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Bimota DB6 Delirio: Rare Italian Exotica

1,078CC 95BHP 88NM

People who know their motorcycles, know Bimota- the brand known for some of the most radical and eccentric machines ever made. But what makes them so? And what is the significance of the name Bimota?

Well, the name of the brand comes from the initials of the surnames of its founders; Valeri Bianchi, Giuseppe Morri, and Massimo Tamburini… Yes, the Mr Tamburini… responsible for perhaps the most beautiful motorcycles ever made; Ducati 916 and MV Agusta F4!

Known as one of the most talented motorcycle designers who have ever lived, Tamburini’s name is enough to tell you about the pedigree behind something that has his name on it. In this case, the initials alone do the magic. But mere names are not enough in the cut-throat business of making motorcycles. Either you are established or you have to stand out. Bimota predictably went with the latter.

Bimota quickly came to be known for some of the most outlandish yet desirable motorcycles. In the modern era, an example could be the Tesi 3D with its hub-centre steering! But in this piece, we are going to talk about something else. Something more conventional and yet, just as outlandish. The Bimota DB6 Delirio.

Radical, beautiful, exotic, and simply out of this world- that’s the DB6 Delirio for you. Unfortunately, the example we had was meant for a museum and so, we could not ride it. But from what we have heard, it is bloody bonkers.

Like all Bimotas, the DB6 Delirio was made of top-shelf components. Like all Bimotas, it was hand-built. That is why it reeks of quality and finish. It almost feels like all the parts, big and small, are made of Unobtainium. Simply looking at the motorcycle evokes some really special emotions. It is perhaps the brashest example of La passione dell’Italia

This is one motorcycle that has to be carefully observed to be enjoyed. You have to take the time to enjoy every bit of it, every little detail and intricacy that sets it apart from others. This machine is made to such fine quality that even every single nut, bolt, and fastener reeks of quality.

So yes, the DB6 Delirio looks amazing. From how bare it is to the underseat exhaust, this motorcycle is a looker through and through. Now, the Bimota DB6 Delirio is a streetfighter. And since it is an Italian streetfighter, it had to back up its looks with how it goes. And from what we have heard and what we can tell, it really does, big time.

When it was on sale, the DB6 Delirio was considered to be one of the lightest motorcycles on the market. It weighed around 170 kg wet which is nuts even by today’s standards. How was it achieved? Components. A lot of carbon fibre and billet aluminium components. Perhaps that is why it found it so hard to keep its front wheel on the ground.

Another reason for its wheelie prowess was the engine. The Bimota DB6 Delirio was powered by a 1,078cc, aircooled, Ducati V-twin with 95 horses on tap. The DB name is a nod to Ducati-Bimota and 6 denotes that this was the sixth Ducati-Bimota collaboration. The engine was said to be characterful enough to please the enthusiasts but smooth and usable enough to please anyone.

The power-to-weight ratio of this motorcycle had people scratching their heads. But the chassis was said to be even more magical. It was said to handle like a dream. It is a great shame that we were not able to get our hands on it to see all that for ourselves.

But, we’ll make do with the fact that it is still known as one of the best nakeds ever made. Considering what Bimota was known for, it comes as no surprise. It is motorcycles like these that make us rue the loss of some of the most radical motorcycle manufacturers ever… and makes us elated to know that they are probably on their way back!