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TVS Apache RR 310 10,000 km review from #roadTripUnited2022

312.2CC 33.5BHP 27.3NM

10,000 km across a diverse nation like ours; that pretty much sums up the sheer test that #roadTripUnited2022 was for all our machines. To be able to complete such a trip is enough to secure top marks but more than that, such a ride also provides one with the chance to really know the machines inside and out. So here, we are going to distil our experience with each of those throughout the 10,000 km of #roadTripUnited2022. Helmets on for this is going to be a heck of a ride!

We cannot get enough of it, can we? We are talking about the third machine that went around India with us on #roadTripUnited2022. The TVS Apache RR 310 has been around for a smidge more than 5 years and we have already done a fair few major trips on it, including going around India three times now! And there’s a good reason for that too. Simply put, the TVS Apache RR 310 has been one of the best motorcycles one can get in the Indian market, bar none.

Based on the distillation of whatever TVS has learned in their 3+ decades of racing, the Apache RR 310 is the culmination of whatever TVS and the Apache brand stand for. The first iteration of the RR 310 was a bold move on TVS’ part. It looked fantastic, one of the best-looking motorcycles from an Indian brand. But it was much more than a pretty face. It packed serious performance and despite its racing focus, its versatility struck a chord with us.

Despite how well-rounded the Apache RR 310 was, TVS did not stop there. They have released multiple revisions in a short period of time slowly ironing out all the kinks and adding more and more to the package along the way. Watching TVS improve the Apache RR 310 bit by bit was like watching a racer shaving tenths and hundredths of a second, lap after lap. As such, the current Apache RR 310 that we took around India is a near-perfect motorcycle.

Looks of the Apache RR 310 are still talked about and even after half a decade of being launched, it remains one of the best out there. It looks much bigger, almost supersport-like and it is apparent from the attention it gets on the road even when alongside some much bigger and pricier machines. Then, there’s the technology. The latest Apache RR 310 is one of the most technically sound motorcycles out there.

The console is a thing of beauty, it gets different modes that actually make a difference in the real world, and it has Bluetooth connectivity with SmartXonnect with so many features and data logging that it makes one fuzzy. From navigation to call alerts and from race data to ride statistics, you get much more than what you expect with the TVS Apache RR 310.

And then, we have one of the best bits of the Apache RR 310- the performance. It looks and goes like a motorcycle made by a brand that is proud of its racing history. The engine is brilliant and it is reverse-inclined which makes it one of the most dynamically versatile motorcycles out there.

It has a long swingarm with a short wheelbase that makes it quicker in the corners without compromising on straight-line stability. Aerodynamic efficiency is another major aspect that not only makes the Apache RR 310 faster but also more comfortable on long days in the saddle. Ergonomically, it strikes a perfect balance between a comfortable and sporty stance that can now be tailored with the BTO variant.

Overall, we feel like the Apache RR 310 is a motorcycle with which TVS just keeps on giving and we, as motorcycling enthusiasts, cannot appreciate it enough.

And here are some more beautiful images of the TVS Apache RR 310 from around India: