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First Impression: Honda CBR150R Review

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  • First Impression: Honda CBR150R Review

    (Been There Done That) x 3.25

  • #2
    This was a surprise, thanks guys! Waiting for a full road test of the Baby Blade..
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      Thanks for the much awaited ride of CBR150. I would like to know the engine performance of CBR150 vs R15; Which has better low end? How the CBR goes against @higher rpms when compared with R15?
      I am now waiting for detailed r15 VS cbr150 roadtest.

      From the Specs comparison it seems the baby Duke is making the Honda and Yamaha sweat, very comparable to competition specs.


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        Finally there is a proper review somewhere. Thankfully this concurs with what I had to report a few weeks back when I wrote my 1st impression on the ownership thread which led to such a huge backlash.

        Now people who wish to discuss the bike's features may very well do it here and keep the ownership thread for those who actually own the bike.
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          Oooff , atlast a 'review' .
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            No engine on / off switch,and switches are of low quality
            anyway another great tourer from honda but the price is little higher compared to r15 and less torquier too
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            • #7
              Swith gears are a big big big disappointment. Overall a pricey package for a 150, but then let's see what this one has to offer against R15.

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                Hoping to see Soon

                Top speeds achieved
                Mileage Figures


                • #9
                  Finally ! Finally ! Finally ! Finally !

                  AT LAST, something concrete about the bike (The ownership thread is deteriorated).

                  IMHO, The switchgear are a real deal breaker, and when i say it, I MEANT IT.

                  Overall i think the bike looks good, but room for considerable correction is there....

                  WHY WHY WHY they have to ruin the switch gear it looks awful.


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                    Originally posted by 747anwar View Post
                    No engine on / off switch,and switches are of low quality
                    anyway another great tourer from honda but the price is little higher compared to r15 and less torquier too
                    Jeebuz its a track oriented sports bike and not billed as a tourer.
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                    • #11
                      After seeing the CBR150R thread locked, for the cited reason of no proper review, it came into my mind that why xBhp has not reviewed the CBR150R? Thankfully, its up now, and I am happy for that.
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                        A Nice review...there are already many detailed review on Honda CBR150R itself...but it would have been better if u did a R15 vs Honda CBR150R comparison instead of comparing with of R15 & CbR150r together would have also helped..anyway..hope u write a comparision between R15 & Honda CBR150R soon...
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                        • #13
                          Very well written impressions. Short and precise. Answer all my questions.


                          • #14
                            Better comparison needed!

                            CBR 150 R and CBR 250 R except for looks share little similar, could have been way better had R15 V2.0 and CBR 150R are compared between each other!

                            And while comparing the peak power of CBR150R and R15 V2.0 I accept CBR peaks a couple of RPM above the R15 but then the power figure at the same rpm for both could have been even more helpful(say what is the power of the baby CBR at an rpm where R15 peaks)

                            Great photos! CBR150R looks good, initially I did not like it but Its growing on me. Saying so I still love the classical looks of my Ceeber. Everyday morning I get up the first thing I wanna see is my Black babe So looks are very very subjective.
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                            • #15
                              Why are the Honda machines priced higher than most other bikes ? What are the things they import ?