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Honda Grom

125CC 9.7BHP 10.9NM
1st_photo_blog The interesting thing about notions is that you can pick certain realities of life and turn them into catchy phrases. Like in this case, it is part of a bigger picture, but true nonetheless – good things often come in small packages – like your favourite mobile phone, food, clothes and, maybe, a motorcycle! Need Money to Buy your Dream Superbike? Sell your old Motorcycle on OLX. In case you’re wondering about the last part, you would know what we mean when you’ll see exactly what we have for you this time. Introducing, the Honda Grom, the cute little 125cc motorcycle and it is so much fun. If we were kids, this would be our favourite toy hands down. CEATPirelli_2 Honda has done a remarkable job in putting together a motorcycle like this. It doesn’t just look cute or full of sophistication, it’s been cleverly designed to please a wide variety of bikers. Remember, it is not a kids bike, it is a full-fledged motorcycle made small. For example, the dynamic headlight design and those eye-pleasing upside-down forks lend it an aggressive attitude similar to that of a streetfighter. The disc brakes and the high-mounted, almost under seat exhaust further enhance the sportier appeal of the Grom. Yet, the small wheels and the toyish bodywork make it playful. WRANGLER_Template Playful, that is exactly what it is meant for, to play around in your neighbourhood while not appearing like a jerk. It is fun rediscovered and an ideal solution for the mid-life crisis. Have you ever been in a situation when no particular motorcycle appears good enough? When nothing catches your attention and stuff about bikes that normally impresses becomes passable. That is a time when something like Grom could do wonders to your mood. It would reset your mind and pull you out of your lazy life. Spartan pro gear template The 125cc horizontal layout engine is a perfect choice for this bike. The performance is unintimidating and can be fully extracted on many occasions. It has been a hit since it came out in 2014. Honda has created a new category with the Grom and Kawasaki has joined with their 2017 Z125 PRO. When one of your toughest rivals responds in a similar fashion, it confirms you’re on the right path.
We would love to see this in India, although, we are not sure of its success. The fuel injection and the up-market hardware in Grom will definitely make it expensive for its segment. However, after having swung our leg over it, we have been convinced that we want one. 21 22 3 9 7 8 1 13 19 16 15 18 17 14 12 6 11 10 5 23
honda grom

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