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Suzuki Hayabusa and other big bikes launch Today.

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  • Suzuki Hayabusa and other big bikes launch Today.

    All the necessary news will posted as soon as the launch happens right on this thread. Till then it locked. Look for the news around 12 PM today afternoon. The launch will start at 11.30AM in Delhi.

    I will there covering it LIVE!

    It is conformed that Intruder M1800R and the Hayabusa are officially being launched. The launch has not started yet though, I am reading off the press kit. No mention of the cost as well. Will update as the launch progresses.

    At the launch table:

    Some images:

    Mr. Katsumi Takata, Jt Managing Director, Suzuki India Motorcycles.

    The Intruder unveiled

    Today, 26th of Nov 2008, the Indian motorcycling scene turns heads over heels.

    Mr.Atul Gupta, VP Sales and Marketing

    The Intruder:

    Thread reopened.

    The Hayabusa and Intruder will be available at 8 cities across India :
    • Delhi
    • Mumbai
    • Pune
    • Bangalore
    • Ahmedabad
    • Hyderabad
    • Chennai
    • One more city cant remember will update

    Price : 12.5 Lacs ex-showroom is the confirmed price

    Target : 300-350 bikes per annum which is almost a bike a day, Mr Atul Gupta VP Marketing Suzuki India said.

    All launched models are 2009 models.

    Service and spares are going to be key focus for Suzuki for the CBUs. The spares are available with Suzuki main factory. Spares can be made available at any cities mentioned above within 48 hours of order.

    The GSXR 2009 will be launched in India along with its worldwide release. Suzuki are keen only to sell the latest products that why the 2008 GSXR wasnt launched with the Busa and Intruder (which are 2009 models). Pictures coming up.

    Also the price difference is because of the falling rupee. i heard that even the R1 will have its price raised now (if Yamaha sells the 09 and not 07 models in the current year!).

    The delivery time is immediate on payment or loan approval.
    Insurance is by IFFCO-TOKIO.

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    Exciting stuff! Would be worthwhile to see how Suzuki prices these machines, when compared to the R1 and the MT-01. Also, would be interested in seeing the service backup that they provide the owners with.


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      hmm waiting for more news, the biking scene in India is becoming exiting day by day
      Automobiles saga till date......
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        The Intruder has come out of the blue (at least for me)... Its a welcome surprise... Now if they price it intelligently, then we are in for a treat... good to see companies bringing in their flagship models... It'll only improve the biking scene of this country...
        Forza Juve!


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          Sunny, what are the colors they are offering currently? And are those '09 models?

          Wait, Don't Answer that, those are the '09 colors.
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            Gd new for those who can afford it to buy


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              Launching the M1800R is a good step indeed.
              The busa is gonna be priced around 20-25k more than the R1 (comparing OTR Delhi prices). As of the M1800R, lets wait and watch

              Link to more on the M1800R:
              XBHP review - [url]
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                According to CNBC they will be in range of 12-12.5 lakhs.


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                  how come no ex showroom price info ?? what's its MSRP in the US ?

                  .:. Archi


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                    archi : US MSRP is around USD 13000, a lil more than the BUSA. But like Yamaha, Suzuki might want to price both the bikes equally


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                      I too wasn't aware of the launch of the Intruder until today.

                      The eight city, is it Kolkata?
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                        Amazing..... India finally getting its long due share of true bikes !!!!!! A bit over priced for me though..


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                          why haven't the prices been declared?
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                            niks: patience.. they will be declared in a while
                            streethawk : the indian govt is to be blamed for that


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                              Guys, be patient.. Sunny will post the prices as and when he gets all the info and has a chance to update us.
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