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Benelli TNT 600GT Review

600CC 80.46BHP 55NM

If your memory serves you right, you’d remember a mid-size semi-faired bike with a couple of panniers thrown in, sharing the stage with all the other nakeds during the DSK-Benelli joint venture announcement. I saw the same bike at EICMA at the Benelli stall. The bike showcased there was the Benelli TNT 600GT, which is a touring variant of Benelli’s popular TNT 600 naked with a wider seat, semi-fairing, huge tank (27 L), and a dual projector headlamp setup. Powering the Benelli TNT 600GT is the same liquid-cooled, DOHC inline-four machine that is fitted onto its naked sibling, the TNT 600. Available on tap from this engine are 82 horses at 11,000 rpm and around 56 Nm of torque at 8000 rpm. This fuel injected engine is mated to a 6-speed gearbox, which transfers the 82 horses to the rear wheel in a rather calm and subdued manner. There is no sudden rush of adrenalin even if you twist the throttle vigorously, but a smooth and seemingly unhurried surge of power. This makes the TNT 600GT a suitable bike for those who are planning to upgrade to a powerful yet unintimidating machine that would take care of their city commutes as well as occasional long hauls to the Himalayas or some other unexplored territory. A change of tyres to something which can handle gravel and off roads would however be prudent.

Benelli TNT 600G

Absorbing the impact from the road is the suspension system consisting of a 50mm USD fork at the front and a single side mounted monoshock at the rear. Braking was well taken care of by two 320 mm twin discs up front and a 260 mm single disc at the rear. This bigger tank and the fairing do make the Benelli TNT 600GT appear huge from some angles; however, once you sit on it that bulkiness seems to disappear completely. From the saddle, the GT looks well balanced. Even riders of short stature would find themselves at ease sitting on it. Despite all its visible bulk, the best thing about the 600GT was the way it handles. Thanks to the sorted chassis and the suspension setup, the bike simply surrenders itself to the rider and does exactly what he wants it to do and goes exactly where he wants it to go, be it in crawling city traffic or high-speed runs on the highway. Ample low end torque let it take the bumper-to-bumper city traffic with utmost ease. Thanks to the ultra-sticky Pirelli rubber, it seemed eager to take on the corners of Lavasa with aplomb and even while riding in the Pune city traffic on a Monday evening for around an hour, the bike showed no signs of overheating and that for me was a wonderful thing. Fit and finish wise as well, the bike didn’t leave us disappointed.


The color options that are going to be available in India for the Benelli TNT 600 GT

TNT 600GT tech specs
TNT 600 GT tech spec comparison
Benelli GT
Benelli TNT 600GT
Benelli TNT GT