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Tubeless tyres in Pulsar 135LS UG

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  • Tubeless tyres in Pulsar 135LS UG

    Hi fellow xbhpians,

    I want to change my stock TT tyres in my Pulsar 135LS UG to TL tyres.

    I did some searching on Dunlop & MRF sites and find the following for my bike.

    Front : Zapper FS 90/90*17 TL
    Rear : Zapper C 100/90*17 TL

    will this suffice my needs? Are there any special care to be taken for fitting TL tyres to my bike and will it affect the FE?

    Please also tell me about the tyre pressures
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    Query approved.
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      No one have any idea on TL tyres of P135LS?

      I think they have same configuration as P150 & D150

      2.75x17 Front
      100/90X17 Rear

      Guys please help me on this since I have no idea on TL tyres.
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        I think the tyres from the R15 should be a comfortable fit on the P135LS.

        The front tyre on the R15: 80/90 x 17
        The rear tyre on the R15: 100/80 x 17

        I will always advice in favor of tubeless tyres.

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          +1 for R15 tyres.


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            Should I keep the pressure same as recommended by manual?

            Front: 25psi
            Rear: 28.5psi(solo) 32psi(pillion)

            and do I need to change something or this will be a direct fit?
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              Originally posted by abhis3k View Post
              Rear : Zapper C 100/90*17 TL
              why not go for something more wider ?

              Originally posted by abhis3k View Post

              and do I need to change something or this will be a direct fit?
              they will fit directly..
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                If I want to fit wider tires both at the front and the rear without compromising on performance of the bike what size should I go for? Also what brand would be best suited?


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                  I can help as I have setup tubeless tyres from R15's on my Pulsar 180 UG3. But I'm typing a lot so read carefully....

                  Firstly, understand that the R15 tyres might give you a lot of grip. But, they're quite sticky, so they'll slow down your acceleration slightly (even my P180 slowed down) and these tyres wear down fast too (10,000-15,000 kms at the best). If you understand these 2 aspects and are ready for it, then go ahead, otherwise avoid these R15's tyres.

                  Pressure has to be kept the same. Unless your bike's weight changes, pressure will not change no matter what tyres you use, ok? If you use bigger tyres, air amount might be more, but the resultant pressure will/should be the same.

                  Front : Zapper FS 90/90*17 TL
                  Rear : Zapper C 100/90*17 TL
                  These are good all-rounder tyres so you can go for them. Ensure that they have "tubeless" written on them. Yes, they're direct fit on your bike.

                  Mod to go tubeless: You will have to take your bike to a puncture repair mechanic (preferably a famous one) and you have to tell him to make your setup a tubeless one.
                  He will get a rubber valve of about Rs. 25-50 for each wheel, and maybe could get your rim's air hole drilled bigger.
                  Don't worry, get it done as tubeless is much better than tube setup for ever...

                  I took the below snaps myself. Valves look like this:

                  How to Fit: Remove the tyre and tube from the rim. The valves should be fitted air-tight, on the rim hole of your wheels. You can oil these valves for lubrication and easier fitting. Fit the valves into your rim's air hole towards inside, from the outer edge of the rim. Then, refit only the tyre back, without tube. Fill air using the valve. Mod done!

                  You can test whether it is air tight or not, by using it for 1-2 hours and noticing any air leak.

                  I have done it on my P180 ug3 and it has tubeless setup on both wheels. Costed Rs. 160 for both wheels fitting+ the valves @ 25 each.

                  Front has the Yamaha R15's front tyre, Zapper FY 80/90x17 and rear has a R15's 100/80 x17. Earlier had a Ceat Vertigo which proved defective... and was refunded under guarantee.

                  Feedback: Using this tubeless setup for about 1 year now. No complaints. In fact, its easier to repair punctures, which happened once only though and I repaired it myself using the tubeless repair kit. Very easy and a 5 minute process only, ideal for tourers.
                  Also, this bike even on being punctured can be ridden slowly @ 30 kmph for some distance.
                  Will post more images on request if you specify what to snap...
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                    Dear Abhis,

                    I own a pulsar 135. I converted my tyre to tubeless some 1 year ago. No puncture, no air loss and no similar issue. It's better to convert the same tyre to tubeless. In my case, the machenic threw the tube and filled a gel like liquid into the tyre. The process took 1 hour and had cost me 600 Indian rupees here in Nepal. I am 200% satisfied with the conversion. No issues so far.

                    Therefore, here are the main points:
                    1. My suggested solution will cost low.
                    2. No need to replace the tyre. Same tyres can be converted.
                    3. Ask your local machenics if they have that kind of liquid to convert the tyre from tubed to tubeless.
                    4. Instant conversion.
                    5. 200% satisfaction.
                    6. Better than tubeless tyres that is sold by companies.



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                      hi...bro i have been doing a lot of research on tires recently and in my experience upsizing the tyre is not a good idea at all unless u are ready to compromize a lot on performance,..instead get a tubeless 100/90-17 zapper q for the rear its the best when it comes to grip on dusty roads...and for the front go for the p220's front coz tht the best i have tasted so far,...nd get the setup tubeless so u can save time when ur bike gets punctured...!!
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