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Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 (2013) – An ownership experience 10 years in the making

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  • [Ownership Thread]: Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 (2013) – An ownership experience 10 years in the making

    Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 (2013) – An ownership experience
    Last edited by TranquilRage; 02-25-2020, 01:25 PM.

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    Long Term Ownership Approved

    Please keep editing and updating your first post as well with the ownership experience.
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            Its better to sweat than bleed!! "AGATT "



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                [/MENTION]. I wish you and your Thunderbird many thousands of miles with smiles. Explore the world around you in your new Thunderbird.


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                  TranquilRage. It is a good long post. Congrats on your new family member.

                  I couldn't control my laughter after reading the below lines.

                  " On the 27th
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                    Originally posted by TranquilRage
                    Moksha will have to look ugly until the monsoons go away!
                    Does this means anti-rust treatment will was away after some time OR the ugliness will. Will Moksha ever get its beauty of chrome shine.

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                        Originally posted by TranquilRage
                        Is there any way to calculate mileage without doing tankfull? It is only after I do the first service, that I intend to fill the tank upto the brim and start calculating mileage.
                        there are a couple of methods and reserve to reserve is commonly used.
                        1. make sure the fuel level is above reserve, ride with the fuel knob in ON position.
                        2. as soon as it hits reserve reset the trip meter and yeah turn the knob to RESERVE .
                        3. then fill in a few liters of petrol in accurate figure say 1,2,3 etc instead of bucks, it makes calculations easier.
                        4. after filling up turn the knob back to ON and ride till it hits RESERVE.
                        5. now note the trip meter reading and divide it by no of liters filled.
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                          Originally posted by TranquilRage
                          Nowadays, we just don't fill by litres to save time in coming up with change. I too didn't consider it for now just because you know in the rains, me still learning to handle bike and full gear, impatient attendants and even more impatient bikers behind, then getting wallet out and proper change is a pain.
                          exactly... even i fill in rupees instead of liters but as the petrol prices are changing every now and then its hard to remember the price during last fill. so liters method seemed more accurate. anyways if u fill by rupees then make sure you remember the price.


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                            Originally posted by TranquilRage
                            Today, when I removed the cover, I was surprised to find a cat sleeping on my seat!!!
                            What a coincidence! Day-before-yesterday night, a cat slept on my uncovered Blue Bird's seat, again, to take refuge from the pouring rains of Chennai. From last night, my Blue Bird is well-covered with a bed-sheet. It appears that cats love to sleep on Thunderbird's curvy seat!
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                              Originally posted by TranquilRage



                              Dude the chome and all does not go so easily .....
                              And just wash the bike properly every week .. and you wont see rust settling down so easily
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