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12 Minutes Ago 05:55 PM
 Yamaha YZF R3 Owners Reviews and Experiences
I am thinking of buying a powerful bike. Shall i go for yamaha r 3 or rc 390 ? (53,864 views, 483 replies)
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19 Minutes Ago 05:48 PM
 Suzuki GS150R
Grease.. Clutch lever Side stand Oil.. Clutch cable (svc says no need to but I use to do). Gear shifter Centre stand. Brake pedal. Key(very sparingly). (1,997,277 views, 19,828 replies)
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34 Minutes Ago 05:33 PM
 Honda CBR 150 R
CBR 150 has always had some problems shifting in lower gears at low rpm. I recently got my clutch plate changed at 2.2k in pune, but my babyblade had 14k kms including a Ladakh ride. Getting a... (957,837 views, 3,831 replies)
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1 Hour Ago 05:02 PM
 Xbhp Bbsr : Trip To Sambalpur & Rourkela - 2nd Oct 15
Hey friend i think you are not watching xBhp properly.We are doing a lot of trips,the first one you told was a Trip to Deomali-Highest peak point of Odisha,then you can find Chandragiri Trip,then... (423 views, 14 replies)
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1 Hour Ago 04:52 PM
 Pulsar 200 NS Owners Review and Experiences
Can anyone please suggest rear tyre for 200 ns as I am new here,I have short listed revz-s and zapper-s but unfortunately zapper-s are not available here in Ahmedabad. I know this has been discussed... (3,979,850 views, 22,814 replies)
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1 Hour Ago 04:34 PM
 Suzuki Gixxer 155
I have done 4300 Kms. Does oil level affects tappet noise?? Which service centre is best in Mumbai or navi mumbai??? (667,993 views, 5,134 replies)
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1 Hour Ago 04:28 PM
 Engine Oils
Here go some pictures.. 197965 197966 197967 Picture showing full-synth(blue bottle) is blurred. But it has got 10w40 written on it. P.S: They should have at least shifted to SM from the... (1,106,547 views, 9,821 replies)
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1 Hour Ago 04:24 PM
 Benelli TNT 300 Ownership Experience
Thanks for the advice. I will follow that. I am planning to cover the distance in three days. (126,182 views, 1,247 replies)
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1 Hour Ago 04:17 PM
 Universal : Riding Gear Thread .be (1,503,031 views, 13,389 replies)
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1 Hour Ago 04:17 PM
 Hero Moto Splendor/Joy/CD-Dawn/Passion
Oh i shall upload soon..the oil is not leaking from the oil's leaking from somewhere near the main stand because as you can see the main stand has become black because of the contious leak of... (474,088 views, 3,689 replies)
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2 Hours Ago 04:02 PM
 The Urban Tiger - Triumph Tiger Explorer XC Review
The Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 XC is a relatively new entrant into a relatively new and booming adventure motorcycle segment in India. The first such bike to be made available in India was the... (40 views, 0 replies)
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3 Hours Ago 03:02 PM
 Hilarious Quotes/Pictures/Answers ...
Two policemen call the station on their radio. "Hello Sir we have a case here, A woman has shot her husband dead for stepping on the floor she had mopped." "Have you arrested the woman?" "No sir.... (786,499 views, 5,274 replies)
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Old Fox
3 Hours Ago 02:38 PM
 The Poser, the Ascetic and the Middler
Thanks. As for your reflective query - we all come in shades of grey. And even those shades vary in time. A poser does not necessarily have to hog the limelight - he will be as much a poser if he... (499 views, 9 replies)
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Parvez Ghadialy
3 Hours Ago 02:37 PM
 INFO: A Guide On Technical Jargons
Seconded... :) (41,125 views, 192 replies)
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3 Hours Ago 02:20 PM
 Pune Leh Solo Trip of 8500kms covering Incredible India
Yes, may be there can be issues with tourist spots, and the reason is valid also. But I never was never attracted towards tourist place. Whatever place I camped were common, like 1. Ratlam near a... (3,180 views, 33 replies)
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3 Hours Ago 02:16 PM
 Mahindra Mojo Owners Reviews and Experiences
congrats on your purchase and who cares about what people say about the pricing.. you liked the bike and you went for it.. that is all that matters.. Ride safe and fly low :) :) (3,134 views, 39 replies)
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4 Hours Ago 01:51 PM
 The Official Bangalore Offline Meet (G2G) Thread
Hello folks, After going through couple of options for stay in Sakleshpura, We have short listed Wild Wagtail Adventure Zone - Tent accommodation Links:... (395,962 views, 9,840 replies)
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4 Hours Ago 01:50 PM
 Rider/Tourer/Racer from Pune
In my 3 and a half years of being an xbhpian, I have rarely responded to intro posts. But, I was really pleased to see this kind of an intro post.This is how it should be, I felt while going through... (253 views, 10 replies)
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4 Hours Ago 01:41 PM
 CBZ xtreme / Hunk
My xtreme is going strong at 28k on odo and 4 years. Bike runs as good as it comes out from factory. Anyway need a tyre change for rear due to a long nail pierced through the tyre and made a hole on... (1,088,563 views, 10,718 replies)
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4 Hours Ago 01:38 PM
 Suzuki Gixxer SF : Ownership thread
I had the same issue and then I sent a mail to Suzuki regarding the issue. The SVC replaced the entire clutch lever and cables for free. (114,235 views, 962 replies)