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MV Agusta Brutale 1090

1078CC 144BHP 112NM
1st_photo_blog We believe, on the basis of aesthetics, you can divide motorcycles into two teams – Italians and the rest of the world. Need Money to Buy your Dream Superbike? Sell your old Motorcycle on OLX. There is no doubt that some of the most beautiful and stunning motorcycles in the world are made in Italy. What is even more interesting is that they are also some of the best performing motorcycles in their respective segments. CEATPirelli_2 Right now, we are talking specifically about one of the most exotic names in the industry – MV Agusta. A brand so special that, one can argue, has never made a bad looking motorcycle and this is understating the facts. If you have motorcycles like the Brutale, F3 and F4 in your arsenal, then you have not only managed to not produce a bad looking bike, you have created a trio of the most incredibly looking motorcycles of their times. And that is now. WRANGLER_Template Brutale 1090 What struck us instantly upon seeing the Brutale is that it is an astonishingly polished motorcycle, something which has been crafted with patience and the right dose of subtlety. Its design evokes multiple emotions all at the same time. It is beautiful and elegant. Stunning and naughty. If it had a soul, she would know you want her. If we had to personify it further, we would say she’s the beauty with brains. And that is a deadly combination. Spartan pro gear template But just to limit our imagination, we will leave it as a motorcycle!
The Brutale 1090 is powered by a 1078cc engine which produces 144 BHP at 10,300 RPM and 112 NM of torque at 8,100 RPM, numbers more than enough to send a tickle across your spine. And of course, that inline 4 engine generates a buttery smooth exhaust note which hums and howls depending on where the bike’s rev needle is. Rest assured, it is pleasing to the ears at all engine speeds. 3 6 7 16 22 21 19 20 18 10 26 MV Agusta’s have always had up-market parts. At the front, there’s a pair of 50mm Marzocchi forks and a single Sachs progressive shocker at the back. Brakes are Brembo with steel braided lines. 4 17 27 9 14 23 11 5 8 28 The styling and the overall build quality further highlights the affluent stature of the Brutale. You would be happy to park it in your living room, but at the same time, it wants to be ridden and is a treat on the streets. It is a well-engineered motorcycle, the handling and braking are top-notch and the performance is right up there as well. 25 The Brutale is unique, special and shall be treated as one. It is imperfect and the fuelling at low RPMs is known to be jerky. It is pricey and not many people get to own an MV Agusta. But it is worth every penny you would spend on it.
MV agusta

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