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Rewaco GT: Italian Alps and Grand-Touring… with a quirk!

1,499CC 140BHP 210NM

Travelling around the world has its own perks. And if you are an automotive enthusiast, the perks always come with a +1. The +1 here refers to vehicles. For us, at xBhp, it’s mostly motorcycles. We have ridden so many now that it’s almost scary to think that we may just run out of them. Then there are cars. Supercars, to be precise. We have driven our fair share of those too. But every once in a while, one comes across something of a crossover between the two. A hybrid of sorts. We call these contraptions ‘Trikes’ and we came across a very very quirky one. The Rewaco GT and what better place to run around on something like this than the Italian Alps!

We encountered the Rewaco GT during our recent trip to Italy and while it was every bit as confusing to us as it is to you, the allure of it was such that we could not resist swinging a leg over it. And such was the amazement and excitement of piloting something like this, that we dashed straight to the beautiful Italian Alps. But before we talk more about the Rewaco GT. Let’s talk Rewaco.

Rewaco Trikes was founded in Germany in 1990 and has been in operation since. Initially, they worked with the classic Volkswagen and RevTech rear-mounted engines. But that was just a start. Since then, Rewaco has been working continuously to make their vehicles quicker, smoother and safer.

As of now, Rewaco has 3 models available in its stable; LS, ST, and GT. One of the best things about Rewaco Trikes is the customization options available at one’s disposal; sound system, heated seats, trailer tow package, back up assistance, and whatnot.

The RF1 (LS, ST, and GT are the variants) is powered by a turbocharged 1,499cc inline-4 engine. It makes 140 bhp of power and 210 Nm of torque. While numbers may not seem all that much, even more so because of the heft of the vehicle, it can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 5.9s. That… is not slow by a long shot. Not for a vehicle like this. Top speed? 175 km/h. Doesn’t look like it now, does it…

On top of that, it features a 7-gear CVT transmission which also has a quirk up its sleeve. It comes coupled with a Power Shifter which allows the driver to select when the transmission shifts! And if even that is too much of a hassle, it can go fully-automatic too. While most of the things about the Rewaco shouts that it is ‘driven’, the hand throttle makes a bold statement in the favour of the Rewaco being ‘ridden’.

Now, talking about the chassis, Rewaco trikes are based on a standard tubular frame. The engine is mid-mounted. The rear wheels feature independent suspension. The front of the vehicle is purpose-built and features a springer-style suspension. A rather uncommon combination but to Rewaco’s credit, it works out pretty darn well!

First and foremost, the Rewaco is an inline-4… that too, turbocharged. So it is no surprise that it sounds great. But is it not? As soon as you thumb the starter, the Rewaco’s rumble leaves you wanting to wring the throttle just to hear it at full tilt. And if you do give in to temptation, the reward is sensational.

The rear of the Rewaco looks like a supercar and the sound just cements that tag… if you are still looking at the rear that is. Don’t believe us? We have got pictorial proof. It is Italy and the Italian alps are some of the best roads to ride or drive, in the world. No wonder we found two of the rarest supercars on the planet there; the Lamborghini Diablo and the Ferrari Enzo… divided by ‘fidgety-clutches’, united by the Alps.

Now, does the Rewaco GT go like a supercar? Not really but then it is not meant to. And for what its worth, the fun factor associated with the Rewaco comes pretty close to those of supercars… roadsters, to be precise. The power and the punch are there and the torque makes sure that you are not left wanting on open roads. But the three-wheels have their own limitations.

Rewaco, being a trike, handles pretty good. Surprisingly good actually. The suspension system we mentioned above works wonders for it and the overall low stance also helps the matters. Now while the throttle gives you a feeling of ‘riding’, it does not lean into corners. It exerts Gs (and some fear should one be careless).

It is not hard to guess that the Rewaco needs space on the roads. Almost as much as cars. The overall width of 1,880mm is a testament to that. But the Rewaco GT is a grand tourer. And with 140 horses and 210 Newtons combined with a dry weight of 615 kg, it is a pretty good one.

We, as motorcyclists, love riding but more than anything, we cherish experiences. And while the Rewaco is somewhere in the middle of riding and driving, it hits the nail on the head on the experience front. It really is a stunning one… one we’ll jump onto again without thought the next time the opportunity presents itself.

Specifications of the Rewaco GT


Displacement: 1,499cc
Type: in-line-4 cylinder engine with turbocharger
Power: 140 bhp
Torque: 210 Nm
Transmission: 7-Gear automatic with Power-Shifter


Front axle: Front forks with centre Bilstein gas shock absorbers
Rear-axle: Single wheel suspension with Bilstein gas shock absorbers
Braking system (front and rear): Disc brakes
Tyres (front/rear): 180/55 ZR 17 on aluminium rims / 255/45 ZR 17 on aluminium rims


Height: 1,060 mm
Length: 3,690 mm
Width: 1,880 mm
Weight: ~615 kg (dry)
Fuel capacity: 40 L

Rewaco GT
Rewaco Trikes