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KTM Duke 200 Review: xBhp's detailed ride report

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  • KTM Duke 200 Review: xBhp's detailed ride report

    The KTM Duke 200 is ridden and reviewed by xBhp. For complete details read on.

    Sunny, Sunny.
    Yes Officer.
    Scraping Your Knee?
    No Officer.
    Show me your knee.
    Ha, Ha, Ha.

    Photos and Text: Sundeep Gajjar / and Gourab Das (MG)
    Some graphs: From Bajaj
    Click on the small thumbnails to see the bigger photo
    What is KTM? KTM Factory Visit : Austria - : The Global Indian Biking Community ).

    The KTM 200 (or the Duke 200)


    Prologue PresentFirst Impression: The Looks of it
    ^the wide tank also doubles up as a bikini fairing

    ^your key to hooliganism

    ^The LED indicators

    ^Hydroformed handlebars : Better strength at clamping location

    ^What everyone else on the road will get to see of this bike

    ^and the alien looking front

    ^aftermarket sprockets

    ^number plate holder

    ^seat cowl

    The Tricked out KTM 200

    ^The WP suspension

    ^the tank cap sticker

    ^the LED array, a different look

    ^the tank pad

    ^Objects in the rear view mirror....

    ^to avoid that unwelcomed pillion

    The Console
    Multifunction (MFD) cockpit
    Style: 5/5

    For: The insane street-fighter styling and world class finishing quality

    Against:Performance and Handling

    ^That says it all!

    On Paper

    What can you expect from a bike whose power to weight ratio is 184 PS/Ton?Ergonomics and Comfort

    Left Profile:

    Once you sit on the Duke you realize how aggressive and yet comfortable it is. The view in front of you is wide and clear, no obstructions, no windscreens. The tube type handlebar was perfect, with all the controls being at hand without much thumb shifting. The controls are backlit (as with the Pulsars), and that certainly add a lot of techno-charm to it.

    The Pillion seat looks small but surprisingly accommodated me sitting behind Gourab with all my camera gear at speeds over 100kmph. The split grab rails helped.

    SpeedMax speeds in each gear

    (as noticed while testing - all approx)

    1st gear - 40km/h
    2nd gear-60km/h
    3rd gear-80km/h
    4th gear-100km/h
    5th gear-116km/h
    6th gear-136km/h

    All the above figures are at 10000rpm where it hits the red line

    100km in 6th gear @ 7000rpm

    Roll on figures (approximate):

    0-60km/hr (in sec)
    0-100km/hr (in sec)

    5th gear 6th gear
    KTM 200 7.66 9.76
    CBR250 10.20 12.94
    R15 13.20 15.60

    Here are all the top speed figures by different publications take your pick.We tested the KTM 200 top end at 138 Kmph speedo indicated.

    R15 V1

    Handling and BrakingThe Game

    To see how nimble and flickable the bike really was, I took inspiration for the Ducati Panigale video and planned a few knee knockdowns myself.

    Here is the setup:

    And here is the first victim:

    and the second...


    The compression ratio of the Duke 200 is 11.3:1. Now whether that means it will not behave itself when fed with anything less than 95 octane remains to be seen. That is something we need to find out on a long ride. In comparison the compression ratios of some popular bikes are:

    Ninja 250R: 11.6

    KTM 200 : 11.3

    CBR 250R: 10.7

    Yamaha R15: 10.4

    Pulsar 220: 9.5

    ZMR: 9

    Going by the above it seems that the KTM200 should have no problems in running on any standard Unleaded fuel if required. However we would recommend at least brands like xTra Premium and Speed that fall within 91 - 93 octane.

    The European spec KTM 200 has 95 Octane recommendations, but for India they apparently did some fuel mapping changes, and that was a wise move considering the vast expanse of our nation and their dubious quality controls over fuel (amongst other things).


    ^Thats not the fuel cap, its the coolant cap, right besides the tank!

    PLEASE NOTE: We forgot to add this initially but all the graphs and figures you see below are taken from Bajaj presentations given at the preview. They were redrawn partly from rough sketches and partly from memory. Hence there could be some errors, so please do not eat us up for that,w eare going our best! We would urge people to post more reliable info on figures from a reliable publication here and we will update the figures accordingly.

    Specific Power Output Comparision

    Roll On (Passing Acceleration)

    The KTM 200 vs CBR250R Acceleration Index

    0 to 60 kmph figures

    0 to 100 kmph

    Performance: 4.5/5

    For: Stupendous acceleration and control.
    Against: No ABS?


    MRF ReVZ-C



    For who is this bike suitable for?

    If this is your first motorcycle?If I am a student or in college?If I am over 40 and have a farm house and a big bike and am well settled?Just make sure you are not too fat though.

    If I like to tour a lot, and abuse my bikes?
    If I am a narcissist?

    Then you should not get this one. It will make you look outdated, unless you are a Transformer or a Robocop.

    If I am a cop?A Thug?

    If you are in India, even a CD100 would do, but if you plan to make a getaway on the autobahn then perhaps the SuperDuke 990 would be better.

    If I was going to buy a CBR250 or a Ninja 250 or any bike around the 1 lakh mark?

    Last Word

    I will be what you want me to be.


    See Rok Bagoros on a KTM 125 and there will be no doubts on the capabilities of the insanely hooliganistic nature of the 200. It will be for sure the kind of stunt bikes in India. A problem for its sister here in Bajaj (Pulsar you hiding somewhere, eh?)

    ^Mass centralization, good for balance and stunting!

    The World is getting younger, and the power is shifting to Asia . This bike is proof of that. The bike is built for youngsters and also the veteran population who want a second bike. The bike is built for the super economies of the future that have immense disposable income distributed in its middle classes.

    The bike is for the future super-biker who wants a bike which looks good and goes TODAY without breaking the bank.

    The future is orange and the other companies like Ducati and BMW have no option but to get into this game if they have to earn big money.

    Perhaps soon we shall see a Ducati Monster 250 and a BMW S250R, soon!

    Now how do I book an appointment with you Mr.Duke?

    Epilogue PRICE?

    We dont know, but it would be max 1.5 lacs on road.


    We guess it to be on 3rd January 2012.

    KTM 200 : Summarized

    200 CC . 25 Bhp . 19Nm . 136 KG (Wet)

    • Naked styling matching the bigger KTM dukes
    • Stupendous Power to Weight Ratio
    • Lovely Console
    • Made in India

    • No ABS
    • Rear end does not look meaty enough from some angles
    • The sound of the bike is on the timid side
    • The bike that we tested seemed to cut off too soon
    • No orange trellis frame
    • Top end might not meet the expectations of many people because it is easy to forget it is 'just' 200 CC after all
    • The tank capacity might be a tad small at 10.5 Litres
    • The rear seat might prove to be a tad small for a pillion on long rides, but we havent tested that

    In the end a lot will depend on the cost which will be announced in January.

    KTM 200 Duke Specifications

    The Standard Crap

    No. of Cylinders 1
    Cubic Capacity 199.50
    Bore x Stroke (mm) 72 x 49
    Compression Ratio 11.3:1
    Valve and Cooling DOHC 4V, Liquid Cooled, Fuel Injection
    Power (Bhp/RPM) 25 Ps @ 10000rpm
    Torque (Nm/RPM) 19 Nm @ 8000 rpm
    Transmission 6 Speed, claw shifted
    Cooling System Liquid
    Front Tyre Size 110/70 x 17
    Rear Tyre Size 150/60 x 17
    Wheelbase (mm) 1367
    Front Brake 280 mm disc
    Rear Brake 230 mm disc
    Fuel Capacity (liters) 10.5
    Seat Height (mm) 810
    Kerb Weight (kg) 136
    Front suspension USD, Telescopic fork, 43mm dia
    Rear Suspension Monoshock
    Front fork travel (mm)140mm
    Real wheel travel(mm)150mm
    Headlamp 12V 60/55W H4
    Battery 12V 8AH VRLA

    Vehicle Features:
    Aluminum Swing ArmSuspensionAbout WP: WP means White Power. For more then 30 years now, ever since it was founded in Netherlands (but now that facility is closed) WP Suspension is developing advanced suspension products to satisfy the high demands of motorcyclists, world wide. Various motorcycle manufacturers, such as BMW, Husaberg and KTM use WP Suspension products in the production of their motorcycles. In 1999 it was taken over 100% by KTM. Today it produces OEMS and aftermarkets for BMW as well as KTM at the Munderfing facility in Europe.

    This what I attained after riding the K200 on the track..

    And thats me below..

    thanks to Dream Sporting Gear for providing us with all the awesome riding gear that you see in this photoshoot!
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    My first impression

    The Hooligan is here!

    KTM designs are always distinct and this one is no different. One look at the bike and you know that this bike has the best fit and finish that Indian market had even seen. R15 V2 is the only product which comes close to it. The bike has a very mechanical look and it’s criminal not to notice and appreciate it. Couple of months back when I saw the smaller avatar I jokingly said that this will be the only Indian bike where you can appreciate the mechanical elements more than the body panels. USD forks, trellis frame, aluminium swingarm, monoshock, 5 spoke Y shaped alloys, underbelly exhaust are all very tastefully done. Even the rear mud flap is nicely done with the KTM name engraved in it. Not to undermine the bodywork, the tank and the rest of body panels are very neatly done with high quality plastics being used everywhere. It has that radical KTM lines written all over it. The aftermarket bodykit which will be made available will make it even more appealing.

    There are bikes which we buy just to fulfill our need by making certain compromises on the styling front and then there are bikes where the desire quotient is so high that you want to go and buy it the next day. KTM falls in the second category. Unless you have a fascination for full fairing or you are a complete cruiser guy there is no reason why you should not like this bike. The only negative that I can find is that the vehicle would have definitely looked sportier if the trellis were painted orange.

    The Best Street bike ever?

    Still early days but going by the first ride I have a strong feeling that it will be the new king of road. The riding position is spot on true to a street rider, i.e neither too relaxed nor too forward biased. There is ample power and torque as soon you engage the first gear which goes all the way till 130 after which it takes little time to hit the top whack. The bike is a treat to ride and there is a lot of punch in all the gears. With the street riding position I was not very sure about its handling prowess around the corners but that inhibition went away as soon I took the first corner. The light weight and the centralized CG makes it ultra flickable. There was an occasion when Sunny was sitting behind as pillion and we were discussing something while we entered the trickiest corner of the whole circuit and this we realized after we finished the corner at speeds over 60km/h. Even after all this madness the bike is easily rideable in 6th gear from speeds as low as 30km/hr

    This bike will make you go wild, slide around, tearing across an open road, inspire some law breaking, or make you feel like law breaking is in your near future (No I’m not asking anyone to do so).The bike make me remember the famous game Road Rash which I played couple of years back. Even with a 200cc heart it is true to its core i.e Ready to Race!

    This bike can surely do much more than being a street hooligan. From whatever riding feel I got I have strong feeling that it can be a good tourer and excel in off-road conditions with just change of tyres.

    It took three long years for the first KTM to land our shores but this is definitely the best product to start the KTM innings in India.

    For the wholesome ride report wait for the full test ride review from xBhp in the next couple of months.

    Information that will be displayed on the Digital Speedo

    a. Digital Speedo/ Odo/ Gear Indicator
    b. Two trip meter with additional F meter
    c. Dot matrix messages
    • Ready to race
    • Side stand on
    • Low fuel level
    • Distance to service
    • Distance to empty
    • Average speed during trip
    • Average fuel consumption
    • Shift alarm driver for driver
    d. Light dependant console display
    e. Digital watch
    f. Indicator display
    • Eng Temp
    • Fuel level
    • Tachometer
    • Turn signal
    • MIL
    • Neutral & Hi beam
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      Now that's what i call a Review..!! Awesome stuff..!!


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        Finally its here and I'm loving it, will read the review now


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            I did catch you guys in the act

            Seems to be a really detailed one...

            Nice work guys
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              The three most important words

              I'll get it.....
              PLAYTIMES' OVER KID


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                Too good Too good! Particularly the reference made to the 40's crowd! Waiting for the bookings to open! yay!!!


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                  good review and awesome photos........
                  and 690 and 990 were cool...
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                    Brilliant review. Loved it..


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                      Awesome is the word! Nice review to complement a nice bike.

                      Thanks for those awesome pics!!!
                      Your biking tells a lot about the person you are!


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                        Sunny, It was worth the Wait , La Wonderful
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                          Superb Pics.....Awsome review.......
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                            You sold me on it Sunny.I was specially waiting for the tourer aspect and you answered it.Now I know If i decide which manufacturer to knock.

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                              My short review is also up on the second post of this thread
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