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Honda Unicorn Starting and initial pickup issue

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  • Honda Unicorn Starting and initial pickup issue

    I have a 2007 Honda Unicorn. Every day, I have to start it using the choke... even in summer. If it gets a start, then as I open throttle it will shut down the engine. I have to take the choke and rev the engine then the bike will move or else releasing the clutch will kill the engine. After revving the engine picking speed is an issue. it won't pick up speed. It feels like there's no air or it is being choked.

    I have cleaned the carburettor, changed its diaphragm and installed a new air screw as the rubber seal was torn.

    As the engine becomes hot after some riding 1-2 km everything works fine. Pickup becomes good and no start trouble when turned off with a hot engine. What could be the issue?

    Help me.
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