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Honda CB Shine SP Review: Improving upon its Shine!

124.73CC 10.57BHP 10.3NM

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) Ltd. has managed a slew of launches in the past 12 months – 15 including the CB Shine SP launched yesterday. The 16th would be the 160cc Hornet scheduled sometime next month. Quite a feat, not just for the numbers but also for the variety, which if not an increasing complex production and inventory exercise for the company would surely be a knotty problem for the dealers! Too many models, differentiated mainly at times by features, stickering and marketing themes than by any solid technical changes. The Honda Shine has been shining though all through these years of its existence and the shine comes from the solid, reliable and value for money machinery on offer under the name. The CB Shine is the best seller motorcycle for HMSI (currently selling almost 8 lakh units per annum) and so it is not surprising that they wanted to give it an upgrade. This once though it is as much a technical upgrade as a cosmetic one.

The new Shine SP looks good now. And also more purposeful. The plastics look robust, the paint finish nice and clean, the visual proportions more filled up and the bike overall exudes a well built quality. The tech part is well taken care of by two major upgrades – the new 5 speed gearbox replacing the earlier 4 speed one and the Combined Braking System even though the latter is only in the top model. The Honda Eco Technology series 125cc 4 stroke engine puts out a healthy 10.5 bhp at 7500 rpm and a peak torque of 10.3 Nm at a lowish 5500 rpm. Nice promising specs which when combined with a 9.2:1 compression ratio do indicate an engine design that favours longevity as much as it does performance.

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Honda CB Shine SP Review 12

We were offered a short (actually very short) spin on the bike around the JW Marriot Hotel near the Delhi T3 terminal. In all honesty we couldn’t even get the bike into 5th gear (something Honda really wanted us to comment upon) before the ‘circuit’ was over but the ride did reveal a nice built to purpose machine that should be a pleasure to own. It is an urban tool, fit for the close quarter work through chaotic rush hour city traffic and has all the prerequisites in place to be that every day for weeks, months and years. The engine is typical Honda – smooth, silent and hopefully as efficient as Honda says it is. A longer review ride will throw more light on the last part. The clutch is light, the gears click into place and the low end torque is pleasantly good. The steering is intuitively light though the lightness could become a trifle problematic with a pillion who is substantially heavier than the pilot. Conjecture only because we only rode the bike solo. The brakes are sharp and the CBS does its job. Push only the rear brake pedal hard and you feel the front dive too. I have no idea of the braking force proportion with the CBS in use but for a rear drum equipped bike, the system displayed good functionality. The front brake alone is as good as it gets in a bike this size with nice feel and feedback. The suspension is plush, the seat really nice and the wide bars provide excellent leverage – both while the bike is rolling and when being pushed around for parking etc.

Our very short first ride didn’t throw up any unpleasant stuff about the bike. Small niggles that came up into awareness was the seemingly flimsy switch gear quality, especially the red starter button, the obtrusive ‘choke’ lever just below the horn button, dated looking round foot rests, RVM’s that were not really effective (the shape is fine but the reach of the stalks could have been more for better coverage) and I can bet that the standard 3 Ah battery on a self start bike with bulbs all around and not LED’s for brake lights and trafficators will turn out inadequate. Try the horn while braking and with the trafficator blinking and the horn will be more of a ‘siren like vee-vaa’ tone rather than a steady one.

All said and done though the Honda Shine SP is a worthy upgrade over the CB Shine and should prove to be a good value for money proposition for its buyer.

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Body Dimensions

Length: 2007mm
Width: 762mm
Height: 1085mm
Wheel Base: 1266mm
Ground Clearance: 160mm
Kerb Weight: 124kg (CBS Variant)
Fuel tank capacity: 10.5 L
Type: Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, SI Engine
Cylinder Capacity: 124.73cc
Max Net Power: 7.88 kW @ 7500 rpm (10.57 bhp)
Max Net Torque: 10.3 Nm @ 5500 rpm
Bore: 52.4mm
Stroke: 57.8 mm
Compression Ratio: 9.2:1
Air Filter Type: Viscous Paper Filter
Starting Method: Kick & Electric Self Start
No Of Gears: 5 Speed
Gear pattern: 1-N-2-3-4-5
Tyres & Brakes
Tyre Size (Front): 80/100-18 Tyre
Tyre Size (Rear):   80/100-18
Tyre Type (Front): Tubeless
Tyre Type (Rear): Tubeless
Brake (Front): Disc/Drum
Brake (Rear): Drum/CBS
Frame & Suspension
Frame Type: Steel Diamond
Front Suspension: Telescopic Fork
Rear Suspension: Spring Loaded Hydraulic Type (Swing Arm)
Battery: 12V 3Ah
Headlamp: 12V 35/35W
Key Features
– 5-speed transmission
– New headlamp cowl and visor
– Grab-rail in black
– Full chain cover
– Side panels in silver
– All-New tail-lights
– New seats
– Clear-lens indicators
– Exhaust muffler with chrome garnish
– Red-coloured rear suspension springs
– New 10-spoke alloys
Black, Athletic Metallic Blue, Pearl Amazing white, Rebel red metallic, Geny Grey Metallic
The new model Honda 125cc motorcycle or the Honda CB Shine SP retail price ex-showroom Delhi
Drum Brake Variant – INR 59,900
Disc Brake variant – INR 62,400
CBS variant – INR 64,400

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Honda CB Shine SP Review 17
Honda Shine SP Top-W Light
Honda_Shine SP Blue
Honda_Shine SP_2-3rd Back
Honda_Shine SP_2-3rd Front Rev
Honda_Shine SP_Back
Honda_Shine SP_Front
Honda_Shine SP_Rev Side
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