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TVS X First-Ride Review :: Xtra Punchy

N/ACC 14.8BHP 40NM

When TVS took it to Dubai to launch a new product, it was a proud moment for all of us. And when the veil was lifted, we got to lay eyes on TVS X, perhaps the most radical-looking electric scooter to come out of India. It was an instant reminder of the very well-received Creon concept that TVS displayed at Auto Expo 2018. 

From that moment on, we have been looking forward to swinging a leg over it to see what’s what. We did not have to wait too long because recently, we were invited to Hosur by TVS to test ride the TVS X. We did and there’s a lot to talk about so let’s get to it. 

First, the why of it? TVS already has the iQube which is pretty neat. With the X, TVS intended to make an electric vehicle that is thrilling and exciting. Fortunately, TVS X looks the part and goes the part too. In terms of looks, we think it looks phenomenal and different from anything that we have seen here in India. 

From the lack of a floorboard that has been replaced by the spine of the frame to the very iRobot front and rear end; it looks smashing. More than anything, the colourway is simply stunning. TVS X gets just this one and we cannot think of anything better off the top of our head. 

The rear shock, the split seat and the massive dash; all come together cohesively for a very sharp-looking package. Oh, it has a split seat and petal discs on both ends! It is the first e-scoter in India to get ABS, though it is single-channel. Talk about intent! 

In terms of ergonomics, TVS X seems to lean on the maxi-style format but overall, it is very approachable and very comfortable. 770mm seat height and 134 kg kerb weight make it very easy to get accustomed to quickly. The style quotient does not take anything away from practicality and the TVS X has to be loved for that. 

Now, we mentioned “intent” previously and now, we’ll address it. The Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor that propels TVS X is RAM-Air-cooled. With the relatively low weight, 11 kW is more than enough power and 40 Nm is more than enough torque. As a result, the TVS X can go from 0-40 km/h in just 2.4 seconds and onwards to a top speed of 105 km/h. 

We could not test the acceleration claim but it seemed that quick on the track. And we easily got to around 103 on the Hosur test track. It has three riding modes; Xtealth, Xtride, and Xonic. The last one, as the name suggests, is the quickest and the most fun. In the other two modes though, the power delivery and on/off throttle transitions are notably smoother. Xonic is actually quick and responsive enough to even catch an unsuspecting rider off-guard. 

There are different levels to regenerative braking and overall, it seemed quite fluid. But again, it is quite prominent on the highest level and may need some getting used to especially if one is switching from an ICE vehicle. In terms of handling, TVS X is very predictable and one of the most confidence-inspiring of any scooter that we have ridden so far, electric or otherwise. But then, this is one department where TVS has always excelled. 

The 10.25” TFT dash is perhaps the highlight. Its position can be adjusted to aid visibility and comfort. And it comes loaded with features, a whole lot of them. Bluetooth is a given but once connected, it can be used for music control, navigation alerts and so on. If you use the PlayTech entertainment system, it can used to watch videos or play games while stationary. The last bit seems to be pushing a bit but hey, technology, right? 

Additionally, it also gets a reverse assist, cruise control, and a hill-hold function as well, all useful in their own right. You get 19 litres of underseat storage which is impressive but it might be difficult to stow a helmet in there because of how the space is allocated. A range of 140 km is claimed but we believe that it’ll be applicable to the Xtealth mode. Regardless, the 3-hour 40-minute charge time for 0 to 80% seems quick enough but we still won’t recommend touring on one. 

The real kicker though, is the price. At 2.5 lakh (Ex-Showroom), it is not cheap. Add to that the fact that it does not get the benefits of the FAME II subsidy either. While what you get for your money is all there once you spend some time with it, the price is still a tad bit high for a price-sensitive market like ours.