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Ever since its inception in 2002, xBhp has always been about the motorcycling community. Nearly two decades later, this ever-growing community has grown leaps and bounds. All this while, we have put the biker above the bike and that is what laid the foundation for our 'i, The Biker' philosophy. It is more than a mere term or a phrase. It is an emotion, a movement. To that end, we have come up with a program to bring out inspirational stories of bikers all around India. Aptly named "i, The Biker", this series intends to highlight unheard stories from bikers like you and have them heard through the various platforms of xBhp; print magazine, social media, and website.

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Passion fed by profession: Nitinjit Bawa

You may not always end up where you want to be in all aspects of life. But if you can supplement it with what you love to do, it becomes a lot easier and sooner or later you realize that you are just where you want to be. Your hobbies are fuelled by your professional life and to some extent, the other way around is true as well. That is the opinion of Nitinjit Bawa. He feels that if he is not able to strike a balance between the two, he won’t be able to enjoy either.

Nitinjit hails from Gurgaon and is the founder of the OTR Dirt Park. He has been riding for around 20 years now. In the beginning, it was just a means of whiling time away for Nitinjit. But then, he met a lot of other like-minded people on xBhp and around. That is what made him realize that this way of passing time gave him satisfaction and it turned into a passion. After getting together with a few of those people for a few rides, he got introduced to people who were already into off-roading- hardcore offroading. And that is where it all started.

After that, Nitinjit took part in a few rallies and he was hooked. His very first rally experience was the SJOBA Rally which he believes was the moment he knew that this was his world. He explains the experience as something akin to being thrown into an open sea. From then on, forward was the only direction and he went on to participate in Raid de Himalaya where he also scored a podium in his category. Offroading became something Nitinjit started looking forward to.

Fast forward to today, and Nitinjit has quite a few achievements under his belt already. He won his category in the Desert Strom, Rally of Chamba, and has been a part of the and the Rally of Himalaya. All said and done, he tells us that it has been a learning experience for him, a liberating experience.

Knowing how he started, Nitinjit respects the motorcycling communities and xBhp as well since they catalyze bringing like-minded people together. The best thing about communities like this, according to him, is that you will find someone who shares a common interest with you regardless of what kind of riding you like.

Professionally, Nitinjit is the head of marketing and media strategy for an OTT player and on the weekends, he is found at the OTR Dirt Park, which he started along with some other people with similar interests. He and the other people involved were all passionate about off-roading but did not have a place and that need became the foundation for OTR Dirt Park, the purpose of which is to bring people together, people who share the same love for off-roading as them.

A piece of advice from Nitinjit is that one must never let go of the basics and put in the hours to get better. Physical fitness is also a key part according to him since motorsport is very dynamic and one must be fit and agile to deal with it. He also says that if one is not fit, it makes injuries more likely as one gets fatigued quickly and once that happens, they are most susceptible to making mistakes.