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Motorcycle and Scooter Show 2008, Birmingham

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  • [Photo Feature]: Motorcycle and Scooter Show 2008, Birmingham

    No long write up this time, as it was just a 90 mins trip, so every thing happened pretty quick

    Event's Thumbs Up:

    Crowd: very less crowd, making it easier to take pics and roam around.
    2009 Yamaha YZF-R1 This bike has something which others don't.
    Custom Bikes: Never seen such extreme makeovers of the GSXRs, Busas and what not.
    Suzuki Stall: It was a mini castle inside the castle.
    Accesories: More square feets was covered by local accessories dealers than bike manufacturers. Heaven for shoppers.

    Event's Thumbs Down:

    Can't think any of it, though I was particularly stopped and checked at the entry point by the security where other white men made their way to the show without being interepted. Thanks to Osama and his family

    It was 3rd of December when I finally got a chance to visit THE NEC (National Exhibition Center) in Birmingham. Was on a visit to my brother's place for some personal work since almost a week. Plan of visiting the show was not final until 3 pm in the noon when my brother suggested me to have a quick look of the show before I miss it forever due to work and travelling. Had my camera with me so it was easier to decision. Took a cab to New street station from my brother's office and reached there at 4 pm. I had only 2 hours before the show ends for the day. Thankfully the Birmingham International Station is part of whole NEC, so after a walk of 5 mins and a security check I was inside. Less crowd was a pleasant surprise. This time I had freedom to roam around and take some relaxed shots but as I had only 90 mins with me I took snaps of few selected bikes only per stall.

    Suzuki Stall:

    Yamaha Stall:

    Ducati Stall

    Triumph Stall

    Kawasaki Stall

    Hyosung Stall

    Honda Stall

    KTM Stall

    Random Shots

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    Topic Approved.


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      watermark them fast .. batch process them.

      .:. Archi


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        waiting for the pics!!! wanna see the 09 R1 and its NEW specialities
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          Custom Bikes

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 - The lighter side of motorcycling


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   - The lighter side of motorcycling


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              bleady awesome pics man...super cool...thanks for this wonderful pictureful


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                International correspondent for xbhp Pulsater saves the world with a brilliant post! Thanks man!



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                  the custom bikes are tooo wicked


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                    aah man wish I could be there,,,nice pics dude
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                      ^^^ Me Too By the Way Nice Signature
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                        thanks all, it was fun to be there between 2009 beauties. shame I was late to cover the event.

                        @pudix - lolzz.. then i love my job
               - The lighter side of motorcycling


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                          Nice Pics Pulsator.

                          BTW Nice Avatar
                          Yamaha YZF-R15 is Here


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                            This is what is called a TRUE Auto Expo.. I went to Auto Expo (Vahan Yatra) in Bangalore last week.. Tarvelling a distance of 28kms was a BIG waste as there were nothing to watch there.. only the Newly launched Indian cars and a few Imported bikes, thats it..
                            One & Only,



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                              awesome set of pics