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Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS 10,000 km review from #roadTripUnited2022

1,160CC 177.5BHP 125NM

10,000 km across a diverse nation like ours; that pretty much sums up the sheer test that #roadTripUnited2022 was for all our machines. To be able to complete such a trip is enough to secure top marks but more than that, such a ride also provides one with the chance to really know the machines inside and out. So here, we are going to distil our experience with each of those throughout the 10,000 km of #roadTripUnited2022. Helmets on for this is going to be a heck of a ride!

It is time for the big guns to be out and we are starting with the fourth motorcycle that we took around India in #roadTripUnited2022. We are talking about the new Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS. Right off the bat, the best thing about the Speed Triple 1200 RS is how organic and visceral it feels. It is loaded with electronics, everything you can ask for, but it still delivers a riding experience that is almost primal. And in a world where motorcycles are all getting kinda numb with all the electronics, what Triumph has done with the Speed Triple 1200 RS is no less than a monumental feat.

The Speed Triple has been around for a while and Triumph refers to it as the original hooligan- disputable but not wrong. Regardless, it was one of Triumph’s most successful motorcycles and that is why it is still alive and kicking. The latest and greatest in the series- Speed Triple 1200 RS is being touted as the best Speed Triple to date. And it easily is.

The Speed Triple has been around for a while but this one, according to Triumph, is their best one so far and it is easy to see why. In terms of looks, the signature-Triumph styling is apparent with the headlamps and while they look similar to that of the Street Triple’s, there’s a lot that differentiates the Speed Triple 1200 RS from its smaller sibling. It has much more muscle to it which really helps it portray its streetfighter brute-brawler nature.

The Speed Triple 1200 RS is powered by a 1,160cc triple-cylinder engine that not only has a higher displacement than before but has newer components that make it lighter and a fair bit more powerful than its predecessor. We are talking about 180 Ps of power and 125 Nm of torque. In terms of power, it is right up there with the superbikes and in terms of torque, well, it has a fair few of them beat.

If we have to describe the performance of the Speed Triple 1200 RS in one word, we’d say meaty. Omnipresent power is the name of the game. It has so much grunt throughout the rev range that it makes a very strong case for 3-cylinder engines being the best balance between the torquey twins and high-revving high-power inline-4s. And then there’s the intoxicating howl…

It has all the electronics one can ask for but it is the subtlety with which they work that makes the Speed Triple 1200 RS such a joy to ride. Additionally, the Speed triple 1200 RS has a wonderfully dynamic character too. From handling the twisties to being rocksteady in a straight line, the Speed Triple 1200 RS is a motorcycle that can handle everything you can throw at it, and you need that when you go around India.

And here are some more beautiful images of the Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS from around India: