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Yamaha goes door to door to sell its new scooter - Ray

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  • Yamaha goes door to door to sell its new scooter - Ray

    ~Undertakes a unique initiative that involves a cavalcade of 6 young women travelling on Yamaha RAY scooters through schools, malls and shopping complexes over a period of 9 days~

    Mr Roy Kurian, National Business Head, India Yamaha MotorWe launched the RAY in India due to the huge demand that this segment was witnessing in the country, with college students and young working women showing increased affinity to purchasing light weight and highly efficient scooters. The new RAY has been designed and engineered to answer the needs of this growing class of young female customers who want a scooter that is stylish, compact, easy to use and has a fresh new appeal. Through this campaign we are trying to enthuse further excitement amongst our target audience. The campaign will showcase the spirit of adventure that is associated with the RAY and which it promises to deliver to its customersthClick image for larger version

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    Half the people in Delhi, are so busy with their lives, i doubt this campaign will let anyone take notice of the Ray. Not to forget the fact that it can easily be mistaken for the new Dio.
    And what is up with the female rider training? Does the scooter operate any different than what the other scooters in the market do? OR is it more like a riding school for women to obtain their license?
    By the way since my original post was deleted, id like to ask since when has humor been banned from xbhp?
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      @Nithesh: By the power vested in me by the gods of vBulleitin and the laws of xBhp, I now pronounce your humor as not up to the mark and rather derogatory. You may now cry buckets

      See, humor was never banned from xBhp.
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        Is Yamaha so desperate to sell their products that they have now got to go door to door begging for people to buy them ?


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          how is it begging?

          or is it that the title is suggestive/misleading?
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            Originally posted by mansuryayas View Post
            Is Yamaha so desperate to sell their products that they have now got to go door to door begging for people to buy them ?
            Why will they beg? Consider this a personal touch Yamaha wants to have with their would be customers. May be its different but surely an innovative way. Who knows, they might seek some good numbers. I think, door to door selling is a topic in Marketing, just FYI.

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              Well Yamaha needs such a branding exercise to catch the imagination of the general populace. Because, for the general public who want to buy a scooter, Yamaha has never been an option in the past. What they buy is what they see around themselves (Activas, Accesses and Rodeos).

              Despite my best efforts, I couldn't make a friend of mine to even visit the Yamaha Showroom to try out the Ray over the Rodeo(= what she eventually got herself this Dussehra). She was practically certain that it wouldn't be in stock without even so much as making a phone call. With no Rays zooming around town to have a look, it wasn't even considered in the buying decision. Yamaha Ray really needs all this brand building exercise, especially since they got the telly ad all wrong (Deepika hogs too much limelight, the Scooter itself is ignored).
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                Instead of Deepika, they should have shown the Ray in a lot of closeups! When R15 was first released, they didn`t use ambassadors for selling the vehicle! R15V1 ad was one of the best ads I`ve seen. Seriously Dio didn`t had any advertisements or marketing like this initially. When I bought my Dio in 2006, nobody around my area didn`t even know that there is a vehicle like that. They said it was ugly too. See the picture now! ITs all about personal experience. The initial owners will be the key for selling the RAY in large nos. There are only few people in here who would try new products.
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                  Originally posted by sunilg View Post
                  how is it begging?

                  or is it that the title is suggestive/misleading?
                  The title is very misleading, change it, this almost demeans them


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                    If the rider training program is a driving school kind of a thing, then its an excellent initiative!
                    I'm sure it will go a long way in orienting people towards this product.
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                      when i first saw Ray at Auto Expo,it was looking OK..but when i saw it on road last week,it was looking so bad
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                        this is a good initiative...atleast ppl will see some ray's on road, they will then think about buying it or atleast enquiring about it.

                        but why only delhi??

                        and i have a constructive suggestion--- tell them not to wear a dress code, it becomes clearly apparent that it is a promotional campaign, let them wear cloths what they want, and something attractive. and not to ride in a group, instead in pairs, will help it look much more real.

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                          Originally posted by mansuryayas View Post
                          Is Yamaha so desperate to sell their products that they have now got to go door to door begging for people to buy them ?
                          Guess my comment wasnt "Derogatory" afterall Sunil Saab
                          The "Door To Door" thingy in the title is misleading. Have you never seen signboards outside apartments that say "No Salesmen Allowed" ?
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                            Good initiative by Yamaha. Scooters is certainly a segment where buyer is not really aware of all the options, especially when it comes to female buyers. As someone mentioned R15, the one buying R15 probably knows a lot more about two wheelers than the one buying a scooter named Ray or an Activa. So, this type of publicity is the need of hour for Yamaha if they want to compete with Honda. Hope, they will do this atleast in all major cities, not just Delhi. Perhaps they can turn this into an interesting TV program on popular channels to gain mileage. Something like "Discover Andhra Pradesh" that was aired for sometime to promote Discover 100cc bike.
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                              Wrong business strategy from Yamaha (of entering with a female centric scooter).

                              Ray = Another scooter "supposedly" targeted at women. TVS already has that mindspace with its "Scooty" and Hero has successfully taken a good pie of it with its "Pleasure". Why should now anyone look at the Yamaha Ray? Because of Deepika Padukone (anyway her long legs look awfully out of place on the Ray)?

                              I not doubting the quality of the product. The Ray could be a better scooter, but just being better is not enough especially when you have a well established player/brand in the market. For eg. Is the Suzuki GS150R a bad bike? Why are the sales still not great for the GS then?

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                              Yamaha did the same mistake earlier of trying to make commuters and trying to compete with Hero, Honda, Bajaj. When clearly Indians cant/dont associate Yamaha with simple/boring/ commuters.

                              All Yamaha needed was a certain Mr. T Ishikawa (MD Yamaha India 2006-08) to realize that Yamaha stood for Power, Pickup, Macho in India (despite the years of failure with the Crux, Gladiators..). And lo presto.. in 2008, we had the YZF R15 and the FZ16. Needless to state that it struck an instant cord and resurrected the Yamaha brand in India.

                              Instead of the Ray, Yamaha should have launched a mini version of its best selling Tmax maxi scooter, like what it did with the R15 (mini R1) and FZ16 (mini FZ1)... and I bet Yamaha need not have had to go door to door to sell it.

                              Its shocking that no one from the Yamaha top management can think the way Mr. Ishikawa did.

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