would like to start by thanking the mods for approving my membership.

    I am a boring guy hence this mail would be boring too, bear with me.

    I am Vamsi and I am from Hyderabad. A pakka Hyderabadi you could say. I am 34 and work in one of the Big Four Accounting firms.
    Honestly, I am more of a car person than a rider but off late the riding bug has bitten me. Here are the two wheelers we have owned till date.

    Atlas Goldline (1980 to 2001) :
    Our family commute. My dad used to drop us (we were four siblings) to school on this cycle. I had a major accident when i was in second standard where my right leg accidentally slipped into the front wheel. The injury was serious but I did recover after some time. Slowly, I learnt riding the bycycle and this become my best friend. I started taking her to school and boy what a lovely days those were. Any where I go i used to take her and enjoyed every minute of it. The drool cycles those days were the MTB All terrain bike which used to come in an exclusive metallic maroon color and the BSA slr i guess. Couldn't afford them but my atlas never let me down anytime. Sad that i had to part ways with her after I joined college as it was not possible to use her practically. She was given to our apartment watchman and i still remember the last look we shared while parting. She took care of us and me right from my toddler days to college days and took all the abuse without complaining. Too sad !

    Hero Ez (winner) [2000 to 2004] :
    This was the first vehicle in our family. It was getting very difficult without a vehicle for all of us and we had to buy something which fits our budget and would be reliable. My dad couldn't ride a two wheeler and this had to be for my elder sister who was also into part time job by giving home tuitions. We shortlisted the Kinetic Honda DX and TVS Scooty but for financial reasons had to buy the Hero Ez (technically a Hero winner). It was a gearless scooter with 75 cc engine (2 stroke or 4 ? ) which was the powerful in it'segment. A frugal and powerful scooter it was. I used to get to ride it only on weekends or for any other work. I don't remember it's cost but for sure we paid 20 K extra in the form of interest as it was financed. So my sister used it happily for 3 years though it gave us frequent niggles and then she left to US for her higher studies. I must say the scooter has helped my sister a lot as she was using it for home tuitions and the money was saved for her higher studies (atleast some percentage). The scooter aged very quickly and needed frequent visits to the show room. We stopped using her for a year and finally gave it to a physical handicap person on his request. Last I remember he got it repaired and used it for some days but let her go later and bought a scooty. ( guess due to the niggles).

    Yamaha Rx 100 [2003 to 2007]:
    Now, we are talking ! I grew up watching the Rx, KB100. So in 2003 when my Dad was retiring he asked me to select a nice reliable bike. Those days the splendor was ruling and the passion i guess was just launched. Both these were selling like hot cakes and every home had one of them. Though I could go for the splendor i requested my dad to give me 20 K so that i could buy an Rx. He obliged without hesitation and with help from my brother in law bought a 1990 Rx 100 for exactly Rs.20,500/-. The bike came with silver painting on the chasis, butterfly handle, twin tail lamps (non-functional) and raised front shocks. I didn't like it so straight away took it to the mechanic the very next day and asked him to strip it to stock set up. The piston was changed with the last size and chasis repainted with black and the body with Red (the original stock red that it used to come from factory). So the total cost was 26000/- and i enjoyed her every bit. She used to be everyone's envy in my locality as it was one of the best maintained Rx one could come across. Many people even offered me 30 K but I never wanted to part from her. So fast forward 2004 I took up my first job which was a back end profile but switched over to front end completely in 2007 which needed me to travel on customer visits within the city and sometimes to the outskirts. Petrol was getting costlier day by day and my fuel bills were surpassing the petrol conveyance i was getting. Also, the bike was showing it's age, it needed an engine overhaul as I once accidently rode her without 2t oil and the engine gone kaput. So with a heavy heart I thought of selling her. My mechanic's chap who used to take care of her right from I bought her immediately came forward to buy her and the next day he came to me with the cash. Sadly, sold her for Rs.12,000/-. Trust me, i still regret selling her. She is still with the same guy and I think he is taking good care of her. I am trying to contact him and try and buy her back if possible but that's just a dream. A lovely bike though. She will forever be my first love and i will miss her through out my life.

    Honda unicorn [2007 to till date] :
    So now that I sold by Rx I needed a smooth and economical bike. Those days the pulsar was ruling and the unicorn Alloy wheel version was just launched. I was one of those who bought the red color one in the initial batches. This bike is a work-horse. I will elaborate more about her in my separate ownership thread.

    EDIT :
    Suzuki Access 125 (2012 to till date) :
    Well, got married in 2012 and first thing missus asks is for a gearless scooter. They know when to ask what. Huh !! After much research i went in for the access 125 the prime reason being bigger engine than the activa. The scooter is a 'go kart' on two wheels i say. Peppy drive but horrible brakes and pathetic fuel efficiency. I got a nice shock when my wifey after getting the scooter tells me she doesn't even know to ride a bi-cycle. Taught her how to ride, she did manage to learn but one day tried riding it on her own and fell. That's it she isn't touching it till date. The access is used only in weekends for house hold errands. More on the review thread coming soon.

    I look forward for support and information from the fellow members and hope I will start touring one day.

    Thank you for reading and sorry for the long post.

    Last edited by Abhi8415; 07-13-2015, 05:28 PM. Reason: Added Suzuki Access in the content which i forgot.

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    Re: Hello from a Hyderabadi

    Hi Abhi

    Welcome to xBhp. Now that is a proper introduction to man and his many machines. Thanks for sharing this with us
    Biking is not about what you have between your legs, its all about how well you use it!!!!!!!

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      Re: Hello from a Hyderabadi

      Hi Vamsi,

      Welcome to the club bro..Good to have you here at xBhp.

      Its really nice to see such a well written intro.

      Ride Safe.
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        Re: Hello from a Hyderabadi

        Hey Hi,

        Welcome to Xbhp

        Very well written intro.
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          Re: Hello from a Hyderabadi

          welcome Abhi,

          very well written introduction!!

          RX100 Story made me sad

          I am from Hyderabad too, i own Suzuki Access too and its a 'mean' scooter

          i clocked 85K miles on her till date and she still did not loose her charm!!

          Happy and Safe Riding!

          Live like you mean it, then get a bike!

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            Re: Hello from a Hyderabadi

            Hi Abhi, welcome to xBhp.
            That's a great introduction. Wishing you a long and happy stay here.
            A bike on the road is worth two in the shed.

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              Re: Hello from a Hyderabadi

              Hi Abhi, Welcome to xBhp and it was nice to read about your various motorcycles. Ride Safe!
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